March 21, 2013

Weekend Plans

The first weekend of spring is here! Hooray! And even better...we have no plans! I considered tackling our spring cleaning on Saturday, but we still have snow and ice, which means all kinds of pebbles and random yucky stuff are still getting tracked in. Plus it is going to be all of  35 degrees and I really like to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in while we clean. If it sounds like I am justifying a lazy weekend...I am. : )

Friday night is free of any plans. Madison even has off, so I think we will have fish fries and a movie night. Next week is the last week for fish fries at our church. Get 'em while we can, right? And in place of a movie, we have been watching episodes of one of my very favorite shows...The Brady Bunch. We have all 5 seasons on DVD, and my kids love them! I love that because I have been watching that show my whole life. When I was in high school, it was on at 4:35 on TBS. My sisters and I watched everyday. When I was in college, all my friends would watch and go to dinner right after. Remember that, Marian? : ) We would all meet in the hall as soon as it was over. My kids are amazed because I can tell what episode it is almost as soon as the first scene appears!

Saturday is free of all plans except Palm Sunday Mass. I think I may do a few smaller jobs like clean out my desk or the linen closet. We will have Mass in the early evening, then a simple supper of sloppy joes and chips with fruit. Saturday night will find us home in our cozy house, just the way I like it!

Sunday Madison works at 4:00, so I am planning our main meal early in the day before she goes. I am having pasta with tomatoes, garlic toast and fruit salad. Once we eat and clean up...we will have a quiet afternoon of rest before packing up for the start of a new week. Holy Week! Such a special time of year...Well, that is what we have planned for this first weekend of spring. I hope your weekend is happy and spring-y and peaceful, whatever your plans may be.

Found this at the store this week...yummm!
Our St. Patrick's Day table all ready for sausage and cabbage...
with a piece of lime jello poke cake for dessert.
What do you do when it is St. Patrick's Day, and you still have a bag of these?
Pick out the red ones and make cookie bars with the green ones, of course!
My little sweetheart in her daily outfit of choice...jammies!
And winter had one last gift for us...
a snow and ice storm on its last full day.



  1. Sounds like you have a nice relaxing weekend planned. Love your pictures, your house always looks perfectly clean!

  2. Ok, we must have been separated at birth. We love the Brady Bunch here and I too try to name the episode at the first sound of the music and scene. My brother is the best at this though and I often try to trip him up on his trivia, but he always knows the answer.
    That cake looks delicious. I bought St. Patrick's plates this year and forgot to use them. You would think I would have remembered being that our dishwasher is broken and I need to use paper plates. Have a great weekend. And your justification to not spring clean is here by justified!

  3. LOVE the Brady Bunch and so do my kids! I too would come come from school and watch it everyday!
    Love your lime St Patrick's Day cake. You still had holiday chocolate chis left? I have been known to get into the bag and just eat them when I am having a chocolate craving or just bad day.
    Enjoy your weekend...our weekend is pretty relaxing as well. My favorite kind.

  4. Okay, so I can NOT stand an ice storm...I must say, those pictures you put up are just beautiful. Makes one stop and really see His beauty everyone, even in a nasty ice storm. Hope it starts warming up up there! BTW, I LOVED the Brady Bunch when I was growing up :)

  5. Hi Billie Jo!!! One of these day my family and I will be knocking on your door on a Holiday. I love how you make the smallest holiday a big celebration. You've inspired me for sure. ~ looking forward to Holy Week too!


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