June 2, 2023

The First Friday In June

Good morning! Happy Friday, Happy June, and Happy Summer! May is always a busy month here with birthdays, holidays, year-end school activities, and outside prep for summer. It passes in a blur, and suddenly, things slow down a bit, and we realize...It's June!!!! Time for coffee on the porch, less structured schedules, abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, early afternoon swimming in the lake, and after-dinner rides with drippy ice cream cones.

As I typed those things we look forward to each summer, I realized every single one is also a happy memory from my childhood. I remember my parents enjoying their morning coffee on our screened-in side porch, long summer days with Bob Barker and The Price Is Right and kickball in the yard after dinner, fresh strawberries and corn on the cob, jumping off the dock into the lake, hoping for waves from passing boats, and piling into my Dad's truck with ice cream cones for a ride around town.

I love that, intentionally or not, I am sharing the happy days of my childhood with my own family and, in turn, keeping my parents and grandparents connected to us forever. So, this summer, do what makes you happy. Do the things that bring you and your family joy and peace. If slathering on sunscreen and heading to the pool or beach every day is what you love, enjoy! Heading to the ballfield after dinner to watch your kids play? Great! You may prefer to stay in during the heat of the day and watch movies and play games. You can. Without feeling guilty about it. Do you never tan and have white skin all summer? Me too! Be proud! Eat the ice cream, take the nap, and say, "No. But thank you." to any get-togethers, BBQs, and picnics you want to skip. It is your summer, my friends! Enjoy it! You are creating moments and memories. Make them yours.


You know I have to sneak this in here, right?! 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
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Billie Jo


  1. In the Spring and Summer I do love to sit outside in the sun and read and going to the pool to swim and relax. I also enjoy all of the fruits, veggies, herbs this time of year. We sit outside (when the flies aren't out) and enjoy meals. But Fall and Winter will always be my favorite time of year.

  2. Hi Billie Jo. I see that you are reading that book, Revenge, about the royal family. I got it from the library and started it, but didn't get to finish it. I would love to know your thoughts when you are finished. Your summer sounds wonderful. Ours will be busy, but we are taking some time out for family and fun trips. So glad you have great childhood memories of summer that you can share with your own kids and eventually grandchildren. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It feels like Summer has arrived early this year. It is my favourite time of year and I'm hoping to make the most of it. Xx

  4. What wonderful, sweet memories you have! I am glad you will ne enjoying this summer to the fullest! Every moment we have is a gift.

  5. I did not have a happy childhood.
    It was pretty awful. So I don't have the
    Happy memories other people have.
    But I wanted to thank you for sharing
    yours. It made me smile and understand
    what summer should be.
    It's wonderful that you are giving your family a happy,joyful life.
    They are blessed to have you.

    1. I am so sorry to hear your childhood was not good. My heart hurts for you, and I pray you have found happiness and peace in your life now. Thank you for reading. I am happy to know you here!

  6. Your posts just bring me JOY Lady!! I have those kinds of memories from going to my Grandma's every summer - where my Dad grew up. It was on a lovely lake and my Dad is 1 of 9 kids - so there was always tons of aunts and uncles and cousins. Some of my absolute favorite and best memories were on that lake. ;) And I absolutely LOL'd when you said if you don't tan and stay white...that's so me!! Ha! And of course the Halloween wink is me too. You know it baby! 🎃 Have a wonderful weekend ahead doing all the things you love. xo

  7. I have wonderful memories of childhood. Long summer days of bike riding, playing, running through the sprinkler, sleeping in a tent made of army blankets slung over a rope between two trees. I loved every day. Now, I don't tolerate heat and I live in a hot, humid place. So I spend most of the summer going from A/C to A/C. But I'm still happy. Life is what you make of it. I enjoy my youtube friends, bloggers and my knitting/crocheting. God is good. All of the time.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. I was just thinking of my grandparents and all the fun I had in their backyards. I enjoyed all your pictures!

  9. As always, that view is amazing! I love the summer! Not a fan of Texas heat and humidity, but there's just something so nostalgic about a summer morning. I have good memories of piling in the back of my dad's truck with ice chests and sandwiches and new beach towels, floats and heading to the lake for the day. As a young mom, my memories are of taking the boys outside with snacks and toys and filling up the baby pool and just enjoying the slow life. Thanks for the memories Billie Jo!

  10. I love your blog's 'summer look!' I would love something like this for wallpaper in my house. Your post reminds me of all the things I loved about summer when I was growing up. It's always fun to try to bring some of our best memories to the present and share them with kids and grandkids.

  11. I remember the Price is Right show years ago. We didn't do alot away from home when living on a farm when growing up. We did go a few places at times. My daughter enjoys the cat that comes over to see her when she is outdoors watering plants. I hope to go on a short but good walk this afternoon with Phil. I need to wear sunscreen as my skin may burn a bit when outdoors for awhile. Stays against skin cancer. Have a good weekend! ===Becky

  12. Grinning, love this post my friend...and yes, I am awaiting Halloween...although down here in the land of flip flops, it is still warm, lol. Have a beautiful week ahead. smiles

  13. I could relate to your childhood memories, Billie Jo. I also had the best childhood, the finest parents, lots of friends and neighbors, and Summer was a blast! I am blessed that my mom made sure us kids had all the comfort and joy we could have. And I don't tan in the Summer anymore either. ; ) Thank you for sharing your memories. I loved hearing them.



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