March 13, 2014

Weekend Plans

This weekend is slightly busy for us. But with happy busy things. : ) Friday evening some friends of ours are coming over for dinner. They just got engaged, so to celebrate we are having them over for Lenten Fish Fries. Because that is how we roll. Peyton is planning on making her famous chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing too. What better to celebrate an engagement than with rich chocolate cake, right? : )

Saturday is free during the day. My mind is beginning to fill up with projects to accomplish this summer...scrapbooking, organizing, I thought I would get a head start. By making a list of those things. And calling it a day. Saturday evening, Steve and Rhett are attending a Gun Raffle after Mass, and Madison has to work, so Peyton, Flynn and I will have a quiet evening at home. This will probably involve take out and several episodes of Gilligan's Island. Sounds great to me. : )

Sunday Morning, the girls and I are planning on attending early Mass and then getting breakfast before Madison begins work at eleven. The weather is supposed to be cold, so I am going to put a big pot of sauce on the stove for pasta later in the day. I bet I can get Steve and Peyton to make up a batch of meatballs, too. : ) Then it will be time to organize and prepare for a new week ahead. And for The Walking Dead.

So that is what we have planned for this mid-March weekend, my friends. I hope your weekend is cozy and yummy and filled with whatever makes you happy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting. I am always glad you do!

We had a nice weather day this week. And this little one was happy. : )

Peyton and Flynn made this delicious banana cake...

Have a closer look. It is amazing! The recipe is from my dear, sweet, Bloggy friend Stephanie. She shared this delicious recipe on her beautiful blog. If you want to try it yourself, the recipe is here.

We colored and added the first two Stations of the Cross to our wall this week. If you would like to print out the coloring pages yourself, I found them here at Catholic Playground.

Look at this excited little lady. She was so excited this week to go with us on a little road trip. She had no idea we were going...

here! We took our sweet Flynn to see Sesame Street Live, and she loved it! It was a cute, happy, musical show that had her up singing and dancing all night.

She watched...and waited...

and was thrilled when Zoe came to say hello!!

So many places we go are geared more toward the older kids, and Flynn always happily comes along. We were happy that this night was just for her. : )

The next day was March Cupcake Day...and the bakery did not disappoint! Mint Oreo? Really?!

And finally, a sure sign of spring here in Pennsylvania...the robins appear. Yes, they are hopping around on yucky, cold and damp snow...but they are here!

Happy Weekend, friends!!!!!


  1. It all looks like fun…the banana cake looks particularly delicious! Your little one is sweet in her four-leaf-clover dress.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend, with good things to eat and time spent with family. That banana cake looks great....wish I had a piece right now with my coffee! lol Your pictures always make me feel I was there when they were taken....

  3. Have a fun weekend. So glad Flynn had a fun day out. You are so right about the little ones being dragged around with the older kids' schedules. It can be quite a bummer. And mint oreo?? Yum. We had a lot of melting snow here in Eastern PA. But today it's 18 degrees. What the heck??

  4. That banana cake looks delicious!!! And I love the crocheted hat Flynn is wearing. so cute1

  5. Oh Billie Jo, your Flynn is so precious! What a beautiful smile :) And may I just say your banana cake looks amazing! I would love to join you for a piece.

    Happy weekend, friend! Hugs to you!

  6. Waving to Flynn{}. Oh wow, your treats look so good. Blessings

  7. Sounds like a wonderful week, with a great weekend ahead. Enjoy, Billie Jo! :)

  8. Flynn is cute as can be and how grand that she got to do something special! I like the looks of those yummy cupcakes! I'll have two! Wishing you all a blessed weekend.

  9. Billie Jo, chocolate cake and banana cake and cupcakes! I've just gained 5 lbs reading your post! (It was worth it!) And it is so nice to have a kindred zombie spirit. I am so worried about Beth getting whisked off and poor Darryl - that is not a good bunch of people to hang with. :-)

  10. So much sweetness! That cake looks delicious and I love Flynn's face at the musical.

    I've been wanting to print all the stations for Lucia to color too, but haven't gotten around to it. Flynn is doing a great job!

  11. I just love that Peyton is always cooking! And Flynn just seems to be getting taller and taller. What a great idea to take her to Sesame Street!
    It sounds like it will be a good weekend - I hope you enjoy!

  12. I love Flynn's adorable hat and Sesame Live... oh the memories. I remember bringing Anna. How did we ever grow out of that? :( Happy weekend friend. Enjoy your Friday dinner with 'young love' in the house!

  13. Yay for the weekend and friends over!! I love Flynn's pictures at Sesame Street Live, can they just stay little forever :( I really enjoy doing all those cute little kid things, their faces just light up when they see stuff. Then I see that your older kids make desserts all the time and all of a sudden the kids growing up doesn't look so bad ;)

  14. Billie Jo, I am in love with your life. What a lovely way you have of treasuring the small, simple joys in your surroundings. And by all the enthusiastic comments you've received, it looks like your passions in life are uplifting for all of us. What a magnetic, inspiring person you are! I'm so happy to know you. :)

  15. Hi Billie Jo - stopping by to say hello and wish you all a happy weekend! That banana cake sure looks delicious! I may have to give that one a try!

  16. Now how did you keep that surprise from her? I always end up telling the kids what we are doing...I love that you surprised her!!

    SO much sweet over here. I love it!
    Have a great weekend!


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