September 28, 2022

This Or That ~ Autumn Edition


Hello there! Because I like to pour a heavy dose of autumn into every aspect of my life when I can, I thought I'd share yet another post on all things fall. I love reading about your thoughts on my favorite time of year.

In these cozy months of fall, do you get excited about...

1. Pumpkin or Caramel flavored everything?

2. Harvest or Spooky decor?

3. Sunny days outside or rainy ones inside?

4. Movie nights inside or campfire nights outside?

5. Creamy soups or hearty stews in the crockpot?

6. Dunkin or Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte?

7. Halloweentown or Halloween movie marathons?

And finally

8. Living in all things autumn or looking ahead to Christmas?!?!

Have a cozy day, my friends. And prayers for all in the path of the hurricane.
Be safe.

Billie Jo

P.S. For the record...

1. Pumpkin for me. I strongly dislike Carmel.

2. Tough one. A bit of both, but primarily spooky!

3. Rainy. Always.

4. I am an inside girl.

5. I love soup. So soup and bread for me.

6. We don't have Starbucks around here. Dunkin works!

7. Halloween. I love those movies!!!!

8. I try to stay in autumn. But I do start planning in my mind!


  1. Caramel
    Reading not television
    Veggie soups or chili
    No expensive drinks
    Movies neither
    Have evacuated and waiting

  2. 1. Both
    2. Harvest Mid September thru November. Halloween added in October.
    3. Both
    4. Movie nights
    5. Both
    6. Neither
    7. Halloween movie marathons
    8. Living in the moment but starting lists for Christmas

    Have a great day Billie Jo!!

  3. 1. Pumpkin, in moderation
    2. Harvest
    3. Sunny days outside
    4. Campfire nights outside
    5. Creamy soups
    6. Just plain old coffee:)
    7. Neither
    8. Soaking up autumn, but anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas

  4. This looks fun!
    1.Both, but not in my coffee.
    3.A combination of both.
    4.Cozy, movie nights inside for sure.
    5.Soups - can't seem to get enough!
    6.Neither. I don't like pumpkin spice latte. I do like plain coffee w/cream and cappuccino.
    7. I actually don't like Halloween or anything spooky or scary, but I do like cozy, autumn movies.
    8.I love Autumn, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking about and looking forward to Christmas!
    Have a great day!

  5. 1. Pumpkin
    2. Harvest
    3. Sunny days
    4. Inside
    5. Both
    6. Starbucks. No Dunkin stores here
    7. Neither
    8. Autumn as long as possible

  6. This is so funny because I have a Fall Tag that I'm planning on posting in very early October. Would you (or anyone) like to join in? I can send the questions ahead of time. I will go ahead and answer yours now because I love these types of things! =)
    1. I like both but for fall I'd say pumpkin everything.
    2. Both. I do spooky for October, and harvest type for September & November.
    3. Rainy ones inside.
    4. Movie nights inside.
    5. Hmm, a bit of both but I think I lean more towards stews.
    6. Starbucks, since I've never had Dunkin.
    7. Halloween movie marathon.
    8. All things autumn!

    1. I think that sounds like fun. I am Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage.

  7. 1. Pumpkin, except for caramel dip that's soft with sliced apples in the fall.
    2. Harvest for sure.
    3. Both in their own right make fall so perfect.
    4. Movies nights in.
    5. Creamy soup for sure!
    6. I haven't had one yet this season but I don't think I've ever had a pumpkin Dunkin so Starbucks by default?
    7. Halloweentown. I love that series and I'm not into scary scary.
    8. I am always planning ahead, but not enough to overlook the crisp autumn fun.

  8. You always ask the most fun questions! And I enjoy seeing all the answers. 1. Caramel, in coffee around apples. Yum. 2. Harvest with a small touch of spooky 3. Sunshine! 4.I don't camp but if you change it to firepit outside... 5. Either as long as I can have some crusty bread or crackers with it. 6. Starbucks but to be fair I've not tried the Dunkin version 7. Movie marathon but nothing too scary 8. Autumn with an eye on the holidays. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. Neither
    Not much for decor, but I do have a glass pumpkin. Harvest.
    Rainy inside!
    Neither really
    Stews - I'd make it every day if I could get away with it!
    I don't drink coffee
    Neither -I'd curl up with a book under some blankets instead.
    Loving autumn - it could last forever - Xmas is too stressful.

    1. Hello! Books, blankets, and rain! Sounds great!

  10. Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Crockpot Stews and Soups for me! I do love Autumn. I know the rain is imminent. After all I love in Oregon.

  11. 1. Some things pumpkin, mostly caramel
    2. Harvest with a little spooky thrown in
    3. Sunny days
    4. Hard one to decide but I'll go with movies
    5. soup
    6. Dunkin
    7. Halloween movies
    8. Living in autumn but I love the joy Christmas brings

    I'm such an indecisive person.

  12. Hello my friend! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall! I need to get some fall wedding photos posted on my blog, then I'll start writing and decorating! Cleaning comes first before the decorations go up! I'm going to revamp those this year. Now, to your questions....

    1. Pumpkin or Caramel flavored everything? Both!

    2. Harvest decor

    3. Sunny days outside or rainy ones inside? I'm an inside girl, but I like to get out a bit in the cool sunny days, especially fall festivals.

    4. Movie nights inside or campfire nights outside? I'm more of a movie nights girl. I'm collecting old movies to watch on a YouTube watch list. I'll enjoy them with my knitting. However, we do have a fire pit that our sons built in the backyard. We'll enjoy some s'mores at least once or twice.

    5. Creamy soups or hearty stews in the crockpot? Both. Soups, stews, and chilis will be on the menu until next summer. My favorite thing to serve to guests is one of the above with fresh bread and homemade pie.

    6. Dunkin or Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte? Neither. But, I did have a Pumpkin Carmelicious Frappe from Scooters that was delicious last month.

    7. Halloweentown or Halloween movie marathons? Neither. We'll spend Halloween at our church this year to help with their harvest party.

    And finally

    8. Living in all things autumn or looking ahead to Christmas?!?! Both! Christmas prep is part of Autumn for me.

    Do you mind if I use these questions as a basis for a post on my blog? I'll point my readers back to your blog of course.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  13. I love pumpkin, as in pumpkin pie (I make an excellent sugar free version!), and would totally drink all the pumpkin spice drinks, if it weren't for all that sugar...which I love, but it doesn't love me, ha. Caramel: love that too, especially those caramel cremes with the white centers...mmm.
    Rainy days!!!! Sunny days for outside things of course, but the dark rainy days, mmm!
    Reading a book inside, but a fire on the deck is nice too...
    Stews!!!! Chili too!
    Starbucks: Iced Americano, blonde roast, with heavy pumpkin involved, for reasons mentioned. Dunkin is just not as good, but it'll do in a pinch.
    I don't much like scary movies, once in a favorite thing to do on Halloween night would be to walk around with trick or treaters, my kids when they were younger, now the their excitement, and being outside on a night where everyone comes's just fun!
    Autumn is wonderful, but Christmas time is magical, love it....

  14. Fun questions!
    1) Caramel
    2) sunny
    3) I like both!
    4) inside with a movie
    6) neither
    7) neither
    8) both!

  15. Unfortunately I don't like many of these. Definitely not a fan of spooky or scary; don't like caramel or pumpkin... However, I DO enjoy cozy days inside when it's raining out. And, I pulled out the hot apple cider and hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) the other day! Our church is surrounded by deciduous trees and they're all turning red. It's a beautiful time of year!

  16. All of the above really :) There is so much beauty at this time of year. X

  17. (1) real pumpkin pie, bread, muffins. (2) Harvest decor (3) sunny days (4) movie nights (5) both!! (6) no pumpkin drinks for me (7) no scary movies for me either (8) staying in the moment but missing summer! Patricia

  18. What a fun post!
    1. A tie. I love both pumpkin and caramel.
    2. Harvest. One it covers the whole season and two I prefer not to glorify darker things. I will put out a jack-o-lantern or something for Halloween, but nothing like I did in the old days.
    3. In the fall I will always choose a rainy day...unless I have somewhere fun to be that's outside. The pumpkin patch is not fun in the rain.
    4. I would love campfire nights, but my hubby just isn't into them.
    5. Hearty stews.
    6. Neither. I don't drink coffee.
    7. If you are talking about the actual "Halloween" franchise of movies...anything but those. Halloweentown is okay, but not a favorite. I'd rather watch Hocus Pocus.
    8. Living in autumn! Though it is hard to totally ignore Christmas when it's already everywhere.

  19. *Pumpkin everything
    *Harvest decor
    *Rainy days inside
    *Movie nights inside
    *Creamy soups
    *Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte, (just had one)

    Fun fun post, Billie Jo.


  20. Loving some gorgeous autumn weather here lately!! Reminds me why I love living in a state where we can enjoy every season! Otherwise, I like carmel -- pumpkin pie of course! Also, harvest decor and movie nights; not PSL Enjoy your lovely autumn days there!

  21. HI Billie Jo, this was a great post, and I enjoyed your answers. I love the Fall as well, the fresh cool air, the colors! Fire in our firepit, just everything. If its ok, I am going to post this on my blog, and will give credit to you. Thank You!

  22. I like both pumpkin or caramel treats, but not flavored coffee.
    I like fall/harvest/Thanksgiving decor.
    I like both sunny days outside (when in it is in the 60s) and rainy days inside.
    Not a fan of movie nights or campfire nights; prefer reading or stitching inside.
    I like both creamy soups and hearty stews.
    No Dunkin or Starbucks unless it is a Peppermint Mocha.
    No to Hallowteentown (what is that?) or Halloween movies.
    Savoring all things Autumn because Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hello! Halloweentown is a cute Disney movie starring Debbie Reynolds. It is so fun this time of year!

  23. What a fun post! I found your blog through Jean @ Chit Chat With Jean. Here are my answers to your 'This or That - All Things Autumn' post...

    1. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING for me, but I enjoy caramel, too...especially when coupled with anything apple!

    2. HARVEST DECOR for sure!

    3. SUNNY DAYS OUTSIDE for the most part, but I also enjoy those rainy fall days inside, too!



    6. I don't do Dunkins, nor Starbucks, either neither for me, but I do enjoy a nice cup of hot tea with pumpkin spice creamer on cool autumn days!

    7. I no longer celebrate Halloween, so, neither for me. I do enjoy watching movies like 'To Kill A Mockingbird' with Gregory Peck and 'Luther' with Joseph Finnias, however, in late October.

    8. LIVING IN ALL THINGS AUTUMN...I'd be happy if autumn were one long, year-round season! <3

    I enjoyed answering your questions! Happy Autumn!


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