July 7, 2021

Can You Name Some Of My...

 Very favorite old television shows? These are the shows I watched growing up. They were all in syndication, and back then, we could only watch them when they aired. Today I can stream them on any of the numerous channels available. They bring back memories, take me to a simpler time, and after all these years, still make me laugh. Can you name them? Did you watch them? Answers down below!







1.The Brady Bunch
2. The Munsters
3. Gilligan's Island
4. I Dream of Jeannie
5. Hazel
6. My Three Sons

Have a great Wednesday, my friends!
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  1. Such a fun post. We grew up in approximately the same era. I loved all of these too. The Brady Bunch was probably my favorite, but I watch Gilligan's Island a lot too. I sometimes watch old Hazel reruns on Me TV when I work out in my basement. Hope you are having a great week. See you again soon!

  2. I didn't know 5 or 6. But the others I love and watched. Did I tell you we watched The Brady Bunch and Meredith said "Why are they all in a Zoom Call?" during the theme song?! It was funny but also crazy that she had that perspective. The Bradys were clearly before their time!

  3. I still love to watch these shows when I can find them! I loved, Gilligan's Island!

  4. Fun post! I didn't know #5 or #6 :)

  5. I loved all of these shows except Brady bunch I just thought they had no talent, well except Alice. Have you heard them sing? Awful, FLORENCE Henderson the worst.

  6. I knew them all. They were staples of my childhood, though I think Hazel was only in reruns for me...something to watch on a sick day or after school. The Brady Bunch was my favorite with Gilligan's Island a very close second. They probably have a lot to do with why I still love over-the-top, campy shows and movies.

  7. I watched all of them too......OMG thanks for the trip down memory lane! I used to love watching the after school specials on one of our three channels......Remember those?

  8. Hazel was the only one I missed. I loved all these shows, brings back memories of sitting cross-legged on the living room floor...

  9. I loved all these shows and watched them all when I was a kid, but for some reason I just can't watch them now. Don't know why. My husband can and does quite frequently though. LOL!

  10. All of my favorites too! Loooooove! : )

  11. Childhood Friday night: The Brady Bunch, then The Partridge Family. Sunday night: The Wonderful World of Disney. Saturday nights: The Carol Burnet Show, Hee Haw. Thank you for the little stroll!

  12. I liked them all, but I never saw Hazel. You brought back a few memories for me, too!

  13. I really liked The Brady Bunch, My Three Sons (I LOVED Robbie!!), and I Dream of Jeannie. Great memories, and I can hear all the theme songs in my head now. :)

  14. I really liked The Brady Bunch, My Three Sons (I LOVED Robbie!!), and I Dream of Jeannie. Great memories, and I can hear all the theme songs in my head now. :)

  15. I got four out of six, the last two I wasn't sure. And the Brady Bunch was my favorite! Still watch some of the reruns today. I always wanted a room like Marsha, Jan, and Cindy's haha.

    Fun post, Billie Jo, and simpler times for sure. : )


    ps.....your side bars are delightful and the green grass is just right for Summer.

  16. We grew up watching Brady Bunch just about every day. I loved My Three Sons, but it was harder to find on cable back then.

    Josh and I enjoy watching old Bewitched reruns when we need a good chuckle. :)

  17. Hello dearest Friend! Catching up. I knew them all but Hazel. I don't remember ever watching that one. I dream of Jeannie was one of my favorites and it's funny because I was just describing it to Annie the other day. I need to find it and haver her watch some with me.


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