July 11, 2013

Weekend Plans

Is it me, or do these weeks seem to be running on fast forward? This Friday Steve is taking the older kids to a Pirate baseball game in Pittsburgh. The Pirates are playing really good ball so far this year, and the kids are all very excited. Steve taking the kids brings back so many fond memories of the Pirate games my own father took me to when I was young. Life has a way of moving on, doesn't it? My father took me to baseball games, and now I am visiting him in his nursing home while my own kids go to a game with their dad.

Saturday is a quiet day. I hope to do a whole lot of nothing before attending afternoon Mass. After that, Madison has work at Dairy Queen and Rhett at the movie theatre. Rhett is my movie buff, and he spends a lot of time there volunteering with the popcorn and cleaning. He loves it! The rest of us will come home to a quiet summer evening and a simple dinner.

Sunday is another free day. Madison works until 6:00, so after that I am planning a nice summer meal. Steve wants to cook some steaks on the grill, and I think I will bake some potatoes and throw on some broccoli or corn- on- the- cob if I can find some! Perhaps I will ask Peyton to make a dessert, too!

Well, that is what is happening here this weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and full of family, whatever your plans may be! : )

My dad and I at our annual Pirate game...1982!

All set for the Taylor Swift concert last week...

they had a blast!

My dad felt up to a night out, so Flynn and I took my sweet parents out for pizza and beer!

Trying to decide if Teddy should come with us that night...He did! : )

Cupcake Day this week...my favorite? Chocolate Pistachio

Afternoon coffee on a rainy summer day=Perfection!


  1. Hope they have a great time at the game! Pizza worh beer and afternoon coffee with a sweet treat both sound good to me!!

  2. What a priceless pic of you and your Dad at the baseball game. And now that your kids go with their Dad is so special. It's these little things that make up the joys of life.
    Always jealous of your cupcake deliveries! Have a great weekend, Billie Jo.

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love all the pictures from the week. And can I please come and have one of those delicious cupcakes with you??? You can have all the chocolate ones and I'll take one of those cute pink and blue ones. :)

  4. Chocolate pistachio?? Oh my, that does sound yummy. Yay for quiet, simple weekends. I do so love them. We are heading to my hometown for fun and family this weekend. Sure to lead to tired toddlers and mama, but good memories too.

  5. hey there!!:)
    happy Friday!!
    and don't even talk to me about the weeks flying by...hello when did july begin??:)

    your weekend sounds quite relaxing my friend. and that is a good thing.
    hope your kiddos and steve enjoy the game and I love the pic of you and your dad. and yes life does move on and has this crazy habit of repeating itself right??:)

    pizza out, yum!! I know that was a fun night for your family.

    cupcakes look super yummy. and yes...perfection indeed!

    have a happy day billie jo!
    missed you!!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    I love the picture of you and your dad...so special!
    Enjoy your cupcakes!

  7. What a great post and reminder that life rely does have a cyclical affect! It makes me want to make sure to enjoy all parts!
    Love the pics if the kiddos too.

  8. What a sweet post, no pun intended :) I couldn't agree with you more on the cycle of life stuff. And yes, the cycle of life is moving too fast. Way too fast. I love the pic of you and dad. How absolutely sweet!! And then the pizza and beer...love it! Glad the kids enjoyed the concert. And where were Rhett's kickers?? Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today is my first SLOW day all week and I almost complained about being bored!! Sounded just like one of the kids :)


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