November 28, 2014

Deck The Halls...2014

Christmas. Such a magical time. I love to decorate our home for this beautiful season in a way that allows us to be cozy, warm, and happy. Here is a peek at our country home all decked out for Christmas. : )

Come in through the front door...

and into the brightly lit foyer.

On the right is the schoolroom. This tree is the one the kids put all their ornaments on. Year after year. : )

From here, you can see into Steve's den...

where he has his own tree complete with antlers and a camo tree skirt!

The foyer tree stays up all year long to welcome visitors into our home...

and is decorated with a rag tied garland made from fabrics of all our favorite holidays. : )

 Down the hall is our family room. The room where we gather every single day to talk and laugh and watch television. And just be. : )

And from here you can see into the hearth room and kitchen...

where we sit and read and watch the fire on those cold winter nights. : )

And right across is my kitchen...

where the baking magic happens. : )

This little table is nearby, all decorated with our favorite Santa treasures...

and the beverage station is close as well. That rocker there...Steve bought me that years ago for Christmas, before we were even married. He said it was for the country home we would have someday. : )

The hot cocoa station here is used every single day. : ) table. The one I dreamed of when I was young...a table for my family to gather around every evening for dinner. And that is exactly what we do.

My potato and onion cupboard is nearby...with my Grandma Mil's handwritten recipe for the pumpkin pie I make every Thanksgiving. : )

Upstairs, my bedroom has touches of Christmas too...

because it is the most wonderful time of the year. : )

Thank you for visiting, my friends...
Id love to see your Christmas home too! : )

Merry Christmas!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful, Billie Jo. What a lovely home you have. I love the idea of bringing the decorations to the bedrooms. Thanks for the home tour. It's always so fun to see the layout of homes, and yours is so pretty. I'm fairly certain I would never leave your hearth room.

  2. Your home is beautiful! So warm and welcoming 😊. Have a wonderful day!


  3. Your home is beautiful and I can almost see you and your family, decorating and remembering and laughing. I used to do the same, but as time has gone by and our children are grown and have homes and families of their own, we dont do nearly as much as in the past. I especially love seeing your home, as it is reminder of what we used to do too!

  4. *sigh* I am so in love with you Christmas home :) I love that you have so many Christmas trees and the antler one is fantastic! My husband would enjoy a tree like that.

    You have a beautiful home, my friend, and I can tell it's a place of love and joy. Hugs to you!

  5. {Billie Jo}--I sure have been doing a lot of squealing today! Your blog is no exception, I loveeeeeeeeee the look of your blog and the pics you posted...just lovely and breathtaking. Blessings

  6. Your home looks beautiful as usual decorated for the holidays! Your home always looks so warm and inviting.
    I love Steve's tree....what a fun idea! And I love how you changed the quilt on your bed for the holidays. I have a Christmas quilt my great grandmother made that we use in the family room to keep warm but I am going to see how it looks on my bed now.

  7. SCREAMING!!!! Can you hear me screaming with joy looking at these photos? You rocked the camera friend! And your house... well... it just makes me sad that my visit is over (for now) Your home is amazing and so filled with love love love. What a perfect place to spend such a magical time of year! xo

  8. Tree after tree!!! I love it all and your home is beautiful. I love being able to see into all of your rooms. Merry Christmas :)

  9. Wow..just WOW! So puuuurty and my fav..well it is the table. Where you all sit together every.single.night. That says a lot about your family. We do the same. So important to have meals together. Your husband is a very good hunter. Look at all the deer! We only have one trophy buck in our home. Beautiful home. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Everything looks lovely! I pray one day I can have our home look that nice and tidy. Y'all did an awesome job with all the decorating!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a great and beautiful home, especially at this time of year. I know your kids appreciate all the hard work you put in decorating and I'm sure they will take it with them in their own homes someday.
    Thanks for sharing - so lovely!

  12. This is one warm and festive home! Happy holidays!

  13. Billie Jo - you have such a gift for homemaking! Truly, that is a gift. And I just love the story of the rocking chair Steve got you before you were married. How very sweet. Your home is beautiful, as always.

  14. I LOVE all of your decorations! And what a great idea to put the lights above the cabinets in your kitchen (which is beautiful!)! I might have to try that this year!
    My husband would be SO jealous of all the trophy bucks in your hubby's den too. :-)

  15. Oh Billie Jo, your home looks like a wonderland! Thank you for sharing it with us.


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