March 15, 2024

Happy Things And Recipes

It's time to wrap up another week, my friends. Here are some pictures from my camera roll that made me happy!

My Momma. Happy and healthy and happy. And my beautiful sister Margie, who visits every single day and calls me so I can visit with them. On this day, my mom won Bingo and was so happy to share that with me! Also, I found the best place to purchase clothes for my mom. I want her to be cozy, comfy, and warm, and I found wonderful options at Silverts online. They have excellent quality, soft-as-can-be adaptive clothing that washes beautifully. 

My Mocha. She is content and unfazed by all the recent changes in her life. In seven months, she lost her best friend, Kirby, moved to a new house part of the time, got a new best friend who was much more playful and then got yet another new friend who was even smaller and more playful. Mocha is adjusting and taking it mostly in stride. As long as I am in her line of vision, everything is just fine.

Good food. This week, we had two delicious meals. I mentioned our chicken bowls—I know, such a creative name—and I wanted to share them here again because they are just that good. Just put some boneless, skinless chicken breast in the crockpot, sprinkle on some taco seasoning, and then pour in some salsa. That cooks all day while you do everything else except worry about dinner. Then, shortly before you plan on eating, just wash, chop, boil, or do whatever else you need to prepare what you want to serve with the chicken. We like rice, corn, lettuce, tomato, pico, avocado, shredded cheese, lime, cilantro, and sour cream. I also set out some taco shells for anyone who wants to eat that way.

I also made this recipe this week. It is delicious! It is baked ziti with sausage, a new one for me. I will link it below. I served it with salad, using the leftover tomato and lettuce from the chicken bowls, and garlic bread. 

My bird room. I finally got around to fixing this beautiful room in the back of the house. I call it the Bird Sanctuary because so many different types of birds visit every day! I thought it appropriate to decorate it to reflect some of the ones we see often. This is ironic because I really don't like birds, but I guess I just don't like them too close to me?

This candle. It smells AMAZING. It's like cozy autumn without the autumn. Does that make sense? I got it online and will link it below. The candles are soy, paraffin-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free. This one is Momma's Kitchen, and it smells so good.

Well, there you have it—happy things. As I get older, I have learned that we can always find happiness, even when the world seems to be spiraling out of control or filled with chaos. Happiness isn't out there, on the news or on social media. Happiness is inside our family, our home, our friendships, our faith, and ourselves. That may be why I feel so much happier insulated within my little world with my people. That,  or I may just be socially awkward. Perhaps a bit of both! 

Happy Weekend!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh! One more!

Peyton and Chris had Madison and Nicolas for dinner last night back home, and she served a delicious Irish meal complete with her signature sugar cookies. While I am incredibly envious, I am also very thankful that my children are each other's best friends. 

Billie Jo



  1. Your thoughts on happiness are so TRUE!!!! I love your bird room, it is perfect and beautiful! And the cookies look too pretty to eat.

  2. Your mother the dog, the bird corner the ecological candle, your thoughts about happiness all coincide and make sense! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Dearest Billie Jo,
    That clothing line from Silverts is made from polyester—hence easy washing but it for sure is not healthy for the skin. I've always avoided any polyester wear and always prefer natural fibers.
    How sweet of your sister Margie for seeing your Mom daily and letting you in on it.
    That sure is heart warming.

  4. You made me laugh...yes, I think socially awkward just might describe me! Oh I can socialize I guess....if I have to, but I'm most happy in my little corner of the world. Thomas Moore's quote is perfect for me: "The ordinary arts we practice every day at home, are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest." That's why I love popping in here...simplicity, family, faith, traditions, food, laughter...all the little things that are oh-so important. Have a wonderful weekend with all the family (including the 4-legged members!)

  5. Okay, yes! I also don't like birds but have grown to enjoy watching them from the safety of indoors. I'm delighted I am not alone in that!

    Sweet Mocha, that's a lot of change for a pup. And all of her humans too. It's definitely an adjustment for sure. I imagine having Mocha in your line of sight most of the time calms your soul too!

    And yes, there is no happiness to be found in social media. That's for certain!

  6. Your beautiful mom...that smile of hers is priceless. And what a blessing that your sister lives close to her facility so that she can visit her everyday.

    Love the Bird Room! I'd live in that room...seriously.

    Your meals (as well as Peyton's) look delicious. Thank you for the link for the baked ziti and sausage. I will definitely be giving that one a try.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend. xx

  7. Love a good easy meal. You have done a great job raising them, I can sense the love you all have for each just by your post. Yay for your mom and her bingo win.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your sweet Momma - she has the best smile!
    Your meals all look restaurant worthy. I do a chicken bowl similar to that. I saved the ziti recipe - looks good! I am a candle fanatic - just bought another one today. I shouldn't even look at that site!

  9. Looks like you had a good day and enjoyed seeing your bird room,. and adorable dogs in one area. I did get some leprechaun chocolate cookies with drizzled green frosting on it from Bauman's. On sale and I had fun with ML who bought me lunch and did a bit of shopping there. Nice family run business with a lot of plants and food, etc.!!! It's another warm day with rarely any clouds. 61 degrees, Have a good weekend! =Becky

  10. I am happiest not knowing what all the world is doing out there :) I have enough going on within my family to keep me busy.
    Your meals look so delicious! I made "crack chicken" this week. Chicken breasts in the crockpot, one block of cream cheese, black pepper. Let cook on slow all day. Shred in the crockpot, stir thoroughly, then eat over your favorite pasta. It was so yummy!

  11. Always a delight to visit here, smiles. Wishing you beautiful day.

  12. Two more cozy corners of your home. ❤️ Would love to tuck myself into either of them with a good book. We have a bird room, too, and have become armchair birders - trying to identify every new bird that comes to our feeders. 😊 I'm with you on where happiness is found.

  13. What a wondeful visit today. I loved the photo of your beaming Mom and sister. How grateful you must be to know how happy she is and that your sister can visit so often.
    Your meals look delicous and I always enjoy reading about your pups and seeing the photos of them, happy and content with you all. I wish our kids lived closer to each other. One in Montana, one in Nebraska and one is London isn't ideal, but with facetime and WhatsApp they are able to talk most days and I'm grateful for that.
    Wishing you a blessed weekend full of love and family.
    Blessings and hugs,

  14. Close knit family is such a comfort in the routine but also the chaos of life. Have a great weekend!

  15. Oh my goodness... you and your Mom are twins!! And, I bet all that sweet, generous nature that you have you got from your Mama, too. We love our Mamas.

  16. All the food looks delicious.
    I agree, happiness and joy come from within.

  17. All the food on here looks delicious. And I just love your "bird room" that you have decorated. I am very partial to the birds, as they are gentle and precious creatures, especially the mourning dove, who comes around to visit often. Peyton's St. Patrick's Day cookies look Yummy. And they are as green as the ones Nel made. How do our kids bake so wonderfully? That candle sounds amazing. And to have the scent of Fall in our home at Springtime is extra special. I love the words on it too. A sweet picture of your mom and sister. Your list of "happy things" is wonderful, Billie Jo, and thank you for sharing it with us.


    **your words at the end are very special and made me smile. : )

  18. I was just wondering what meal is that at end of post? Is it hamburger meat with cheese or in a crust? I’m always adding ideas and recipes in my note book. -Rosa R.

    1. It is pasta with sausage and cheese. It is delicious! If you click the words "Baked Ziti" under my name, it will take you to the recipe. Thank you for reading!


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