August 31, 2013

A Peek Inside...Our New Schoolroom

Finally! After months of deciding and planning and dreaming, we finished our new schoolroom last week. Remember, this is the before...

And this is the after...our Schoolroom!

 All ready to go!

Each child picked out his or her own desk and chair. This is Rhett's desk...

this is Peyton's...

and this is Madison's!

I found this cute clock on Etsy.

Here is the printer table with a few baskets for supplies underneath.

Right above is the Bulletin Board with the school schedule on it, and a few cute touches as well!

Here is the Dry Erase Board with our calendar and weekly schedule, and a clean Chalkboard to start the year.

The kids and I worked out a schedule together and Madison wrote it on the board.

This fresh chalkboard with the perfect piece of white chalk makes my teacher heart happy!

This is perhaps my favorite spot. ; ) The Little Miss has her very own corner!

All ready for preschool!

And all ready for a great school year!


  1. Nice! When we homeschooled, Liam had the 3rd bedroom with a desk and chair and stuff. Somehow we always ended up at the dining table. Now, since he is in college, him & his dad set up a study area in his room. Good luck with the start of the yr. Can't wait to hear all about your school yr. Blessings

  2. Wow! It looks great! So nice that each of the kids even have their own laptop. Everything looks so organized and neat. I'm doing a little bit of pre-k with Lucia, but we have just been using the dining room since we don't have any extra rooms.

    Where did you find the little kids table? I'd like to get one for my kids that isn't too expensive, but I haven't found a good one yet.

  3. I LOVE how they show their personalities through the desks and colors they picked out :) That'll make the first day even more exciting! So excited for y'all and this new chapter in your life! May you be richly blessed in your new school year!

  4. Oooh, love it! Also taking mental notes on everything you do :)

  5. I love this!! What a fun room ready for learning. I also love your schedule and that you take your children to mass twice a week. Thanks for being a parent bringing up your children to love God. Our society needs many more parents like you!

  6. Everything looks wonderful! I want to go to school there. You did a great job getting it ready. Can't wait to hear about all of your new experiences.

  7. Fun, fun! I love to see others' learning spaces. Yours is perfect and will be a great place to learn. I have to ask where you got the dry erase calendar? The planner in me likes it quite a bit ;)
    Blessings as you start out your new venture!

  8. Hi Billie Jo! So exciting! The change in the room is striking. You know, I think we love the start of school as much as the kids sometimes! Love that your daughter got the schedule on the wall, she has good handwriting :)

    And I love that 'rosary' scheduled right in there. Beautiful!

  9. I love all the cute touches in your classroom. You can see the love and excitement that was put into picking out everything.
    The clock how fun it that!
    Enjoy your first day of school!

  10. Your classroom looks ready for learning!!! I love that you let each kiddo pick out their own desk. I'm not sure the "control freak" in me could have left that up to the kids...and that clock...adorable! You are going to be such an awesome Homeschool Mama. I can't wait to read all your future're gonna do great. Hugs!!!!

  11. What a great classroom! I am sure your kids will love doing their school in there and the clock is adorable :) Have a great day, friend. Hugs!

  12. I love this! How exciting for them to each have their own space to learn and that they get to spend that time together with you as a teacher. Best of luck with your new homeschooling adventure. It looks like it's going to be a huge success! :)

  13. oh this is gonna be good!!:)
    and we of course love Flynn's little preschool area!
    and that clock is super cute!
    have a happy day billie jo

  14. I love the toddler corner the best, too! You and I know how those toddlers are so super super special.

    Looks like you guys are going to have a great school year. Best of luck to you and your students. You are blessed to go to mass once a week. I get to go on Fridays with Jonathans school. He still is in Catholic school while the others are!!!??!!

  15. Hi Billie Jo... you did an awesome job! Peyton, I love the pink chair. I want one for my desk!!! And that preschool corner, oh I want to spend the day there! You are one lucky mama to spend the day with your littles, all of them! It's going to be a great year! Will you share the details as the year goes on? I'd love to see how the days unfold! Happy first day of school, homeschooling! xoxo tara

  16. LOVE it! Already looking like it is going to be a fun, productive year!

  17. What a great little classroom. I really do miss having a separate room for school. I hate having to teach in the kitchen, right in the path of the TV. Makes for stressful days.

  18. As a math teacher, I LOVE the clock! What a find!

  19. I LOVE it!! I'm sure those walls will fill up fast with all the art and fun things you will be doing this year! All that open space in the middle floor....dreaming of floor like that someday.


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