August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...How much difference a year makes. Last year at this time we had finally been given a name for the awful disease that was taking my father further and further away from us. Dementia. And it was heartless and cruel. I remember many days when my dear father would call me several times...confused, anxious, agitated, and sad. I would talk to him for hours, calming him down, reassuring him, and loving him. My children would tell me how wonderful I was with him. And I smiled and replied with the question...Wouldn't he do the same ? Didn't  he do the same my entire life? And won't they do the same for me someday? Because that is life. And that is what loved ones do.

...About the upcoming Feast of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is celebrated on August 15, and is my very favorite feast day. Year after year I bring my intentions before Our Lady on this day...and pray for a blessed and healthy new school year. We will be attending Mass on Friday morning, and perhaps even convince Steve to join us for breakfast after. : )

...How frustrated I am with clothing choices for my Flynn. My heart is breaking as I have to leave those cute Toddler sizes behind, and let me tell you...those little girl clothes are not making me happy! I wish these manufactures would realize that not all mothers want their preschoolers to dress like preteens! And then ...I realize that honestly, Flynn spends most winter days in her jammies. So I am happy.

Here are some pictures of the past week around our country home...

Sunny mornings mean my baby takes spins on her big wheel...

and other days on Peyton's old princess bike. : )

This little guy hops from bed to bed in the morning. He goes wherever anyone is still sleeping. Most days...he ends up with Madison. : )

You may know my love for all things fall. Yet, I wait every year until the day after Labor Day to fill my home with autumn. Except this year. I couldn't resist setting out these amazing fall scented votives in the mudroom.


And more happiness.

Summer is still in full swing around here...steak on the grill with roasted fresh veggies...

tons of fresh picked sweet blueberries...

which we used to make another of our very favorite pies. Ever. Thanks, Patty!

And some summer fun every morning...

and every afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Oh friend, your words about your dad brought tears to my eyes. . .thinking of you!

    Sweet pictures and your pie looks scrumptious! A slice would be perfect with my cup of coffee right now.

    Happy Thursday, Billie Jo! Hugs to you!

  2. Your sentiments about family are so beautiful, Billie Jo. I'm sure your Dad is so proud of you.
    I agree totally with the clothing choices for young girls. I don't even want my teenager in the teenager clothes out there!!
    When I was a kid, my good friend had that tether tennis game. I LOVED it. This past weekend at a family picnic the kids played badminton. Another awesome game! Good times, I tell you. Have a great day, my friend.

  3. I enjoy, enjoying summer with you and your family! Time is definitely going by entirely too fast. You will be able to talk to and hug your Dad again one of these days. I love that promise. Flynn is growing up.....just in the time we have been friends here, I can see the growth. Being able to homeschool your kiddos gives you more time with them. Happy Thursday!

  4. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I get the Food/Family magazine too. I just love Flynn's hat!! Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  5. I so enjoy reading from you. Even a simple Thursday Thoughts (which I love, btw, can I borrow that??) leaves me with a smile. Happy and also hungry because your photos always look so good and your food most yummy.

    Keep enjoying your mommy days....

  6. I love watching your children grow through your blog and you are sooo right about the clothes. I remember feeling the same way so my mama made alot of Christy's clothes during that time of transition. At that time, she loved what Nanny made. That changed:) I could eat that sweet baby dog up! So cute!!!

  7. I love these delicious food pictures....I know what you mean about clothing for little girls. I have gone shopping for my grand daughters and had a hard time finding something that was cute and modest. Touching memories of your time with your dad. Have a good day.

  8. Reading this reminds me how much I've missed you my friend!

  9. amen on the clothes for little ones...but we already talked about that!!:)
    love all the sunshine, big wheels and yummy food! reminds me i need to go workout...then eat!!:) haha
    have a happy day billie jo

  10. So sorry this feast seems to be more bittersweet for you...missing your dad, your baby growing up, but so much love and hope found in our Blessed Mother!

    Love all your summer pictures, the pies, the fruit the veggies!!
    I know, as Bridget is growing, I'm feeling the same thing, she's going to be 5 next week...9 days to be exact and she's excited, I'm a little of wishing she'd stay this way for another year or more? (forever?)

    And she's not even my baby....
    Have a great feast day, God bless you!

  11. I agree with the clothing options for girls...even Isabella's age!

  12. Flynn looks SO big on that bike! I wish we could slow time down something terribly. Clothes...I always disliked leaving the toddler size for bigger sizes. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Billie Jo!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Each day I'm realizing more and more that it really stinks seeing our parents age (while we stay the same age? :) ) My parents' health is unpredictable and now when the phone rings from them, I hold my breath not knowing if the phone call will bring undesirable news :-/

    I love the Feast of the Assumption, as well! I looked forward to going to Mass with my family in the evening which got me through the school day :)

    And I know exactly what you mean by crazy and immodest clothing for little girls! It's so sad really! :(

    I love your family and food pictures! So sweet of your little girl and the food looks delicious!

    Have a blessed weekend and school year!

  14. My FIL is dying now of dementia. They gave him 3 months left at Easter and he is still hanging on. My husband is beside himself with grief. Its very sad. He comes and goes and is in and out of it. What is killing him is that he forgets how to eat and swallow and won't eat, forgets to move his muscles and walk and falls.

    Assumption--since I was little, its the only holy day I always forget to go or can't get to that day or something happens every year that I miss it. But, its a special day nonetheless for me.

    the clothes--I am so in agreement. I hate that teen look on toddlers.


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