November 25, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday Madison Marie!

My Madison is turning 18! I am so very proud of the young woman my firstborn has become. Although the years have run together and somehow taken that precious baby I held so close all those years ago and replaced her with a beautiful, amazing, talented young woman, I do remember many things about the first person ever to call me Mom.

Madison, I remember the exact moment I knew you were to be. I remember kneeling by my bed and thanking God for the gift of your life.

I remember Grandma holding my hand as I labored with you, and the look of worry on Grandpa's face as I left the room for the C-section that would finally bring you into the world. (You even started your life being late! I shouldn't be surprised now!)

I remember standing by your crib with Daddy, thinking you were exactly what I had prayed you would be.

I remember rocking you in your room, thinking of all the fun times we had ahead of us.

I remember your first day of Kindergarten, and how you chose your own outfit and how you would wear your hair.

I remember finding you asleep under the bedspread tent you made, surrounded by all your Barbies.

I remember how happy you were to become a big sister. Every single time.

I remember all these things about the little one that made me the thing I dreamed most of becoming...a mother.

And now, I am making new memories with the young woman that little one has become.

I taught you how to tie your shoes and button your clothes. Now, you teach me how to tie a scarf and wear the right boots with my jeans.

I taught you how to look for the best in people. You remind me to do just that.

I taught you how to drink milk from a cup. Now you teach me all about different kinds of delicious tea.

I no longer stand by your crib, my daughter. Now, when you get in your car and drive off to new adventures, I stand by the door and think you are exactly what I had prayed you would be.

Happy 18th Birthday, Madison Marie. I love you!


  1. Aw, such sweet pictures! Happy birthday, Madison!

  2. You are a wonderful mother! Beautiful words. Happy birthday to your girl!

  3. Such a beautiful young lady. She has definitely learned how to be a wife and mother some day, from you. We have something in common - my granddaughter is 13 today also. We are so blessed.

  4. What a beautiful post!!!!! Happy Birthday Madison!!

  5. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady. JUST LOVE that baby picture! Best cheeks to! Hope you all have a great time celebrating!

  6. {{your gonna make me cry}}--HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDY MADISON!!!! WISHED FOR MANY MORE!!--Blessings

  7. Chills... that was so beautifully written for a beautiful girl, inside and out!

  8. What a precious post. Happy Birthday to your Madison. I hope that you are enjoying the celebration and the gift of the beautiful young woman you've done well mothering. Many wishes for many more Happy Birthdays!

  9. This is beautiful! What a sweet tribute to your beautiful daughter. Love love love the pictures! Happy Birthday, Madison. <3

  10. What a wonderful young lady Madison is! Happy Birthday!

  11. Aww Billy Jo, such a beautifully written message of love expressed of your precious daughter, Madison.
    Happy Birthday to her!
    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Happy bday to your girl. Oh, how she's grown! Your testimony is touching.

  13. I cannot believe how much Flynn looks like Madison, in the middle picture!!

    God bless you sweet girl, you bring so much joy to your family and even us ladies here in Blog world! Happy happy birthday!

  14. Such a lovely tribute to a lovely girl. You have every reason to be a proud mama!

  15. This is the most beautiful tribute ever. So well written, I felt like I could read your heart. Happy birthday to Madison.

  16. How very beautiful! We only have a short time when they are young. Treasure those memories as long as you can remember them! God Bless Madison!

  17. So gorgeous pictures!! I love how you documented her life story in this post. You are such a wonderful mom. I just got so inspired and want to host a surprise party on my daughter’s birthday party at some local party venues in Houston. Thanks for the inspiration.


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