September 12, 2012

After School Snacks

My kids are always hungry after school. I suppose most little ones are. After much consideration, my children usually choose a snack based on several different factors...first, how hungry are they? Second, what's for dinner, and do they like it? Also, what time is after school practice or work. In other words, how much time do they have to actually sit down and eat? And lastly, what day of the week is it? The farther away from the Friday morning shopping trip it is, the less likely they will find anything they like at all! The usual choices for after-school snacks are bananas or apples with peanut butter, yogurt, cereal, or granola bars. Once a week, however, Flynn and I like to surprise our school kids with a homemade treat. I remember how excited I was as a child, ok... even as a teenager, when I got home and smelled fresh baked cookies or cake! I knew my sweet mother had made something special for us.

One of our favorite things to bake is a simple pan of brownies. I use a regular boxed brownie mix to start. I usually add something like semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips, because one can never have too much of a good thing, right? This time, I went a little crazy and chopped up some peanut butter cups and stirred them in instead. They turned out really well. I have no secret for successful brownies using a box mix except I always add the extra egg. On the box, it usually calls for 2 eggs but 3 if you want cake-like brownies. I have found that adding the extra egg makes them less gooey and more formed. Does that make sense? Anyway, the kids love them after school and even for dessert in a brownie sundae. Enjoy!

Dust with a little powdered sugar too, because everything is better with powdered sugar, right?


  1. My girls are ravenous when they get home too!!! I can't get food in them fast enough.:)
    I just loooooove brownies!! if i get to add one to my nightly mug of ice cream it is a really good day!:) my favorite is Ghiradelli. I have tried less expensive box mixes but i always come back to these. they are a bit more but totally worth it in my opinion. when they are on sale we stock up...a lot!:)
    you have motivated me billie jo!
    the girls would love to come home to brownies tomorrow.
    have a happy night

  2. Now that's love! Thanks for the extra egg idea... I'll be doing that from now on! Have a great Thursday Billie Joe! ~tara

  3. As a child, I loved walking into the house greeted with the smell of something freshly baked for an afternoon snack. The funny part is that my mom never bought "store-bought" and I always begged for something hostess. Looking back, what a blessing that it was always home made and not Hostess twinkies!

  4. We love brownies here as well! I will try the extra egg next time I make brownies.
    Have a wonderful Thursday !


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