February 28, 2024

Wednesday Wondering


1. Coke or Pepsi?

2. Medium or soft toothbrush?

3. Seinfeld or Friends?

4. Lemons or limes?

5. Gum or mints?

6. 30s or 50s?

Just wondering, you know??

I'll go first!

1. Coke or Pepsi? 

Pepsi. Always. Coke tastes too sugary to me.

2. Medium or soft toothbrush?

I prefer it if my gums don't bleed. 

3. Seinfeld or Friends?

Seinfeld. Not even close.

4. Lemons or limes?

I like them both, but I love limes.

5. Gum or mints?

Mints. But only peppermint ones.

6. 30s or 50s?

This one is tough. I loved my 30's. I loved raising my children, making dinner, reading books, and pushing swings. I love my 50s, however, because I feel confident and relaxed. I know who I am and what I like. The need to please everyone is gone, replaced with a feeling of peace and contentment. It's too close to call this one.
Billie Jo


  1. 1. Neither
    2. Medium
    3. Seinfeld...never really got in to Friends
    4. Both but use lemons more
    5. That's a hard one. They both have their plus sides.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Diet coke forever and always.
    Soft- I used to use hard but the dentist directed me to use soft.
    Neither- not a TV person.
    Not a big fan of either, but limeade is tangy!
    The 30s - oh the energy level- I did so much with my work and kids. And I still had babies in the house. 50s are great because I have a better sense of what's important. But I miss the energy and the baby days.

  3. Coke of course. Never ever ever Pepsi...FRIENDS...30's fantastic...50's great...lemons or limes...no matter. mints or gum...either but usually neither...FRIENDS Icon show...could not get into the other one at all. That being said, I watched Friends (if I had a tv) wherever I lived, because I knew my sweet girl would be watching it where she lived. We like the building NYC...We are Friends' devotees...somewhat like Swifties, but I am not sure there is a word for the Friends' franchise. As to Coke...it got me through having babies...my miracles...a long, long story...maybe an email...I don't drink much now...I enjoy this type of blog...it does let us know YOU , and you get to know your devotees....thank you so much. I love the blogs about your sweet family and especially your darling mother.

  4. 1. Coke-specifically Cherry Coke, 2. Soft, 3. Neither, 4. Lemons, 5. Mints, 6. 30s-raising the calm quiet son who always seemed to listen to me. 50s was raising the wild child who always marched to his own drum right into trouble...too much stress for the 50s.

  5. 1. I'll take either. 2. Soft. 3. I never got into either show but between the two I'll go with Seinfeld. 4. Lemons but I'll also take limes. 5. I like both gum and mints. 6. 30's. I had my first child at 29 so my 30s was when my kids were tiny and I miss that stage, also I am not in my 50s yet so I don't have that to compare it to yet.

  6. Fifties for me. I retired early and had time to do what I wanted.

  7. Coke, but not much anymore. Occasional diet coke. Pepsi too sweet. Coffee and sparkling water now.
    Soft, cuz my dentist says!
    Limes, I think.
    Gum, sugarless.
    Not sure...each had benefits and drawbacks.

  8. Occasional Coke Zero, mostly flavored sugar free seltzers and coffee, soft toothbrush, neither show, limes (especially in that Coke Zero!), sugarless gum -minty, never fruit flavored...and 30's to be sure...I had eight babies in my thirties...what's not to love?

  9. This is a fun post! 1. neither, unfortunately, because I have to stay away from caffiene. 2. Soft toothbrush. 3. I honestly do not believe that I have watched either of those programs. 4. Limes! 5. definitely mints! 6. Just months before I turned 30 we moved into our home where our children grew up. Those years of being 30 were some of the best years ever . Months before I turned 50, we moved to our current home and my life was filled with helping with the care of my mom and my in-laws. I would really be hard pressed to choose which years were my favorite.

  10. Interesting! Let's see:
    1. Coke not Pepsi, but rare, only with chili.
    2. Medium - Sonic Care Electric.
    3. Neither, we rarely watch tv, I listen to a lot of music.
    4. Both, but mostly lemons.
    5. Both!!

  11. Another fun post, Billie Jo!

    1. Pepsi, but I rarely drink soda these days.
    2. Soft to medium
    3. Friends
    4. Either lemons or limes
    5. Mints
    6. Both for different reasons

  12. I think the 50's for me. You are right about Seinfeld, too!

  13. This is fun!
    Coke - if they have Pepsi at a restaurant I usually skip. :)
    I agree with you - both were good!

  14. Fun post…
    1. Neither I do not drink soft drinks
    2. Medium
    3. I like both Friends and Seinfeld
    4. Lemons..love them in my hot tea
    5. Mints , especially peppermint
    6. 50s …. I’m in my late 50s and feel so much more confident than I did when I was in my 30s, and I’m more comfortable in my own skin.

  15. Love this!
    1. I don't really drink fizz now, but I would always choose Pepsi back when I was young.
    2. Medium.
    3. Friends. But then again, I've never seen Seinfeld.
    4. Lemon. Especially in a cake :)
    5. Mints. I can't stand gum.
    6. I've yet to figure it out.

  16. Fun times! I've missed commenting but have been unwell and occupied with MOm.
    1. I like both but prefer Diet Pepsi.
    2. Medium
    3. Neither one.
    4. Limes in my Pepsi!
    5. Mints.
    6. Both for much the same reasons as you. God blesses each stage if we just ask Him too.

    Take care my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  17. Coke, as in diet coke, medium I have tough gums, Neither, I did not watch TV during the seasons they were on, just too busy. Both, gum, 50's too busy and poor in the 30's, finally figured it out in the 50's.

  18. 1. Coke, even though we live in the land of Pepsi :-)
    2. Probably medium
    3. Seinfeld! One of my comfort shows for sure. We got to see Jerry Seingfel perform live in December, and it was great!
    4. Limes! (Love them in my Coke!)
    5. Gum, preferably spearmint.
    6. 30s are my favorite so far. Still have 2 years until I experience my 50s, but my 30 were full of so many great experiences and of course the kiddos were still little.

    Thanks for a fun post! <3

    1. Ugh what is up with my typo on "Jerry Seinfeld?" You knew who I meant, LOL!

  19. Diet Coke for sure but seldom have it.
    Soft toothbrush
    Friends, oh how we love Friends here. With 3 young adult daughters still home, it’s on quite often.
    Lemons, never enough in the house.
    Mints for sure, not a gum chewer.
    Loved my 30’s with my littles
    Loved my 50’s as we were adopting littles
    Love my 70’s as littles are not so little anymore but the 3 youngest who were adopted are still living home, going to school/working and they keep us laughing but we are free to come and go, built in dog sitters..lol

  20. Neither, I drink Dr Pepper (Diet)
    Can't pick, both are good and so is my 70's so far. :)

  21. Thanks for the fun questions and answers Billie Jo.

    1. Coke or Pepsi? I gave soda’s up for the most part years ago, but I would probably choose coke.

    2. Medium or soft toothbrush? It’s an electric one with plastic little paddles and bristles that are ? I really don’t know.

    3. Seinfeld or Friends? We used to watch both and enjoy but the occasional Seinfeld quote still comes up.

    4. Lemons or limes? Lemons and Limes but we buy lemons most of the time.

    5. Gum or mints? Mints, peppermints only

    6. 30s or 50s? Probably 50s but enjoying my 70s.

  22. 1. I gave up soda a few years ago. I was an addict. I grew up in the Pepsi Generation!

    2. Medium

    3. Seinfeld or Friends? Neither

    4. Lemons

    5. mints

    6. 30s or 50s? I miss my littles that I had in my 30s, but I am happy with who I am and my life in the 50s.

  23. *Pepsi!

    *Medium Toothbrush

    *Didn't really watch either of them, but Friends once in awhile.

    *Lemons! I have a thing for lemons.....and Yellow! haha


    *I was in my 30's when my son was born. It was a good time in my life, and all his friends seemed to gather at our home, which was a pleasant memory for me.

    A fun post, Billie Jo. And I loved hearing your answers too!



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