February 19, 2013

Sunday Afternoon At Camp

Sunday afternoon we spent the day at camp. Our camp is actually a cabin in the woods about an hour from our home. It is a cabin that Steve's grandfather originally built in 1953 as a hunting lodge. Up until recently, it was just that.. a place for Steve and his brothers to use during hunting season. Because it holds a very special place in his heart, as he and his father spent many happy days there before he passed, Steve recently decided to renovate and expand the rather "rustic" cabin so we could use it more.

This past summer, Steve and his brothers spent many long hours working on the camp and now it is done. Steve and Rhett did a lot of the design and decorating, and Rhett is so proud of it. It is so special to see the cycle of life...Steve and his father enjoyed happy times there, and now Steve and Rhett do the same.

Steve, Rhett, and Ryan went up on Saturday night, and the girls and I rode up Sunday morning. We relaxed, ate dinner, played a few games, and cleaned up and headed home. Here are a few pictures of our cozy Sunday afternoon at camp...

All ready to go!

The girls got Steve this for Christmas this year.

The new kitchen...

My mom got this for Steve for Christmas.

The kitchen table...needs something in the middle!

The first new bedroom...

and the second.

Photobombed by Rhett!

Steve and his girl.

Flynn in Steve's grandfather's rocking chair.

Madison and Ryan...

and me and my man!

The view from our little cabin in the woods.


  1. Your cabin looks beautiful. I love that your husband grew up going there and now your kids with have the same memories.

  2. What a cozy place to get away and how awesome to turn from a camp into a fun cabin. I bet some very dear memories have been and will continue to be, made there.

  3. Dang! Why didn't you spend the night? That place looks amazingly awesome...quite a retreat! Shoot, put the air mattress on the floor if there aren't enough beds for now. When can I come and play??

  4. It looks wonderful! My parents have a little cabin in the mountains and every time we go, I just want to live there forever! I hope you have many more good times at your little cabin!

  5. Oh it looks picture perfect... the kind of cabin I could go to... look at the kitchen!!!! It's beautiful. Lots of love when into it... bedrooms and all. You are so lucky to have another cozy place to call home. I adore it. It just needs... one of your seasonally decorated lit up trees :)

  6. i agree with tara...where's the tree!!:) what a wonderful place to escape to.
    so glad you all had this time together!!
    great pics of you and flynn and your man!!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  7. That is so cozy!!! I love your style :)


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