August 7, 2013

Weekend Plans

August is in full swing here. And if you know me, you know that I am beginning to get that autumn itch. I am starting to be ok with the earlier evenings and the slight touch of cooler air. And of course, I am pulling out my pumpkin and apple recipes, checking the pantry for supplies, and counting the days until I smell the familiar scent of fall in my kitchen. Until then, I remind myself of the still present beauty that is summer...and try to live in the moment by rocking on my front porch, admiring the beautiful green all around. Soon, before my very eyes, that green will gradually fade as the vibrant hues of autumn return once more.

This weekend is a quiet one. As in ...we have no plans. And that makes me happy. Friday night Rhett is working at the theatre. The rest of us will most likely spend a quiet evening at home. I have been cooking up all my "feels like summer" meals lately. I think I will have Steve do some barbecue chicken on the grill and get some good local sweet corn to go with it. I think Peyton, Flynn and I may add a touch of autumn by trying a new pumpkin cookie recipe too. Rest assured, I will share it with you if we like it!

Saturday is a quiet day. As much as my kids would like to get some swimming in, the weather forecast seems to have a different idea. I think we may tackle some closets and drawers instead. Believe it or not, my kids actually look forward to that end-of-summer task. We sort through summer jammies, socks, tees and such. We toss what can't be saved and fold and donate what we can. Then we fold everything, put it back and take note of what we need to purchase for the fall. Ahhhh happiness! We have Mass in the late afternoon, followed by dinner at home. I am planning a simple dinner of hot dogs on the grill, French fries, and fresh fruit.

Sunday is sleep in day for my kids. I think a late breakfast of pancakes with fresh blueberries may pull them out of bed! Sunday is open. Depending on Madison's work schedule, we may take a drive over to see my dad. Sunday night we will probably make a quick pizza and sit on the porch in preparation for a brand new week. And that is all we have planned this summer weekend. I hope yours is warm and bright and cozy, whatever your plans may be. As always, I am so happy you stopped by!

My little lady playing for a few minutes last weekend before we left to do some grocery shopping.

Even though she has lots of room to roam...

She never wanders too far away from...

her Peyton!

Loving all the zucchini! Dinner this week...Zucchini Lasagna. Happy Me!

Just some summer evening ball with my number one batter...

and an ace pitcher as well!

Just a reminder...Saturday is National S'mores Day! For real.

Another Cupcake Day this week...

The beautiful summer evening sky...

looks like someone else thought so too! : )


  1. Holy Cow, another week went by? I wish your kids' love of drawer-cleaning would rub off on mine. I like doing it too, but I have no help in this area! How sweet Flynn looks in that cute dress with the wind blowing in her hair. Just darling. (does anyone say "darling" anymore?)
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  2. Kathleen, OMG I thought the same thing! YOu make the home organizing, peaceful life thing look so dang easy! I love it. Flynn looks like a sweetie! Do you just love brushing her hair? Enjoy your peaceful weekend. xo

  3. I'm the drawer cleaner around here...although, my son, 13, decided he's outgrown some of his things and has been cleaning his room every day this week. This makes him mama happy I tell you!!

    We are cleaning and organizing the school room, or I should say, I am cleaning it out. Always a big project, packing away last years work, sorting through consumables and re-usables, deciding what I'll need to buy, then going through the school catalogs and ordering!!
    (It's a process)

    We have those same butterfly barrettes and they are the only kid barrettes that actually work and stay in their hair. So whenever I see those kind I buy them!

    Love that picture of Peyton and Flynn, adorable. Love the relationships that having siblings brings about.

    That lasagna looks wonderful--wish my family would eat something like that!! My hubby would not touch that...zucchini.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    We are off to work the Minnesota pro life booth at the fair today and then off to Fargo to visit friends tomorrow (about 3 hours away) and the grocery weekend for us!

  4. Oh, and I dont' want fall to come til the end of Sept!! Because that pumpkin fall food thing lasts til Thanksgiving! Then it's winter til summer.

  5. I love that your weekends are so relaxing and calm. I would look forward to them, too. I watch people running around to kids' sporting events and social activities and I sometimes feel a little freakish when we mostly have unplanned, relaxing weekends. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes unscheduled time with the family. Have a wonderful weekend! <3

  6. I am amazed at the tree in the first picture. Never seen that huge and trimmed!

    Love that cupcake tradition. You are the bestest mama.

    Your pictures are always fun to see. I love the sky also. Always looking up and admiring the heavens.

    Have a superduper weekend bloggy friend!!!

  7. Happy Weekend, Friend! Sounds deliciously SIMPLE! Hugs.

  8. I love simple! I also love zucchini, but it doesn't love me LOL. It gives me terrible gas pains in my upper torso area. If you lived closer, I'd be passing off some fresh cucumbers. We are growing those like crazy! Sweet pictures of your sweet children. Hope they get the chance for that swim ;)

  9. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Sounds so relaxing, autumn sounds good to me too these days:)

  10. Enjoy your weekend. I may stop by for some pumpkin cookies. :)


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