June 2, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Peyton

My Peyton Rose turned 14 last weekend. And what an awesome young lady she is. Peyton is a second mother to Flynn, and I tell anyone who will listen that she could run this entire household if needed. : ) Peyton is a sweet, happy, content young girl. Always has been. Peyton, I want you to remember what you were like at 14 years old, so this is for you.

Peyton, at 14 years old you...

love to read. A lot. You like true crime books and V.C. Andrews.

love Bates Motel, Dallas, and The Walking Dead on television.

are the best helper around the house.

fold the laundry, make dinner, and set the table every night.

love to ride your bike outside.

take care of Flynn. Every. Single. Day.

love to bake. And are awesome at it.

are super organized. Yay!

always finish your schoolwork way ahead of time.

have the sweetest laugh.

make us happy every single day.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you...

You are so happy and smiley...

all the time. : )

On our way to Disneyworld when you were just 9...

you have always loved balloons...

and Belle. : )

You made Grandpa smile all the time. : )

You have had a special relationship with Flynn from the very start...

you are her best friend.

You are a wonderful big sister to Rhett...

and a wonderful little sister to Madison.

Here are some pictures of your special day...

Me and my girl...

and with our little Flynn...

and with your best bud Rhett. : )

You loved all your presents...but this Gilligan's Island cookbook from Grandma may have been your favorite...

with this super soft Walking Dead blanket a close second.

You cake was amazing...even if I had to make it without your help...

and your little Flynn helped you blow out your candles. : )

Happy 14th Birthday, Peyton.
I hope your day was as special as you are.


  1. So nice to see her through the years. Birthday wishes for your beautiful daughter!

  2. What a beautiful young lady. That hair is gorgeous! Seems like she has it all together. Aren't we mommy's proud! I love to read about your children.

  3. Billie Jo, Peyton is gorgeous and looks so happy in all your pictures! And she loves Walking Dead! :-)

  4. She is a beautiful young lady, and loves her family. What she is, I attribute to her parents. Good training, lots of love, and she has it all!

  5. Sooo sweet! And she seems so mature for her age!
    What a good idea to post al the things she's into and good at - I'm sure she appreciates having a mom as wonderful as you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Peyton! You sound like a treasure!

  7. Such nice family photos! You are indeed very blessed! ♥

  8. Yay! Another birthday celebration :) Your Peyton is quite beautiful and her hair. . .it's glorious! :)
    You have been richly blessed with wonderful children, dear Billie Jo. Hugs to you!

  9. What an amazing girl to celebrate! Happy Birthday Peyton, I hope your birthday weekend was great!

  10. I'm late on the birthday wishes, but I wish your darling Peyton a wonderful 16th year. She is lovely indeed!

    Enjoyed the post
    :) Hope

  11. Happy Birthday! Kiddos grow up so fast! I just love her long long brown hair.AND her smile!

  12. Such a beauty! Happy birthday to your darling daughter who is growing up to be such a nice, young lady. Wishing her abundant blessings! Happy Birthday, Peyton! P.S. Can I borrow your cookbook sometime? ;)

  13. She is so pretty! Hope she had a fantastic birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday to Peyton! She seems like an all-around great young lady...a big heart and a hard worker. This is such a nice post you wrote for her.

  15. What a precious young lady Peyton is....and a lovely birthday post for her from you, my friend. She will look back in the years to come as she reads this and beam with pride (again.) I'm sure she was beaming as she read it this week.
    I send her my belated birthday wishes.
    Lovely blog, my friend. Just lovely.

  16. Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! Wishes for many, many more. Blessings

  17. She has grown into a beautiful young lady! I know you are so proud of her. Happy birthday to your Peyton!

  18. Happy Birthday Peyton. Lovely photos. I know you will enjoy the new cookbook!

  19. She is stunningly gorgeous. I have always loved the name Peyton too. I don't think it would fit in my lot of kids basic names so I can't chose it for this new LO. Happy birthday.


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