July 6, 2013

Fourth Of July 2013

We began celebrating the Fourth of July a bit early this year, on the second to be exact. My Madison made me a proud mama once again when she and a couple friends planned a Fourth of July party for the residents of my mother's Senior Center. They did an amazing job, and everyone had a wonderful time! Rhett went along to help, while Peyton, Flynn and I did some "behind the scenes" preparation. The Easter party Madison put on was part of her Religion class at school, but this one was just something Madison wanted to do out of a simple desire to make others happy. And she did just that!

She baked and decorated cupcakes...
and my sister Margie made some sugar cookies too!
My Madison and my Mom...so sweet!
Remember Madison's friend Justin who dressed up as The Easter Bunny? Well, he does Uncle Sam, too!
Madison, Rhett, Justin, and Madison's friend Nicole. These young people made me very proud!
A job well done! Next up...Halloween! : )
Our little town always has our fireworks on July third, and luckily we have a great view from our own front porch! We invite a few friends and family members over to watch them with us. We had our small party again this year, and it was soooo fun!
We were up early to decorate...
bake more yummy cupcakes...
and make some Oreo Balls...if you haven't tried these yet, you must!
The menu...because what is a party without lots of good food?
Me and my man! : )
And me with my little firecracker!
I would have included some pictures of Fourth of July itself, but since we stayed in our jammies watching movies until three o'clock, I decided to spare you the images...Hope you Fourth was sparkly and happy, my friends! : )



  1. Your children sounds like such sweethearts and love the pictures!!

  2. How proud you must be of Madison and Rhett! How very sweet of them. I love all the decorations and food. I have had those oreo balls and they are to die for! We too have stayed in our pj's late these last few days. It's the best. Glad you're having a good weekend.

  3. Way to go to these teens who witness the Corporal Works of Mercy!! These are the kind of kids who give us "old folks" hope for our future :) I wish I could go to your parties! Sounded like fun times. Happy Fourth!

  4. Your kids are amazing! I love that Madison planned for all of that! You must be so proud :) I think she gets all her talent and her heart from her mom! :)

  5. So sweet and thoughtful of Madison. I love how you all were involved. It is wonderful to see kids wanting to help others on their own.
    Our 4th sounded the same. It was so hot that we stayed in until 7. I ran up to the grocery store to buy sandwiches and the kids swam a little.
    Love the picture of you and your husband.

  6. Oh, I'm so impressed with your Madison! What an awesome thing to do for her grandma. LOVED the Uncle Sam, too.
    And you are SO festive. Love your cupcakes, your chalkboard menu and your table decorations. So cute.
    Glad you had a great weekend. :)

  7. Your kids are making me proud!

  8. So much fun! I pinned Madison's cupcake on Pinterest! They are beautiful! Glad you all had a very happy 4th of July!

  9. What fun times!! Love the pictures, your mama is beautiful, Uncle Sam made me laugh--what a great kid he is! And your daughter, planning that party for the elderly...I'm proud of her too!!

    Those oreo balls are dangerous. Very dangerous. Can you tell I've made them before? Christmas a few years ago, I think I was pregnant, because that is the only time I'd eat something like that!! Probably one of the best things I've ever eaten.

  10. Wow, really? The next holiday is Halloween? No--you forgot our birthdays!!!

  11. YOur daughter, Madison is awesome! You done good momma!

    I wish we had fireworks on the 3rd because Shaun would have the following day off and we could go without worry of him being "too tired out" the next day. Maybe I'll mention it to the mayor.

    Oreo balls... yum yum yum.

    I love how you decorate and take so much pride in making your home a happy place to live. Great job!

  12. Madison rocks!!! And you do too for being her mom! Love the pics of you guys and always LOVE the decor pics - they always make me want to be there!

  13. what a fun fourth!!
    starting on the second!:) love that Madison did this and I can just imagine how proud you felt. super sweetie for sure.

    we can see the fireworks from our house too. love that! can't imagine having to fight all that traffic!:) your menu looks yummy and fun and the decorations are perfect. and oreo balls????? I LOVE oreos! favorite cookie ever! must google that one.

    have a happy day billie jo


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