February 21, 2024

Wednesday Wondering

 I wonder...

...is there a movie you have seen many times but will watch whenever you see it on TV?

I have a few, but one of my favorites is The Birds.

...if you've eaten something that you didn't like because you wanted to be polite?

One time, when I was around ten years old, I was at my friend Karen's house. Her mother made egg salad sandwiches for lunch. I was naturally polite, and I just couldn't tell her I didn't like them. I have not eaten another egg salad sandwich to this day!

...if you could be part of any TV family, past or present, for one month, which would you choose?

This one is easy. I love Tony, Angela, Mona, Samantha, and Jonathan! I love the family dynamic, the house, and the setting. Who's The Boss? was my surrogate family during the four years I was away from home at college. I still watch it when I find it and laugh as much as I used to.

...and what is one thing you never learned to do that doesn't bother or affect you today?

One thing I never learned to do is pump gas. Yep. I have never pumped gas into my car! I have no real reason other than I never had to because Steve ran his family car dealerships for our entire marriage. If I had a car that needed gas, he would take it to work and fill it up. Rhett is old enough now to do it for me, too. It isn't a social statement; I just can't stand the smell!

I hope you share your answers here, my friends. It is always fun learning new things about each other. 
Have a cozy day, and thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo

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  1. Fun post Billie Jo!!
    1. That movie for me is The Holiday. I love the story, the characters and the scenery. I mean have you ever seen a cozier house?
    2. Salmon. I like cod, coho salmon, white fish and a few others but regular salmon is not something I enjoy. Someone cooked it for us a number of years ago and so I got it down so I didn't feel rude. I've never eaten it again and won't.
    3. Modern Family. I love them all!!

  2. What a fun and interesting post to find this morning, Billie Jo!
    1. I like old movies which include movies up to the late 80s and can sit and watch them like other people binge Downton Abbey.
    2. Most of the time, I am polite about being offered something I don't like or care for. There are a few exceptions though.
    3. The family in Life Goes On.
    4. Doing general home maintenance (i.e., changing the water filter, changing the air filters)

  3. I share in your disdain for egg salad. It does not happen for me___ever!

  4. What fun!
    Movie: The Great Race - I just think when you combine Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Natalie Wood you can’t go wrong! Food: potato salad - love potatoes but for some reason just don’t like potato salad. Family: put me with All Creatures Great and Small - part of me still wants to be a Yorkshire vet Skill: car repairs- best left to the experts!

  5. I don't know how to pump gas, either!! But I would like to learn in case I ever need to.

  6. I will watch While You Were Sleeping every day and not get sick of it. I love every second of that movie. I am not surprised that you love The Birds but it is too creepy for me! I share your distaste for egg salad! I would be a Seaver from Growing Pains. Pre-Leonardo DiCaprio, post Mike moving to the garage apartment. And... I can't bake a frozen pizza right on the oven rack. I always use a pan or a pizza screen. Scott can just reach in and pull it out no problem but I am always so afraid to burn myself I can't do it!

  7. I really like your post. Until last year, I had not put any gas in it, but since it was necessary, I have been putting it in all the time. In the end it was something easy. Greetings!

  8. The movie for me would be Gone With the Wind.
    It might be corny but for me the family would be Leave it to Beaver. It would be nice to have such understand parents.
    No, I don't eat food to be polite. I never eat egg salad either!!!
    I have pumped gas but Ken usually does it for me.
    Can't seem to think of anything I didn't learn that doesn't bother or affect me .

  9. Although I have pumped gas that was the one thing I noticed when JOel died, is that I had to do it!

  10. **Under The Tuscan Sun. Favorite movie, and I find something new every time I watch it. ; )

    **Pierogi, A Polish dish my mom made now and then; not too fond of it.

    **Little House on the Prairie. I love all the characters, and Caroline Ingalls is my favorite tv mom.

    **How to download apps. It's not something I need or use.

    Fun post, Billie Jo.


  11. That was fun! How lucky you are to never pump gas.
    I've never watched the Birds, I think it would freak me out.
    When we were newly married, Bob's aunt who never married and was a little different, invited us for supper. She served a jello salad with meat and veggies in it - like shaved carrots! Yikes - we still talk about it!

  12. 1-While you were sleeping is a favorite…love that movie
    2-olives…ate them at my future in-laws, it was the last time.
    3- could watch the Walton’s everyday
    4- I have never pumped gas, know how but can’t stand the smell.

  13. I find interesting in today’s world folks do not know how to pump their own gas. For me I am way too independent to rely on someone else to do it for me and what if you didn’t have anyone around to do it for you. Just my thoughts. I love the Birds and I personally enjoy egg salad sandwiches. One thing I do not like is beets.

  14. I'm kind of amazed you've never pumped gas! I'm always glad when my hubs takes my vehicle and fills it up, but to never have done it is kind of unfathomable to me. lol I have to say... if I was in your shoes, I'd enjoy that little perk, too. :)

    I'm not a big rewatcher of movies, but if I was going to rewatch something over and over again, I think it would be an oldie. Maybe something with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Adam's Rib is a favorite. And I love every version of Little Women I've seen (I've tried to collect them). My favorite is with Winona Ryder

    TV family I think I'd enjoy being part of - The Waltons. :)

  15. This was a fun one to read! One movie I will almost always watch when it's on is Dirty Dancing. It was my favorite and still is today! I had to eat lunch with someone we visited in another country one time, and they served lamb. I am NOT a fan of it, but I ate it to be polite. If I never eat it again, I will be A-okay with this! I really loved the Huxtible family on The Cosby Show growing up. Their family dynamic was always so very appealing to me! I had divorced parents, so maybe that's why? I never learned to change a tire, and at this point in life, I don't feel the need to know how. 🤣

  16. Hi Billie Jo! What fun :) A movie that I've watched several times lately is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. It's the happiest movie!! An older one would have to be Dirty Dancing or Top Gun.
    For the something I ate just to be polite...my aunt made a "chocolate" cake made out of avocado and it was the nastiest thing ever! I kept taking the tiniest bite and moving it around on my plate until I could sneak over to the garbage can :)
    TV FAMILY - mine is definitely The Brady Bunch. As a latchkey kid who always came home to an empty house, I dreamed of having Alice waiting at home with a big plate of cookies when I would come home from school.
    And something I never learned and never will is any kind of skiing. Water skiing or snow, doesn't matter, I have no interest at all.
    Thanks for the fun!

  17. Movie: I love anything with Bogie and Bacall but I will watch "Casablanca" over and over again. Food: When I was first married B's mother made rutabaga. I thought it was mashed potatoes, took a big bite and yuk! But finished it because I wanted to please her. Never ate it again. Family: So I am old but I love the Andersons on Father Knows Best and would love to be in that family. I never learned how to drive a stick shift and it has never bothered me that I can't. Love the post!

  18. If I could be part of a TV family, it would have to be Little House on The Prairie. I have to say the meal I had to eat to be polite was split pea soup. To this very day I do not eat it! My favorite movie that I would watch if I saw it on TV would be Sleepless in Seattle. What a fun post! Hugs to you friend!

  19. My favorite movie would be "It's a Wonderful Life"... favorite TV show would be "Leave it to Beaver"...hmmm...food I've eaten to be polite would be anchovies, and I guarantee you that I have not put another anchovie in my mouth since! One thing I never learned to do...speak a foreign language!

  20. Hi Billie Jo~ I love the movie, The Wizard of Oz! I have loved it since I was a little girl, and it never did scare me. I don't love eggs. I used to love them until covid, but now I really struggle with them. Golden Girls! I love all of the characters and giggle every single time I watch it :0) I had to teach my sister to pump gas a few years ago... she had never done it! Have a great Thursday! Hugs, Barb

  21. I am not a huge fan of eggs or egg salad either. I put the gas in my own car, but not like the smell either. I always loved Leave it To Beaver, when I was little and still enjoy watching the old black and white reruns to this day! Fun post! I hope you have a good weekend.


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