February 28, 2013

Weekend Plans

March...Wait, wasn't it just Christmas, like yesterday? Well... my desk planner says it is indeed March 1, so here we go! This weekend is semi-free, and I like that! Friday we have no plans, other than Madison has work. Yes, my dear Madison started back to work on Wednesday, and she was excited! She is 16 now, so she can work the later shift and help close up. She actually loves working at Dairy Queen and wants to work up to a manager. I am happy because she loves her job so well. I am sad because I miss her when she is at work. Ahhhh, they really should warn you when they hand you that precious newborn that these sweet-smelling, precious bits of Heaven grow. Fast. : ) Dinner Friday will be macaroni and cheese and fish sticks with steamed broccoli.

Saturday is quiet during the day, and now that all the kids are healthy, Steve is planning a snowmobile, sled riding, build a snowman day! I am planning a sit by the window with a cup of coffee and watch day...We have Mass in the late afternoon. After Mass, we will probably pick up a pizza and eat at home before attending the opening of an art show by a wonderful local artist here in town. He has also been Madison's art teacher for years now. He is a wonderful man as well as an artist, and I am looking forward to the show.

Sunday is free. Madison works all day. Steve and Rhett may run up to camp, so Peyton and I will probably stay home with Flynn and watch some movies. I am thinking of putting a roast in the crockpot for dinner with some mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Then maybe a treat at Dairy Queen made by my Madison! Well, that is what we are up to this weekend. I hope yours is happy and fun and warm, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Seeing this on Madison's bed can only mean one thing...she's back to work. Ok, two things...Dairy Queen is open again!

The first of the month means I pop one of these into my washer. They really do work, and smell so good!

March first also means it is time to pack away my winter decorations until next year. Goodbye cozy snowmen!

And while I am packing away winter decorations, this is the scene outside my window!

Sorry for the overload, but it is just really beautiful!

My little coffee stirrer! She helps me every day!


  1. The snow really is beautiful! And now I'm seriously craving a cone from DQ! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. The weekend already?!!! How did that happen? Oh yeah, here in Kansas we only had school on Monday and now Friday! LOL That really makes the school week fly by!

    So, your oldest is working! Congrats to her! I think work is so important for young teens these days. And so many don't want to work...or won't work at fast food restaurants! My first job at 16...Burger King! :) So, did the Dairy Queen close? Or is it just not open year round?

    Such beauty in your winter scene pics. Look just like mine. Thanks for sharing!!! Is this also from Winter Storm Rocky? What a powerful storm.

    Your weekend sounds delightful!


    P.S. You are on it! I need to change out my blog background too!

  3. I know just what you mean... It can't possibly be March! It sounds like a great weekend! I would rather be watching the kids play in the snow from the window, too! Once I get cold, it takes forever to warm up!
    So glad Madison enjoys her job. When I was her age, I always wanted to work at an ice cream place!
    Happy weekend to you!
    Elizabeth :)

  4. The snow pictures are Oh! so pretty! And you are putting away the snowmen! LOL Our February has been cooler than our January. Somewhere I read that February typically has a higher snowfall than January. Watching everyone's weather lately, that sounds about right! Have a blissful weekend!

  5. Such beautiful winter scenery! Saturday sounds like it's going to be a wonderful snow day! I hope you have a great weekend, Billie Jo! :)

  6. My family had a homemade ice cream shop for 20 years, and I started scooping when I was 12 and became manager at 16. I loved all those years of working in the ice cream biz, and I got really good at the soft serve machine - so now I could easily transition over to DQ :) Does she bring you any treats???

  7. Oh my those last few pictures of the trees out your door are just beautiful. I think you should frame one.

    I like the idea of having a cup of coffee...with a girl scout cookie;) and watch the family play in the snow.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your mac and cheese dinner. We enjoyed your mac and cheese the other night...wonderful recipe!

  8. Well, everywhere I go and comment, I see you, so I had to come "meet" you! I am Jamie Jo--so a similar name! I paged through and love your posts, I really like your weekend plans posts, fun to read! Nice to "meet" you, God bless!

  9. Seriously, those snow pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! And I'm so jealous...my girls STILL haven't played in snow yet :(


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