November 28, 2013

Long Weekend Plans

So the weekend is here again...but not just any weekend...Thanksgiving weekend! Always a favorite here in our country home. Friday is a day off for us. In our pre-homeschooling days, we would spend this day decorating the house for Christmas. This year we did that little by little in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. We are all decorated and ready for the holiday season. That means a day free of anything! Except fixing and eating the best turkey sandwiches for lunch. Fresh bread, sliced turkey, a bit of Miracle Whip, a slice of provolone cheese, and a dash of salt and pepper...and my day is made. : ) We will also be spending the day as far away from any shopping center, mall, department store, and retail outlet as possible. As you may or may not know, I have an aversion to shopping. And crowds. And many other things. ; ) So if you are opting to stay home, why not make some hot cocoa and join us as we park ourselves on the sofa and watch the Alfred Hitchcock marathon on AMC. What could be better?

Saturday is a quiet day here. We will attend early afternoon Mass and then come home to a favorite dinner...Turkey Soup. My sister and my mom are coming up to join us and stay as Steve and Rhett will be heading to camp early Sunday morning.

Sunday is our Christmas movie, game, and baking day. We have been spending the Sunday before Hunting season with my sister Margie and my mom for as long as I can remember. Sunday night we will order take out and then watch the Mid season finale of The Walking Dead. I can't believe we have to wait until February for it to return!

Monday is a day off. Rhett will be at Hunting camp so we worked ahead this week in order to complete the lessons for Monday. I usually spend this day putting everything back together after the long holiday weekend.

And there you have it. Our exciting plans for the holiday weekend. I hope yours is happy and yummy and cozy and safe, whatever your plans may be.

Madison's friend Justin...remember the one who cooked chicken in my backyard?...brought these beauties this past weekend...

so of course I used them to make a simple dinner of pasta with garlic and tomatoes. : )

This was the scene from my porch on Tuesday as the snow began to fall...

inside we were cozy as can be with some homemade cinnamon bread made especially for my Madison...The Birthday Girl. : )

Thank you all so much for the Happy Birthday wishes for my girl. She read them all and was so touched. : ) Here she is with a little helper opening her presents...

and I think they were happy with what was inside!

A new of course. : )

Her Daddy...the best man in her life...brought her flowers and candy! : )

And she loved her teacup-teabag-teakettle necklace I found for her on Etsy. Tara...this reminds me of you! : )

What began 17 years ago...our four blessings...

We finished off Madison's special day with Blackberry pie...her favorite for years and years.

And thanks so very much for all your prayers for my dear sweet father. He was actually walking this week!!!! Keep 'em coming my friends!


  1. Sounds like yet another full weekend for you guys! Hope it's all wonderful and I love the tea themed necklace. So cute!

  2. Sounds like a nice cozy weekend! Please send me a piece of that blackberry looks so yummy!!

    I love the little tea kettle necklace. So Sweet!

  3. Just wonderful!! Love the pink bag (the look on both their faces: priceless!) and the necklace! What a wonderful husband you have!!! BTW, I had picked this very background out and at the last minute, I changed my mind. LOL--Happy, happy weekend to you. Blessings

  4. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy birthday to Madison! Enjoy the long weekend with your sweet family! :)

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful!!
    I love the pictures from Madison's birthday. Her pie looks wonderful!
    The last picture of your dad brings tears to my eyes. I keep him in my prayers. And you too my dear friend.

  7. Love the Christmas background. Tis the season!

    Those tomatoes dont even look real. What a cool dude! you watch the Walking Dead??????????????
    it is too scary for me! I tried watching with Zach and I'm run run MONSTERS! isnt it too scary for you? my brave brave friend.

    dont like crowds either.
    people are weird.

    happy weekend and send some snow to MinneSNOWta. I hate looking at the brown.

  8. That pasta looks wonderful!

    It's so Christmassy here, love it!!

    I think it's supposed to snow here tomorrow...we'll see!
    I grocery shop every other week, and of course it fell on this week, my husband went with me last night (the kids stayed home and watched a movie) and Wal-mart was not too bad, it was late and we mostly grocery shopped. SO technically, we shopped on Black Friday, but not for those kind of deals or for that reason...

    So happy your dad was able to walk a little, must have felt so good to be up!!
    We plan today to get our Advent wreath ready (I got a new one and want to decorate it a little) and Advent calendars out...and Christmas books out...and make room for the tree! We'll probably do that next week.

    Our van broke down, transmission is out, being fixed Monday, so we have to split up Mass, we do not all fit in the I might be doing a Sat evening Mass like you!!

  9. Your home looks so cozy with that beautiful winter wonderland outside, Billie Jo! Enjoy your weekend with your family & friends!

  10. Oh this is so wonderful to get to read your recent posts (I've been kind of MIA recently but always love stopping over as you know).
    Loving all the pics of your sweet kiddos and the birthday girl - and don't forget about the great SNOW shot! Can't wait to get some out here in Indy!

  11. Snow, how nice and what a great birthday surprise! Your pie looks wonderful, I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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