March 30, 2022

Today's To Do List


Good morning! I'm coming to you from my bedroom, listing the things I need to accomplish today. I would love to snuggle back under these comfy quilts for a bit, especially since outside my window appears to be sleet, ice, and snow. I do, however, have adult things to do, so...on with it, right?

To-Do Today:

  1. Make way into the bathroom.
  2. Try to salvage hair from yesterday with dry shampoo and a little luck.
  3. Call the doctor's office to see if Flynn needs immunizations.
  4. If so, ask about the one she had a reaction to last time.
  5. Avoid a box of fresh donuts on the kitchen counter.
  6. Unless the vanilla cream is still in there. In that case, enjoy!
  7. Hope the ice storm stops in time for Flynn's appointment.
  8. Drop dogs off at Madison's because we have painter's here, and they are nice.
  9. Too nice to subject them to excessive barking for hours.
  10. Take Flynn to her appointment.
  11. Return to Madison's for lunch.
  12. Leave dogs with Madison while I ride with Steve to his appointment.
  13. Pick up dinner after the appointment.
  14. Eat said dinner at Madison's because our kitchen will smell like paint.
  15. Watch Name That Tune which we taped last night.
  16. Gather all my dogs and people and return home.
  17. Remember to take my pills.
  18. Debate whether or not to do my complete nightly routine.
  19. Climb into bed, where the day began, and say my prayers.
  20. Be thankful for this day.
Those are the highlights. Sprinkled among them are talks with my mom on the phone and with my children, adding fresh laundry to the piles you see above on our window seat, and drinking too much iced coffee. What does your day look like, my friends? Have a cozy and blessed one!

Billie Jo


  1. Eat the donut!!
    My day has me at work until 2:30 then home to relax, make a nice dinner and then crawl back into my comfy bed.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading this! I hope #6 is yes! Have a great day. What color are you painting the kitchen?? Miss you lots!! : )

  3. I love this list. However, I love the smell of fresh paint so I would eat at home. But I think any time spent with Madison is worth it! It's a perfect day!

  4. I could never resist donuts on the counter! It's breakfast!

  5. I am just wondering what you are going to do with all your spare time. LOL. Have a good, albeit busy, day! xo Diana

  6. Is that the view you wake up to???? I'd never get out of bed

  7. Oh my goodness you do have a very busy day ahead. This week has been busy for me so far so I was hoping to take it easy today. But.... there's laundry to do, load the dishwasher, reschedule Charlotte's dentist appointment, work on booking a little getaway in May, pick up Charlotte from school, tutoring at 4:30, make dinner, clean kitchen, shower and then bed! Hope you have a good day, my friend! What color are you painting your kitchen?

  8. That is a busy day, but you don't have to cook so I call that a win!

  9. What a lovely view to wake up to...yep, I'd have stayed in bed with a good book or old classic movie! My hubby always says my to-do list is more than any human could do in a day...looks like we're the same in that area! But for me, I have to write things down, it keeps me on track, and I can always shuffle things off to tomorrow. Hope it was a good day! Mary

  10. I love the view out your window!

  11. That view would make it very hard for me to get things done! I really enjoyed getting this little glimpse into your day. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  12. What a beautiful view! I love your blog. So much warmth in your words. I hope your day is wonderful! School and chores over here today. It’ll be rainy but perfect for a day of catching up on all the things I need to do!

  13. Love the view! I begin the day and end the day being thankful for the day:) It is so nice to work from a list, it's a much have for me. Have a blessed one, HUGS!

  14. Hi Billie Jo~

    I think it would be pretty wonderful to wake up to a view like that...just beautiful! So blessed to have just normal things to do, especially when you can do them with family. I'm with you on the paint...better to eat somewhere else ;0) I hope you ate the donut!


  15. I hope you got some of the "to do" things done off your list. The view out your bedroom window is so nice. It would hard not to wake up and have a cup of coffee on the porch out there. I look forward to seeing the color of your kitchen when it's painted. I think it's smart of you to make lists. Makes things easier on us. : )

    Have a restful and peaceful weekend, Billie Jo.



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