August 28, 2013

Weekend Plans...Labor Day 2013

Well, it is here. The last official weekend of summer. And as much as I LOVE already knew that, right?...I always feel bittersweet about another summer ending. And then I pull out my fall decorations and all is right with the world. : )

Friday we have no plans except Rhett working at the theatre for a little bit. I think I will have an easy meal of Tuna and Noodles and bread and butter before spending the evening outside with the kids. I am finding the days are already getting shorter as the darkness comes earlier so every moment counts!

Saturday during the day is free. Since we did a big clean last weekend, I may just do some quick cleaning... clean toilets, vacuum, quick dust and wetjet, and then put my feet up! We have Mass in the late afternoon. After that Madison has work, and I am planning on using some fresh garden tomatoes Steve got at the Farmer's Market to make some pasta with tomatoes and garlic. Yum!

Sunday we are going to my sister Margie's house for pizza and wings. We do this every Labor Day weekend and also again over Christmas. It is something we all look forward to! That means Labor Day itself is free for just us. We always spend that day just around the house together getting ready for school and fall. Steve is planning on cooking some hot dogs on the grill and maybe ending our summer with a trip to see Madison at Dairy Queen. : )

And that is what we have planned for this last weekend of summer. I hope your weekend is fun, and yummy, and warm, and sunny, whatever your plans may be!

Steve made a trip to the Farmer's Market and came back with green peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash! We threw them in a pan with some olive oil and added some pasta and parmesan cheese...and it was delish!

Another summer favorite...chop some zucchini then add some olive oil, garlic powder, pepper, and parmesan cheese and bake!

And just so you don't think I went all healthy crazy over here...Peyton made some homemade doughnuts last weekend. And they were soooo good!

There were pumpkin ones too. Be still my heart...

Summer days mean hours and hours of my favorite toddler toys...

and summer nights mean late night-after bath-pizza parties with the big kids!

I am loving my new cyber/homeschool planner...

but not as much as my Peyton is loving her copy of The Walking Dead Season Three!

Sitting outside on the porch last night, we enjoyed this view of a late summer night in our backyard.

And to finish up...a new hair selfie. And I am still waiting to see some of yours!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends!


  1. Those do-nuts look store bought! You are blessed with a baker in the home.
    Sounds like a perfect Labor Day Weekend.
    It is a true blessing to have toddler toys in the home and a little one sitting in her chair for pizza! what a sweetie.

    happy Labor Day weekend bloggy friend..ENJOY!

  2. Your Peyton is so talented. I imagine doughnuts being very hard to make, no? Toddler toys are the best. I especially love it when I find toys in weird places, like with the pots and pans. So cute. Enjoy your weekend with your dear family.

  3. Home made donuts?? Oh my! They look so yummy. You are rocking that new hair selfie!! Have a super weekend.

  4. LOL-I stopped at doughnuts, lol. Thanks for sharing all your pics and your posting about your family, I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Blessings

  5. Mmmmmmm....those veggies look wonderful! I love veggies!

    I gained 5 lbs just looking at those donuts!! Yummy!

    I love your weekend plans every week! I'll be thinking of you as you start school this week!

    Labor day is my 3rd child's birthday, she will be 9!! She wants to go to the beach....I'm hoping/thinking people will not go because they are getting ready for school? (I'd love the beach to ourselves!) SO I am hoping to have everything ready before Monday, so we can take off and enjoy it!

    You are a beautiful selfies here, but I did picture myself in my last post a couple times! (does that count?)

  6. AhhhhI I love the new blog background and little changes you've made! And I was cracking up at the princesses on top of the blocks - totally something Addie Jo and I do! Although I need to get a few more for her stocking this Christmas...
    And the Walking Dead??? Bill loves it but I can't watch it ;)
    Donuts via Peyton - yes please!
    Looks like you have a great weekend ahead of you!
    Love the backyard pic too! And the selfie, of course!

  7. So you have a chef, a projectionist, a little princess, and a beauty consultant in your house?! Your house sounds like too much fun, Billie Jo!

    Those donuts look like they are from the store. I just can't get over that. They look so delicious!

    Love the picture of you at the end. Too pretty!

  8. I can't get over those donuts! Beautiful! Your hair is adorable, too! Have a fun weekend!

  9. That pasta looks amazing!! And the donuts?? Too beautiful to eat (well, not seriously...I mean you have to eat those...)

    Love the hair too. I am in need of a haircut badly. This reminds me to do something about it ;)

  10. Now I am hungry! Growing up we had tuna and noodles often for dinner and it was one of my favorites! I can not get my family to eat makes me so sad. I make it for lunch now.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. need





    and your hair looks so great, I'm getting mine cut today, finally!

  12. Your hair looks beautiful!!! So so pretty which reminds me.. I've got to make an appointment. The roots are getting bad! :) Zucchini looks so good but hands down, the donuts win. Oh the pumpkin ones! Can't wait to see your fall decd house! Take pictures, please! Have a wonderful weekend friend ~tara

  13. Your weekend sounds lovely!!! Those donuts looked delicious, but I bet they tasted even better!! Hugs!!!

  14. Oh those donuts!! Now I am going to want one in the morning for breakfast :) Your hair is so pretty! I have been growing my hair out for the last year. I used to have a short pixie cut and now it's shoulder length - yay :) Enjoy your weekend. Hugs!

  15. *please peyton...highjack moms blog and pass on that recipe!!:)*

    love your simple weekend plans. we have a xc meet and a sleepover for janey and her bestie tonight. but seriously I just want to chill too...first full week of school has wiped me out!!!

    have a happy day billie jo


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