November 26, 2013

Happy 17th Madison!

My Madison Marie is 17 today! Wow! Just like that, she grew up. She is an amazing young woman, and I am proud of this precious soul who was the first to call me Mom.

Madison is artistic. She has a God given talent to create beautiful pieces of artwork.

She is musical. Again, a God given talent for song.

She loves music, and rarely goes anywhere without it. As in, she needs ear buds to vacuum the floors.

Madison lives in a laid back world. She is never rushed, or hurried, or on time. ; )

She loves green tea. We have a cup together everyday.

Madison loves to be home with us, but is beginning to feel the pull of the big world out there.

She is beginning to look forward to making her own decisions and is excited to do so.

She is almost ready to pass her driver's test. I am not at all ready for her to pass her driver's test.

My Madison is an old soul. She has a spot inside her for older people and enjoys visiting with them.

She loves healthy foods and afternoon naps.

She is a gift to her father and me. : )

We are celebrating her tonight with Blackberry Pie. Her favorite.

Happy Birthday, my Madison Marie! I love you!

Happy Birthday, my firstborn! : )


  1. Oh my gosh…Madison is so beautiful…both inside and out! And had you ever seen a mother-daughter pair look so much alike???!!! Wow…simply amazing…God's handiwork never fails to amaze! I love how you were able to describe your daughter to a T…I love that she is laid back, unhurried, un-rushed! What an asset to have those qualities in our over-scheduled world. I felt a little tug at my heartstrings when you mentioned that she is beginning to want to stretch her wings…but that is what we do as mothers…raise our little ones to leave our nest. YOU are such a wonderful mother…I'm certain you have instilled much of what she will need to be successful on her own…someday…. :)

    Happy Birthday, Madison!

    The Kueters

  2. What a beautiful tribute you wrote for her. It sounds like she has such a big heart. I've always loved those posts where you talk about the parties she organizes at the nursing home. The fact that she just now is "feeling the pull" of the outside world is a testament to the wonderful home you provide for her. I hope you will be sharing cups of tea together for many, many years to come. Happy Birthday Madison!!

  3. Gosh, sometimes I can't tell if it's you or Madison in pictures! Happy 17th birthday to a beautiful girl!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dear Madison! She sounds like a wonderful, precious young lady :) Hugs to you, sweet friend

  5. Hapy Happy Birthday!!! I agree with Stephanie, she sounds like a wonderful, precious young lady. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Blessings

  6. Happy Birthday to Madison and a great job to her mom and dad! Sounds like you both raised one amazing young lady :)

  7. Happy Birthday Madison!! She is beautiful Billie Jo and she sounds like she is a lot like you!
    Enjoy celebrating her today oh and enjoy that blackberry pie!!

  8. She sounds as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the outside!

  9. Happy birthday, Madison! You are such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. May God bless you abundantly throughout the next year :)

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! You lucky girl getting FOOD from your mama. That dessert sounds just the best.

    Enjoy your day and God Bless You always.

  11. Madison sounds like a lovely young woman! Happy Birthday!

  12. My mom's favorite pie is blackberry pie!!

    Happy birthday, and God bless you Madison!! I wish we were neighbors, you could come watch my crazy kids! You sound like a wonderful young lady and I am honored to "know" you through your mama's blog.

  13. "She loves to be home with us but is beginning to feel the pull of the big world out there" sigh....

    Happy birthday Madison!!! You surely are loved by your family! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Billie Jo, you & Madison look so alike...just beautiful! What a sweet post for your daughter's birthday.

  15. happy happy birthday Madison!!
    this is such a sweet post biilie jo.
    what a joy she is!!


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