April 29, 2022

Around Here Lately

Hello there! And Happy Friday! I hope you all had a good week to end the month of April. Sometimes I have some serious thoughts to share here in this little space; other times, I share some fun. Every now and then, I find a few photos on my camera roll that haven't yet found a post to call home, so today is a random photo post from our little world! First up. Cookies! Peyton is the chief cookie baker, as you well know. Since she is a happy homemaker now, we don't enjoy homemade goodies as much. However, one day this week, Madison and Flynn made these beautiful things, and they were delicious! 

My first and my last. We talked the other day that Flynn is now the age Madison was when I had her! Madison and her friends threw me a surprise baby shower all those years ago. And by surprise, I mean I was literally surprised! Seeing these two now is beautiful, remembering how much Madison loved Flynn before she was even born.

And how lucky are we all that Madison found this amazing guy from across the ocean who also loves Flynn and always includes her in the late-night Dairy Queen runs??

Would you believe these two just celebrated their First Wedding Anniversary?!? What a beautiful life they have made together. And while I have many favorite photos of that lovely day, these two are perhaps the best...

Is there anything better than literally seeing the joy in your daughter's face when she realizes her dream come true?

And this one. I don't know how many times the camera caught Christopher glancing at Peyton that day, but seeing it, I know I will never have to worry about her. 

They celebrated with the tradition of eating the top of their wedding cake, which they said was as delicious as it was on their special day. And which also spent twelve months in my freezer, only almost accidentally disposed of while thought to be outdated cheesecake one time. Peyton and Flynn text each other every single day. And I love it.

Through the years, I have commented many times how very blessed I am to have married a man who loves all types of activities, sports, crowds, and people. Steve has always been the class trip chaperone- concert-going- sled riding-football, hockey, and baseball game parent, and I am so thankful to him for that. The memories he has shared with all of our children will stay with them forever.

He cooks a darn good burger too!

And then there is me. And my Mocha. Who often seems to masquerade as a bunny.

I am getting lots of visitors outside my window. And it is so funny to everyone because I really am afraid of birds! 

Well, I guess if there is a theme here, it is one I write about often. Family. I am blessed that my children's best friends are each other. And that given a choice, while maintaining friendships with peers, each of them chooses to spend time together. With us. Together.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
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  1. I can't believe it has been a year; wishing Peyton and Christopher a Happy Anniversary...such beautiful photos...and I just want to say, my intentions are good. I bought these lovely cards and have a stack of snail mail to answer and thank you cards to send out. Then it dawned on me, if I started writing the snail mail, then I would have to acknowledge our son is gone. My deepest apologies...I will get to it...I actually started a card for you and your family and broke down...and there I go again...

  2. I loved the pictures. You are very blessed to have such a close family.
    That burger looks Amazing!! It's only 9:40am but I really wish I had one of those right now. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Omgosh! I too am scared of birds! They are not my favorite at all!

    Everything about this post just feels warm and squishy to me. Loving on all your people for their own special gifts to the world. It's just fantastic. Happy Anniversary to Peyton and Christopher! Hard to believe a year passed already.

  4. The cookies! The Burger! The wedding! All look so wonderful...a sweet family, so glad I stumbled across your blog. Mary

  5. I just love your family, Billie Jo! You are truly blessed!

  6. This is such a wonderful post, Billie Jo. You have such a lovely family. God bless you all! Have a good weekend. :-)

  7. That year passed quickly! Happy Anniversary wishes to Peyton and Christopher. X

  8. Love seeing what you have been up to! Those cookies, yum and as you noted... the hamburger OMG! It made my mouth water:) Family is SO important to me too, making memories to cherish for a lifetime. I can't believe it has been a year since the wedding. Time flies right by! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. What a sweet post. You are blessed with a lovely family.

  10. Those cookies look so good!!! And what a sweet post about your husband.

  11. Oh my gosh, that burger looks amazing! And those chocolate chip cookies! I wish I had one to go with my coffee this morning. These are very special photos of Peyton and her love. They look so happy. How nice to be able to eat the top of their wedding cake a year later. A sweet picture of Madison and Flynn. And that precious red bird at the feeder! Don't feel bad about being afraid of the birds. That's how I feel about the squirrels. Don't like them at all. I enjoyed your random photos, and "this and that" posts are my favorite. It shows me the happenings in the lives of my dear blog friends. : )



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