November 17, 2023

Friday Photos

And it is Friday yet again! This week was the last "normal" week before we jump headfirst into the holiday season. It was a busy one around here. We had...

A dog groomer appointment...

A trip to Pittsburgh for my friend Delane's one-year follow-up visit. She received a good report, and we are very thankful!

A trip in the car to visit...


I wanted to visit my mom, and I knew she would love to see all "her people," as she says. I mentioned to the kids that we would be going to visit Gram, and if any of them could make it, please let me know. I was so happy when all the kids made the trip to see their Grandma! My sister Margie had her ready, and we surprised my mom with all of us, including two dogs, pizza, and pumpkin pie! She was so happy! We visited, ate, and even sang her favorite song, You Are My Sunshine. It was so wonderful seeing her so happy.

This week was beautiful.

It was also productive. These two became friends, and Flynn and I immersed ourselves in all things Eighth Grade. I had a good virtual therapy appointment, and Cosmo and Mocha each had vet appointments. Oh, and there was this...

More to come soon!!

This weekend is special because a certain young lady is turning fourteen! She has chosen lunch out, followed by a movie we all can't wait to see, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Then home for cake and presents!

Have a lovely November weekend, my friends! 
Remember to put your turkey in the fridge to thaw!




  1. What a great week! I know that your mom loved having all of you there for the day. Those pictures of the sky are gorgeous! I have also loved having my Christmas decorations out. I love to enjoy it for as long as possible!

  2. I wish I was there with you! Mom looks great and so glad Delane is doing well!! Hugs to everyone (including the puppies!:). Your tree looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more. Mine is going up this weekend! Love ya! Xx

  3. Looks like a good week. Your tree is so beautiful!

  4. What great pictures! We've been wanting to plan a trip to Pittsburgh but have yet to do so. I don't know what we'll do when we get there aside from a Penguins game or a Pirates game, depending on what part of the season we go. It looks like a beautiful city.

  5. Dearest Billie Jo,
    Your Mom sure looked very happy with that special visit!!!
    Love those photos with the red sky.

  6. Happy Birthday to Flynn!
    Your pics are sooo very pretty.
    Love that all the kids went to see Grandma, and the furry kid too. They love her!

  7. Your mother is as beautiful as ever, Billie Jo. So special that all of your kids could visit her with you. I'm sure it made her day.

  8. I'm so glad your friend received a good report. And a visit to see your Mom is special, indeed. I bet she loved holding the new pup.....and pumpkin pie! I smiled at her favorite song, as that was the song I used to sing my little ones all the time. Your sky photos are dazzling. And it made my heart sing to see your Christmas tree. Twinkling lights around Christmastime is so magical.

    Happy Birthday Flynn! I hope you have a special day filled with all the things you love.


  9. What a wonderful assortment of pictures especially of your Mom having a good time with her people! Glad the pups are becoming friends. Wishing Flynn a very happy 14th birthday. Have a blessed weeked, Billie Jo.

  10. You must read the books with Teddy the Yorkie by my late friend Nancy Thames. Love. I helped her with the later ones. You have the two cutest dogs ever . Love your tree

  11. What a sweet post. The pictures are all lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Your sky shots are beyond gorgeous! I know your Mom must have especially loved seeing your new puppy! You have your tree up! What a beautiful reflection photo!

  13. My mom sang "You Are My Sunshine" constantly when my oldest nephew was born. As a result, before he was two years old, he started calling her Sunshine. This nickname carried on to my other two nephews and we all just started calling her that! :) When she passed away in 2020, my brother and youngest nephew (seven at the time) made a recording of them singing that song. I listen to it often and hearing my brother's voice break at the end, while sad, reminds me how much she loved us and we loved her.

    I'm so glad it worked out that everyone could visit your Mom! May God Bless you all!

  14. Your dogs are so pretty, we decided that perhaps we're getting too old to get another dog, but we do waver a bit when we see such loves are yours.. and what a lovely relationship you have with your mum.

  15. Love all the pretty photos! It makes my heart happy that you all surprised your mother with a visit. Your Christmas tree is up? Wow, you are on the ball. Have a happy weekend, my friend.

  16. Our Thanksgiving is over but now I want turkey next week too. Have a great weekend!

  17. Such a special visit for your mom.

  18. Just look at those two gorgeous fur babies — Makes me think about getting another. Opps! did I say that out loud?

  19. So many wonderful things in this post! So very happy to hear your friend received a good report - that's wonderful news! I'm glad everyone was able to visit your mom. She looks so happy! The pups also look very happy! And Happy Birthday to Flynn! I hope she has the best day celebrating with her family. It's so hard to believe we both have fourteen year old daughters! Happy weekend. Our tree is going up tomorrow. I'm so excited!

  20. Beautiful pictures, Billie Jo. A week filled with good things is so lovely to reflect back on. Happy Birthday to Flynn!


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