April 26, 2014

My Little Kitchen Favorites

I like to cook. Am I a great cook? An expert? Ummm, no. Not at all. But I do enjoy being in the kitchen making yummy food for my family. One day Madison's friend was over helping me make some pasta. I pulled out one of my favorite little kitchen gadgets, and she asked me what it was, and what it was for. That got me to thinking about what other little kitchen items I use and love.  I thought I would share a few and ask about some of yours. So, here we go...

The one that started it all...my garlic press. If I had to grab one item from my kitchen to take during the Zombie Apocalypse, this may be it. I love my garlic press. If you have never used one, please do. Just peel the garlic, pop it in and press. Fresh garlic is the best. : )

My little liquid measuring cup...a friend of mine gave me one of these years ago. And I fell in love. Before that I was pouring liquid into those little measuring spoons. Not good. Not good at all. This is so much easier, and much more precise. I think. : )

My meat thermometer...I use it every time. Because undercooked meat is just yuck. And dangerous.

My fave...my days of the week tea towels...I love these. They keep me on track and organized. Every night, after I clean up and close the kitchen, I throw the old one in the laundry, and set the next day out. Ahhhh....happiness.

And perhaps my favorite of all...our Take Out Menu folder. Because what cook doesn't love a good take out night every now and then?

So that's it. A few of my favorite little kitchen things. What are some of yours? Do share, wont you? : )


  1. You definitely are a good cook because you enjoy doing it. I agree that your items are important. I dont like to cook at all and do it just because we have to eat to survive...lol

  2. I don't have any of those kitchen tools. I really like your little measuring cup! I've been wanting a meat and candy thermometer, it's on my wish list. Most of the meat I cook is in the slow cooker, so I feel safe about it being fully cooked.

    I find my most useful tools are mixing bowls, my little handheld mixer, my measuring cups, and my potato/carrot masher ( I make a lot of carrot souffle). I use those a lot! I'm thankful to have those because without them I would have a hard time :)

  3. My favorite kitchen tool is this thing from Pampered Chef...


    I can't remember what its called but it is so wonderful when you are cooking ground beef. It does a great job getting it chopped up and turned while you are cooking!

  4. Well..I'll tell you..that garlic press will def. maime a zombie, LOL. (sorry just some humor)--Thanks for sharing. I don't have a garlic press (gasp), no take out menu folders, those go in the phone book. Oh and I don't have a Friday towel either, lol. Don't mind me, I am just being silly. Blessings

  5. Hi Billie Jo! We are a 'garlic family' too! And if you put the cloves in the press, it will neatly leave the skins behind. No more peeling!
    I really like meat thermometers because I am a bit of a germ-o-phobe. I want that meat cooked!
    Your glass measuring cup is genius. I think I'll have to get one of those!
    And I think you are a wonderful cook. You have lots of experience, and I've seen all the photos you put up. Everything look so good!

  6. I am with you with the garlic press. I love mine. I have one of those big but light tin mixing bowls that I use all the time. I got it at my bridal shower and I think it was the best gift ever. Is it possible to have a special bond with a kitchen utensil? I'm going to say yes.
    I am sure you are quite the cook. You always post delicious looking recipes here.

  7. I'm right there with you on the garlic press, I LOVE fresh garlic and use my press numerous times a week. Best invention ever, who has time to cut garlic!?? I love the idea of the day of the week dishtowels, where did you find them?

  8. I love your cute towels! Wish I had some like that. I love my glass measuring cup too. I know you are a lovely cook - and so organized! Have a great week my friend!

  9. I love the garlic press! We use it all the time. I also am a stickler for the meat thermometer. Because undercooked meat is gross. But so is dry chicken. (We have a lot of chicken and if I check it, I know it's safe but not overdone!)

  10. Huh. I don't have a garlic press (I am opposed to garlic. Sorry.) I have, but don't use, a meat thermometer. Maybe you'll make me a convert??!! I use my liquid measuring cup all.the.time. The towels are super duper cute. Where did you get them? I don't know if I've every seen ones with days of the week on them. Very cute. And take out menus, a must. Great idea to have them in a folder and all together.

    I will say I think that you are a master kitchen mama judging by what you post. Now if you could just find a way to share those yummies through the computer screen I would be most delighted. :)

  11. Fun post!! My all time favorite kitchen item is my chopper!! Mine is a Pampered Chef one, but there are other models out there now (mine is old) I use it for my garlic, instead of a press...(does the same thing I think) I use it for chopping peppers....on the rare occasion I use jalepeno's, I use it for onions and cilantro...and anything I need chopped really good. I use it for nuts even.

    I have a "take out" menu folder too!! (so funny!)

    I've seen those little measuring cups for teaspoons and Tbsp's (they are so cute) but since I'm always trying to declutter, I use my little measuring spoons....I like using them...(I have a larger liquid measuring cup just not a tsp one)

    We use more than one towel per day...so we'd need several "day" towels if I did that...then, I 'd be pressured to get the laundry done on time...

    You are amazing!

  12. All I can think about is my coffee pot. Oh! Okay, I love my kitchenaid mixer, could not live without that. But you said small items. Hmmm. My OXO fat separator. Boy is that ever a lifesaver for gravies and so much more. THAT is something I would not part with. I am a gravy lover, and so you can see why I must have my separator. Oh, but the can opener is really a gift. No, I cannot live without my can opener. I am sure there are other things more interesting, but that is what came to mind just now.

    Fun little post, Billie Jo :)

    Happy Monday!
    :) Hope

  13. Hi Billie Joe! I loved seeing all your favorite kitchen gadgets! Those tea towels are adorable! : )

  14. Such a fun post! I think my garlic press and crockpot are two of my favorite kitchen gadgets...is a crockpot a gadget? Oh how I would love to sit and have dinner with you and your beautiful family! We keep talking of coming your way next summer. :)

  15. I've always wanted a garlic press; I might just have to get one now!
    Does a wine glass count as a kitchen utensil? :-) I think I need to spend more time in my kitchen so that I can figure out what my favorite gadget or utensil is!


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