September 7, 2012

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here already! Ours is a busy one, but one filled with lots of family and fun. Friday night, Steve and Rhett are heading to camp for a quick sleepover and work session. The girls and I are staying home and having our own sleepover with my sister and my mom. We always have a lot of fun during these girls nights!

Saturday has us going in different directions during the day. Madison cheers at an away game during the afternoon. Steve and Rhett are planning on attending. I am going to enjoy my weekly coffee visit with my dad in the morning. After that, I will be helping Peyton prepare for my sweet husband's birthday! Yes, Saturday is Steve's special day. He asked Peyton to make his favorite cake, and she is more than excited. He requested a simple Texas sheet cake. Peyton puts a thin layer of peanut butter on top of the cake under the chocolate icing. We are all about chocolate peanut butter here!

We usually attend late afternoon mass on the weekend, but Rhett is serving the late mass Saturday night. We are so excited that he is serving on his dad's birthday! For dinner before mass, I am having a simple supper of sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes, and the last of our zucchini.  After mass, we are having a small cake and ice cream party for Steve. My mom and sister and her husband are joining us.

Sunday is Rhett's first soccer game of the season. Steve is his coach, and they are excited! The game is in the afternoon, so we have Sunday morning free to relax.  I am thinking about making some homemade pumpkin spice waffles with fresh fruit for brunch. After the soccer game we plan on a simple supper, baths, and jammies and then...our beloved Steelers are back! Yes, they have a night game on Sunday. I love night games because everyone is home and settled and we can just relax and enjoy. I don't love night games because I am usually asleep by halftime. : ) Well, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you all have a fun family weekend yourselves, whatever your plans may be!

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father I know!

And one more...Flynn's favorite toy this week! She hasn't let go of it!


  1. Hi Billie Jo! You are so planned are ready for the weekend. Sometimes I get to Friday and just let the weekend happen. Not always a good thing! :) Love the sleepover idea! Have a ton of fun, tara

  2. Great pictures, Billie Jo! I love the one of your husband holding the baby. Don't you just love the types of photos?

    We have a weekend filled with birthday parties. A couple of the kids are going to them here and there and I hope to get my grocery shopping in.

    I've been going 100mph lately so my plan is to just rest and be on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Billie Jo! I absolutely love the picture of your husband and the baby and the one of Flynn and the pumpkin! Soo sweet! I hope your weekend was wonderful! :)

  4. i agree with are sooo organized going into the weekend!:) most fridays i am just ready to breathe and i can't even think much past friday evening!!:) haha
    hope steves birthday was awesome
    have a happy night billie jo


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