October 10, 2013

Weekend Plans

Another autumn weekend is upon us. And we are jamming as much fall fun into it as possible. Friday we are planning on finishing our schoolwork early and heading to the nearby state park for our  Fall Family Fun Day! We started this tradition years ago as a way to enjoy some family time outside while enjoying the beauty of the autumn around us. We will pick up a pizza and take it to the park and then let the kids play on the playground before taking a ride over the mountain to see the leaves. Peyton and Flynn will probably make some cupcakes or brownies to take along too. : )

Saturday morning we will do our Saturday jobs ...vacuuming, dusting, swiffering, and trash collecting before heading out to the pumpkin patch. We had planned on going last weekend, but Rhett's soccer game ran long and Madison had to get to Confirmation class, so we are trying again this weekend. After that, I am planning on a dinner of baked ziti and garlic bread with fruit before attending late mass as Rhett is serving.

Sunday is a busy day. I am so excited for the family picnic at my father's nursing home. I am humbly asking for some prayers for my dear father, my friends. His dementia is progressing rapidly, and it is so very hard to see him sad and confused. We do still enjoy our phone conversations, and I am thankful I am usually able to offer him some amount of comfort.

After the picnic, we have Rhett's final soccer gamer of the season. Coach Steve is going to be sad to see this season end. They have been a good group of kids. After that we will return home for a quick dinner before preparing for...wait  for it... THE WALKING DEAD SEASON  4 PREMIER!!!!!! Just a bit excited here. : )

And that is what we have planned this autumn weekend, my friends. I hope yours is pleasant and colorful and restful, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by!

October cupcake delivery! Favorites were the adorable candy corn ones. : )

Homecoming dress last weekend...

and shoes...

and jewelry...

and a vintage clutch that belonged to my mother : )

Put them all together, add a super cute date, and we had one happy Madison!

Love this one...

but this is my favorite. They had a great time, came home right after, and watched TV. Homecoming 2013=success!

This little lady loves to play with Madison's jewelry and perfume bottles. : )

And loves to make silly faces for me now. : )

She had fun in the warm autumn rain puddles...

sporting her fancy new rain boots, of course. Thank you Zulily!

The rainy day gave us a perfect excuse to light our candy corn candle...

whip up some pumpkin bread...

and enjoy some Halloween hot chocolate too. : )

View from the bleachers at Rhett's Wednesday night soccer game...

the kids were excited to be called out on the field before the game...

and play a game under the lights. The sky was perfect before the sun went down.

So very proud of my soccer loving son! : )

Happy Weekend, my friends!


  1. So much cuteness in this post. I hope your weekend is as wonderful as it sounds. I will be praying for your Dad and family. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness-to much for me to reply on..lol. I wanna go with on Friday (lol). Lovely photos, all of them! And my son is waiting for the Walking Dead season to start also. Thank you so much for sharing everything, sure makes me smile. Blessings

  3. Sounds like you guys have another great weekend planned! And those cupcakes look delish!

    Your daughter's dress is gorgeous ...and so is she!

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable and they look very yummy too :) Wow, what a view from the bleachers! The trees are simply beautiful. Sounds like a great weekend ahead for you, sweet lady. Enjoy your Thursday. Hugs!

  5. The candy corn cupcakes are adorable, and your daughter could be a model! Wow!

  6. Love seeing all the pics! I will be keeping your dad in my prayers. (And you, too!)

  7. Hi Billie Jo! That's it...I'm coming over this weekend. I mean it this time! Your dinners sound heavenly :) And I love the look of your Halloween hot chocolate. Those sprinkles are so cute. Someday, when my granddaughter is a little older, we can make that together. Can't wait!

    Congrats on a good year for your son! I'd love to sit in the bleachers and check out the fall colors. (And drink the hot chocolate...I think I'm hungry or something!)

    Thank you for visiting while I was gone. I really treasure your blog-friendship.

  8. I just love the cupcake tradition. Thanks for posting pictures of them. so dern cute!

    Lovely girls you got there. Both so beautiful and cute.
    Our school changed the tradition of the homecoming dance to "no formal"..but they all bought a t-shirt for $10 to go to the dj and food or whatever and all the kids went without a date. It can be very hard for the kids (like my son) who dont date. but it did look like fun dressing up and having memories of "the homecoming dress"...still all good.

    Prayers for your dad. You are blessed to have a good dad.

    Have a great weekend, bloggy friend!

  9. Mmmmmmmm....I just made 4 more loaves of pumpkin bread today....gave away 3 and we ate the last one for dessert tonite!

    Those cupcakes are adorable!! Love the pillsbury dough boy ones!

    Glad your daughter had a good time at homecoming, fun memories! I love how you took pics of everything before and of her wearing them!

    So sorry about your dad. Must be so very hard for everyone. Our neighbor across the street has Altheimers and she has been getting to the point where it's pretty noticable. I feel so bad for her and her husband. They have 2 grown boys. They are selling and moving out of state to be closer to their boys...South Dakota. I will pray for you all.

    Oh, and I love Zulily!! It's dangerous though, very dangerous!! I can't look anymore, only when I'm looking specifically for something!!

    Love and blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Billie Jo! Yeah for Rhett and Dad for coaching. Enjoy the last game of the season, snif... does that mean that fall is ending soon? Sure hope not!

    You know I love that tree and how sweet little Flynn is standing next to it!

    And Madison... beautiful!

    Happy weekend friend! ~tara

    Enjoy your Family Day... sounds like perfection!

  11. Thanks for the uplifting comment you left :) I can truly understand the pain and suffering you are going through with your father's illness. It's been two weeks now that we had to move my fil into an assisted living facility. Hang in there and enjoy your weekend.

  12. yeah for awesome soccer!:) we were purple this year too:)

    and Madison looks so pretty and happy. love the color behind them on the swing. and home early for tv=perfect in my book!! but goodness i'm NOT ready for that!!!:)

    Flynn looks so sweet with her silly faces. by that adorable tree no less!

    enjoy all your fall fun this weekend. we need to schedule the pumpkin patch soon before it's too cold!:( ugh!!

    prayers for your dad. and hugs to you!!!!

  13. Wowza! Your daughter is gorgeous! That is so cute they came home after and watched tv.

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  14. It looks like you (and we!) are in for a beautiful autumn weekend. Enjoy!


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