January 9, 2014

Weekend Plans

This weekend is going to be a redo of last weekend. We did not get to my dad's last Friday due to the frigid temperatures, as well as a little lady who had the sniffles. We didn't have homemade spaghetti either, as Madison had Confirmation class on Sunday evening and some friends in and out all weekend. So, we rescheduled and are going to try again! Friday we are going to visit my Dad, who has been doing so much better thanks to some wonderful doctors and recent medication changes. My mother has been staying with my sister there, and has been able to visit him everyday. I am so happy for the time they are spending together. : )

Saturday is free and I am planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. That and some small organization projects that I always feel like doing at the start of a new year. Saturday we have Mass at 5:00, followed by a promised trip to the Chinese restaurant. Then its home to jammies, the couch, movies, and tea. Just try and keep up with the excitement that is my life. ; )

Sunday I am indeed putting on a big pot of sauce, mixing up some meatballs, and watching football with my little family. We are having our friend Father Jim over for dinner...that I promised him way back in August...so Peyton will be making dessert. Any thoughts on apple vs. cherry pie?

So that is our weekend. I hope yours is warmer!!!, and cozy, and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Still posting Christmas vacation pics...this one is from baking day! : )

A quick phone picture from a Christmas week dinner where a certain little lady helped me with dessert...

and then snuggled with her Daddy.

Our Happy New Year party table all set...

and our yummy spread too! We had lemon and Italian shrimp, meat, cheese, and crackers. and hot crab dip with toasted bread. : )

My Madison had fun with favorite friends who were home for not-long-enough...My niece and Madison's sweet friend Carly was home from college, and Madison's best friend since preschool Jeffrey was home from the big city! I loved having all these young people gathered in our home!

Last weekend, my die hard 49ers fan was happy with the results of the football game...

while others could have cared less. : )

Happy January Weekend, friends!


  1. Love the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a safe & warm weekend. Suppose to warm up and rain. Blessings

  2. My life is exciting like yours, except you have lots more people to enjoy the excitement with! lol Loved the pictures of the kiddos....the food looks wonderful.

  3. "while others could have cared less" - I love it!
    I think you've got me inspired to make up a big pot of Spaghetti & Meatballs too - sounds just perfect right.
    I'm so glad to hear your Dad is doing better, I hope it all works out for your visit this weekend!

  4. All she needs is a football Little People set for game day! :)

    Love you weekend plans and first of all so happy that your dad is doing better and that your mom is able to see him a lot. I always keep your sweet family in my daily prayers...

    Love little Flynn with that bigger than her piece of chocolate cake! And your New Years Eve looks like it was fun! I love that you decorate the table every single holiday. It's those little things.

    Have a warm happy family weekend! xoxo tara

  5. Is it Thursday already? How can that be?

    Your pictures are great and it sounds like a nice weekend coming up! I hope you get to see your dad.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I love weekends like that lots of home time :) How fun to have friends back from school and all hanging around your house and those lemon and italian shrimp look delicious :)

  7. I'm catching up with you today and enjoying every minute of it! Your blog is so fun!! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. Hi there Billie Jo,

    I would go with the apple pie, of course, one could always enjoy a slice of both.

    :) Hope

  9. Your shrimp dinner looks wonderful. I vote for both apple and cherry pie...I love both. :) Maybe cherry because it makes me think of summer.
    I am so happy your dad is doing better and that your mom has been able to visit him everyday what a blessing for both of them.

  10. Happy to hear how much better your dad is feeling. My favorite pic is of Flynn and her daddy. Be still my heart ;). Enjoy your weekend!!

  11. Love the cared less shot! So cute.

  12. What's the cake you have pictured for New Years?

    Love the care less girly!
    Love that you have a priest friend...I want one. Our priests are so busy!!

    Hope all works out the way you planned, sounds perfect to me!
    God bless!

    SO happy your father's meds are working better. So happy for everyone.
    Love the aprons too! So cute!

  13. Bilie Jo, your weekend sounds perfect! Any pie is good (both!). :-) We were also cheering for the 49ers and the Chargers! Have a lovely evening!

  14. Love that spread of food! You really do go all out!


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