June 5, 2014

Weekend Plans

The weekend is rolling around again. This one is quite busy for us. Madison has been working very hard with her Rely For Life Team, and this weekend is the event! She is planning on spending a great deal of time there on Saturday and Sunday both. I am so very proud of all the work she and her team are putting in. : )

Friday evening Madison is going out with some friends, and Rhett will be at the theatre, so the rest of us are planning a quiet evening at home. Probably outside and on the porch. : ) Dinner will be some hamburgers on the grill with some fries and fresh fruit before Madison and Rhett head off.

Saturday is up in the air. Madison's team is in charge of the concession stand at The Relay for Life, and Steve has volunteered to help cook, if needed. I am planning on some deep quick cleaning and laundry . Strangely enough, I am almost looking forward to it. We will attend Mass in the late afternoon, followed by a quick dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant before heading home for the night.

Sunday we have Rhett's final soccer game of the season. See why I love Rec. Soccer so much? The whole season is like five minutes. : ) After the game, we have no plans except to head home and relax. Summer style.

And that is our weekend. I hope yours is bright and sunny and fun and cozy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks so much for visiting! I am always glad you do. : )

A lot of outside pictures now...because that is where we are these days!
This is the bottom of our driveway...

which leads up here...

to the garage where we keep all the fun summer stuff...like bikes, scooters, bubbles, balls, hula hoops, and parachutes...See why we are outside so much! : )

I found an almost expired can of biscuits. And turned them into these.
And my family loved me. : )

Our flowers are coming along nicely. Steve is on plant patrol. : )

I saw this stunning sight this week, and immediately felt my dad saying goodnight.
And I miss him. So much.

And lastly...my baby girl...who reminds me that we should never stop running through the grass...

or  admiring the beauty of these God given days...

or smiling with joy...

all while wearing fashionable footwear, of course. : )

Happy Weekend, my friends!


  1. That sounds like the good kind of busy weekend. I hope it goes well for you!

  2. Hi Billy Jo!
    I sure enjoyed your beautiful post here today. Your week-end sounds to be wonderfully planned. :) With a beautiful yard like that anyone would be delighted to run and play with joy in their heart. Just beautiful!
    And those shoes... Adorable! I remember the days when my two girls were dressed in all those fun girly things. Stephanie loved it the most!
    Have a beautiful blessed rest of your week.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  3. I love reading about your upcoming weekend activities and the pictures are so pretty. The shoes are so cute, and she is just a delight to see. Hope everything is sunny and fun.

  4. Your stories are so refreshing and beautiful. I absolutely adore the photos of your little ones. I love remembering the days when mine were young and close. I'm looking for more days with my grandbabies. Beautiful home and landscape.Have are wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh how I love those sandals Flynn is wearing. Good luck Madison..can't believe it is the weekend already. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  6. What a lovely home and yard you have. So glad you will be enjoying a nice weekend with your family. God bless!

  7. Sounds like a lovely time. Great pictures from your week. Those cinnamon roll treats look delicious! Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Hi Billie Jo! Your new blog template is really cute!
    Sometimes, just having the time to clean makes it a fun event. Sounds crazy, but I know what you mean. Especially if I have those cinnamon rolls waiting for me. Mmmm... I bet your house smelled great.

    I really enjoyed seeing the outside shots of your house. Your grass is just gorgeous! And you have a very large lot, so that's a lot of work I'm sure. Your flowers are beautiful. I wish your 'flower patroller' made housecalls!
    Happy last soccer game :)

  9. What a weekend to look forward to! Love that photo of your dad's heavenly hello and your flowers are looking so beautiful. As always, Flynn is also a beauty in her summer look :)
    As for me, busy weekend but not really doing things I'd "like" to do. I know, that sounds bad. We'll be busy saying goodbye to grandma and then Sunday AM we are speaking at a marriage course. We committed to that months ago, so we're sticking with it. Ups and downs and so many emotions this week. Looking forward to hopefully recharging next week. I really need to.

    Enjoy your weekend with your sweeties.

  10. You have 4 beautiful blessings....gorgeous...and I love the fact that you left me with photos of your youngest. How precious she is!
    Thank you for the photos of the yard and grounds outside of your lovely home. I would love to join you for some of those grilled burgers. The vista is so lovely where you live, and I do pray that you have a blessed week. Thank you again for sharing your family and the blessings of God's beautify with me through your blog.
    Hugs and love,

  11. Love your long driveway, I need a farm!!! I'm off tomorrow to stock up on some exact colored flowers for our front porch, can't wait for the 4th of July! Flynn is looking so grown up, please let me know if you every figure out a way to make them stop :(

  12. Billie Jo, that cloud picture is glorious! I thought "and the heavens rejoiced!". Love all the other pictures too. Your weekend sounds wonderful - especially church and the food! I'm a hamburger kind of girl! :-)

  13. My 4 yr old got those sandals last year for easter with the matching dress... I really loved that outfit. She wore it one time and literally rolled in a mud puddle. The dress never came clean after multiple washes. She found the shoes this summer and has been wearing them again. Either her feet didn't grow or she shoves them on and makes them fit. The shoes are a bit muddy/dirty still but she loves them.

  14. Have a blessed and joyful weekend!! Sunday sounds like it will be especially fun and relaxing. Sundays just have that wonderful relaxing feeling already, and sports and relaxing at home make for some of the best I think, whether it's at a game or on tv :)

    Always enjoy all of your beautiful photos. Those gorgeous flowers, what bright lovely colors! And those sandals are the sweetest.

    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Good Morning, Billie Jo!
    Greetings from Maine! I found your blog through my friend, Teri...and I just wanted to stop by and say "hello"! I remember busy times like this not so long ago...now, instead of playing soccer...my son is coaching it. Time goes so quickly! I enjoyed m;y little visit to your "place"...and I look forward to stopping in again!
    Sweet blessings,

  16. I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful. I can just picture myself sitting on your beautiful porch watching the kids play in your yard.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  17. I want to come visit your beautiful home (and property)! Our subdivision is not David's favorite...He says we live in "cubicles" with all the fenced in yards. It really can resemble cubicles. I have to agree. Tell Miss princesses that I am diggin' her sandals! Have a great weekend. You know how ours is going ;)


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