February 21, 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here...finally! Steve and Rhett are very excited because they have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. Friday night they are going to camp with Steve's brothers, my sister's husband, and a few friends for the weekend. It is Daytona weekend, and they are all going up to watch the big race. My sister Margie is coming to stay here with me and the girls for a fun weekend of movies, games, and food. Friday night we will probably get fish fries from the church. They make them every Friday during Lent, and they are good. Do you all have those too, or is that a local thing? I really don't know.

Saturday will be quiet and cozy here. The girls and I will most likely relax and visit with my sister before getting ready for Mass. After church, the girls would like to go out for Chinese. Sounds good to me. Flynn loves lo mien! I think she could survive on that and strawberries... Saturday night will be a movie night, provided we can decide on a movie before we all fall asleep. See just how wild and crazy I am!

Sunday is the annual Rotary Auction here. Have you ever heard of this? The local businesses donate items to the Rotary Club, and then the local television station broadcasts an auction in which people can call in and place bids. If you place the highest bid, you will receive a callback, and then go downtown and pick up your item. All the proceeds go to the Rotary Club to be spent helping the community. It is really a big thing here. All the items and times are printed in the newspaper a day before so you can study it and see what you want. We have gotten many things over the years like toys, gift certificates for restaurants, blankets, and even a phone. Some people even have parties during the auction! I never go quite that far. OK, I may or may not highlight certain items I am interested in and plan a fun meal...but that's it! : )  I do think I will put some beef in the crockpot for barbecue sandwiches and have Peyton make a sweet treat or two.

Well, that is what we have planned for the weekend. I hope yours is fun, and warm, and cozy, whatever your plans may be!

Flynn played" boat "this week...so cute!

We woke up to this on Tuesday morning...Snow Day! Hooray!

That meant Flynn played her first ever game of this! And won, as Cinderella, of course. (And it was legit!)

My little helper Peyton helped me organize our books, movies, and a few games on this shelf in the family room. They all used to be in a cupboard.  So much easier to get to, and looks pretty too. The bookcase was in the basement. Nothing like shopping in your own home!

All done! : )


  1. I love shopping in my home!! Do it all the time! We have the fish frys, but not the rotary auction. Sounds like fun!

  2. We do not have fish frys here. I do remember growning up meeting other families at the local fish n chip restaurant on Friday during Lent though.

    I am the same way about movies. We rent them but I can not stay awake for the entire movie.

    Your sweet Flynn Juliana asked to "see" her again today. :) We may come by to enjoy some of Peyton's yummy desserts ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I just love Flynn's bows! She is too cute! I hope you enjoy the time with your sister and that you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Flynn is so cute!! Lucas beats us at Candy Land every single time, but he doesn't want us to say we lost. Instead he waits at Candy Castle for us to catch up. Love the innocence!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. You are always so organized...down to the minute on what you will be doing over your weekends!!! I certainly need to take some lessons from you. I love the bookcase idea...I have games stored in one room...books in each kiddo's room...movies in my bedroom....aaaaack! I like seeing it all stored centrally in one place...where mama has some control! LOL I need to direct you to an old post of mine...I just need to find it...where Ben and Mary played boat, too! Only I wasn't supervising them properly (LOL) and Mary was dumping cupfuls of water into the rubbermaid tub to make their own swimming pool!

    Happy Weekend, Friend!!!

  6. My Lucas always wins Candy Land, too! I don't know how, but I ALWAYS end up drawing one of those little candy pieces and have to go backwards! :)

    I love your new bookshelf and the decorations around it! Would you please come to my house and decorate!?!

    Also, I wanted to comment about your camp the other day, but never made it back to do so. I love that you guys have that! My husband grew up going to a cabin by the lake that he helped his dad build when he was 8 years old. He dreamed his whole life of having a house next to his dad's and a few years ago, we actually were able to make it happen! There are so many neat memories that can be made in the middle of the the woods! I'm so glad your family has that, too!

  7. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully! I would love some girl time with your family :)

  8. I could use some organizing help from Peyton :) Love the Cinderella game! Sounds like another great weekend friend! PS have to tell you that we switched to Saturday Mass instead of Sunday morning since I teach 4th grade church school on Sunday mornings before Mass. It was always so stressful to have both teaching and Mass in the same morning. I had to get Abigail all ready for Mass before I left. While she stayed home with Daddy I went with Anna to church school and then they met us at church. It was crazy. So from your blog I got the idea to try Saturday and it's so much better for all of us! We all go to Mass together now on Saturday and then Sunday mornings Scott and Abigail stay home and play while Anna and I head off to church school and are home so much earlier without Mass after. We love it! And guess what else? This weekend I'm making your 'monthly folders'. Using stickers since I don't have your cute folders but loving them! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to post a picture on my blog when I'm done! Have a happy weekend! (ohhh I just love my February folder on my desk! :) )

  9. Your bookshelf looks wonderful!
    Our weekend is going to be fun! My daughter and I are going dress shopping!

  10. here i am...late to reply as usual these days!!:) what a terrible blog buddy i am!!:)

    a girls weekend! how lovely. complete with takeout and a movie. glad you had this time together with your sister.
    i hope our girls share those moments together too when they grow up!:)

    your bookcase looks organized and pretty...as usual!:) i would love some kind of new cabinet to keep our games in the family room. we are hoping for some built-ins some day!!:) until then, it's up in the hall closet i guess.

    love that snow shot! we have yet to have a big storm (knock knock!) and winter needs at least one (ok only one) to count doesn't it!?!?!:)

    have a happy day billie jo

    aubrey played boat too this week!:)

  11. Ohhhhhh fish fries...I grew up in Western New York - I miss the fish fries!!!!


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