May 19, 2013

Still Keepin' It Real

So awhile back I wrote a post about keeping it real on my blog. That is...being honest about the non-perfect parts of my life. I mean, I don't write about them all the time because, really, who wants to hear about the weirdness that is me on a daily basis? But from time to time, I feel it necessary to lay it out there and hope to Heaven I don't scare you all off...ok, here goes...

Sometimes...sometimes I go to bed without washing my face. There,  I said it. And I am hearing a collective gasp in blogger world. The truth is, sometimes I am just plain too tired. And then I always exfoliate the next morning. Swear.

My kids love Pop Tarts. You have no idea. At any given time, there are at least five boxes in the pantry. Because of course no one likes the same kind. And then they go in streaks...eating them everyday, and then not for weeks at a time. Which means I find that lone Pop Tart in the opened foil pack that is hard as a rock. Great.

I have a completely irrational fear...of school buses. For real. I mean like when I am stopped at a stop sign, and one is turning the corner right toward me...I freeeak out. Ask my kids. I know...warned you this wouldn't be pretty.

I told you before I enjoy being home...well, that is true...and then some. I really am not good at socializing. I am most comfortable in my home with my family and few close friends. I am very friendly, just from a distance I guess. Does that even make sense? Here...maybe this illustration will help...


But this doesn't apply to any of do realize that right? I mean, if I saw you in Walmart, I wouldn't turn and spend the rest of the time in some sort of covert operation trying to avoid you...because that would just be weird.

And speaking of kids tell me I have a weird sense of humor. I tell them they are wrong. Because this is hilarious, right?


  1. LOL, we are so very much alike. I don't wash my face at night either unless I had make-up on. Since I rarely leave my house, I rarely wear make-up. I get up every morning to shower with my husband and wash my face

    I have a paralyzing fear of cars. I do not know how to drive and have never had a licence. It all goes back to my high school days and my mother attempting to teach me to drive. Ya, her irrational outbursts at my learning to drive scared me for life.

    I would love to be social, but my husband does not. So we have no friends. I socialize with a few moms while our kids play out back, but otherwise its just our family.

  2. Billie Jo... the socializing thing... that's ME!!! I thought I was the ONLY ONE! I'm so glad you shared it. I'm dreading a function I have to go to with Scott at his work in June... dread I tell you. Date nights? Ours are AT HOME! I'm the same! But you? I'd hang out with you in your house for a whole weekend! ~tara

  3. I love keepin it real posts!!:)
    I need to write one about all the things that drive me nuts/freak me out and you won't feel so bad!:)

    ok, i have never gone to bed without washing my face other then maybe when I was young and in college?!:) washing my face and getting in my pjs after the girls are down is one of my favorite parts of the day. the key is, I do it before I go back down to hang with dave...if I waited till I came up to go to bed i'd probably blow it off too!:)

    love brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts!!! in fact...just may buy some today!:)

    school buses don't freak me out...that is kind of cute though. (not in a bad way of course!)

    i'm not a big party socializing girl either and if I saw you in target I would run up and hug you for sure! then take you to Panera!!!:)

    and I found that pic quite I guess we both have weird senses of humour!:)

    love this billie jo
    have a happy day

  4. I love your truth, your keepin' it real. We would SO get along IRL.
    I find that the longer I am home with kiddos, the less social I get. I like to do it and am find once I'm out, but the process of going and thinking about it just make it seem easier to stay home.
    While buses don't scare me, semi's do. Passing one on the freeway (always speed up in order to get past quickly for fear they don't see me). And when they turn at a stoplight and I'm the one sitting there that they are turning toward..eek..I swear they are ALWAYS gonna hit me when they turn.

    See? You're not weird at all. :)

  5. Introverts unite! Which is not good for my extroverted hubby, but I do manage to push myself to socialize every once in a while. And I do enjoy it when I'm there, it's just so draining afterwards.

  6. The face thing. Me too. Just so dang tired and LAZY!

    I hear ya on the socializing. I am scared of people too!

    pop tarts...yikes...I bought some healthy ones and they are still sitting in the cupboard 6 weeks later. My teen is always asking me when I am going to throw them away.

  7. Pop tarts yum!! Funny but true Ray and I always have a box high in the pantry that the kids do not know about. We eat them when they go to bed or are at school. When I buy them for the kids I make a big deal about it.

    You know I am the same way about socializing...I do not like parties or big events. Isabella is the same way.

    Happy Monday!

  8. What? Are we supposed to wash our face at night?

    Pop Tarts? Daddy always buys them. The kids are always gung ho in the beginning but by the end of the box, there's always one stale one left.

    I've become more like Sarah said....more and more unsocial as I've had kids. I will be friendly and talkative, but I'd rather be home. I'd rather escape without having to talk to anyone. I pray to my angel before going into the store that I don't see anyone I know. I hate potluck things. I usually don't go. We have 2 grad parties this weekend and I just plain dont' want to go.

    You are not weird. Not weird at all.

  9. I'm laughing at Jamie Jo's comment..."we're supposed to wash our faces at nigh?" Gosh, so glad I'm not the only one!!! Thanks for the "Keepin' it real posts!!!" I needed a good laugh after yesterday.

  10. I think the funniest was the face post! And I do that, too! That and teeth!

  11. Joining you in the Poptart walk-of-shame...

    Loved visiting your blog, too. Thanks for coming to mine.


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