January 30, 2014

Weekend Plans...Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day and Superbowl!

This weekend is a busy one here. Busy in a good way. Plus...we are expecting a heat wave! It's going to be almost 35 degrees! Friday will find us celebrating Chinese New Year. We began celebrating this special holiday when the kids were little as a way to break up the long, cold winter. It is simple and fun.  In addition, it is actually an opportunity for learning, but don't tell them that! A few fun, festive decorations and some yummy Chinese take out and you have a celebration!

Saturday I am going to get my hair trimmed and colored. And that makes me happy. Saturday evening is Mass. After that, Madison and Peyton are babysitting for some friends of ours. They have fun spending time with those boys together. : ) The rest of us are going to Pizza Hut...Flynn's choice. No complaints from me!

Sunday is Groundhog Day. Now I know I tend to celebrate a lot of holidays, but living in Pennsylvania, I can not let this one pass. It really is a big deal here. I have friends who have actually gone to see the little groundhog, and they tell me it is craaaazy! We will settle for watching it live on television and doing a few fun activities to celebrate. Sunday is also Superbowl!!!! Even though our Steelers are watching from home and Rhett's 49er's are too, we still love us some football. : ) Plus, any excuse to make lots of good food is always welcome. I am planning on putting some meatballs in the crockpot with some sauce...as requested by Fr. Jim, who is coming over, for meatball subs. Peyton is going to make up a ham and cheese stromboli. And I am going to throw together our favorite cheesy potato casserole. Add to that some meat and cheese and chips and dip and we will be all set. For dessert, Peyton found a new recipe for Whoopie Pie Cake that she is excited to try. Sounds like a ton of food, but think of all the leftovers! I won't be cooking until Wednesday! ; )

And that is what we will be up to this last weekend of January. I hope yours is festive and fun and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be. And.......go Broncos!

When I grow weary of the cold and wind and snow, I take a second look and appreciate the beauty of it all...

and the excuse to do lots and lots of this. : )

Some winter baking going on here...these are the muffins for Madison's Relay For Life Bake Sale last weekend...

and this was our contribution to National Chocolate Cake Day. And it was good. : )

Steve grilled some extra chicken last weekend, and it made for some yummy salads for lunches.

Here are a few fun printables for my little ones to work on Sunday morning...

and a few books to read as well. : )

A certain little lady is going through a "wake up really early" phase lately...so we have a deal. We get up, but she makes me some coffee, immediately.

And signing off with a smiling selfie...a reminder to myself to smile and be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

And I count you all among them too!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Aww, thanks Billie Jo. Right back at 'cha. Have a great weekend.

  2. One never needs an excuse for coffee! lol--What wonderful weekend plans. Blessings

  3. Your weekend, and all the food looks like a fun time ahead. We will be watching the Super Bowl after we get home from church Sunday night, and we are saying Go Broncos too. Mr. Peyton is Tennessee's favorite QB, especially since he played at the U. of Tn.! I need that haircut too, and may go today or tomorrow. Bet yours will look great. Happy Thursday.

  4. Would Flynn be willing to come down here and make mine, too? :) Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  5. Oh boy, I am definitely hungry now! Pizza, Chocolate cake....sounds wonderful. Love the printable for ground hog's day. Hope all of you enjoy every minute of this busy weekend.

  6. Getting the "hair" done is a big deal for me also! enjoy that special time of getting pampered. Not a football fan but a commercial fan. hoping they don't disappoint this year. Sounds like good food and good company. good times. happy weekend bloggy friend.

  7. Hi there beautiful! I want a meatball sub...sounds awesome! Maybe Fr. Jim will share? How did the Relay for Life go? Was a lot of money raised?

    I am looking forward to the Super Bowl, but I am so torn. My son lives in Seattle, and he is a huge Seahawks fan. My sister lives in Colorado, and I do love Payton Manning. Either way, it's a win over here!
    Have a great weekend, and enjoy all your activities...and meatballs :)

  8. My hubby will, I'm sure, be checking on the game...but no plans. I like to watch the "best" commercials the next day!

    How many times have you watched Groundhog's Day? How fun. This always reminds me of when we were first married, we had a friend of mine and her little girl living with us for a while, and I came downstairs that morning, to them all at the breakfast table. I said, "Guess what day it is today?" And they all replied, "It's the Presentation of our Lord" I was like, "Oh...yeah....oops" "It's also Groundhog's Day" (hahaha)

    SO, now we have these:


    (from Barbara--you know her don't you?)

    We have a great book about the groundhog though...

    Have a great weekend getting your hair done and having pizza!!

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend spent celebrating! Hope you guys have a great time with all the yummy food on Sunday, that's always my favorite part of Super Bowl ;)

  10. I'm inviting myself over for Sunday with all that food! Kind of the opposite of Colleen's last food post haha!

  11. You are going to have an awesome weekend! We have lots of fun in store too!!! Can't wait to celebrate the Chinese New Year…both with my students and my own three kiddos! Looking forward to Superbowl Sunday and Ground Hog Day….please…no more winter! ;)


  12. I love your deal with Flynn!! Nicolas was always an early riser. Some mornings were hard getting up early but it was nice spending some one on one time with him.

    Your weekend sounds wonderful and yummy! Our team is not in the Super Bowl but we are going to have our parents over and enjoy some yummy food. I still need to decide what to make.

    Ray is flying into New Jersey this week and he is a bit worried about the weather. Good to hear you are expecting warmer weather.

    Happy weekend!!

  13. Oh my goodness! I forgot Groundhog's Day! Thank you for the reminder, I think we need some silly groundhog fun around here!


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