June 9, 2021

This Or That? Summer Edition

Let's start with an easy one.
In the summer, do you prefer early mornings or late nights?

How about hot, sunny days or cozy, stormy summer afternoons?

Summer means grilling!
Would you rather a juicy burger or some tender grilled chicken?

Will you drink traditional fresh lemonade or fancy fruit-flavored lemonade?

Do you load up the car and head to the pool every day or hook up the outside things and let them go?

And finally, do you enjoy a dripping ice cream cone or a melty popsicle before you head in for the day?

Just curious.
Thanks to Pinterest for the images.
And my answers are down below!
Have a wonderful summer day however you choose to spend it!

1. I love summer mornings! I love waking up with the world.

2. Anyone that knows me knows I love love love a good summer storm!

3. Burger. Always. Plain too. Just a good burger on a fresh bun.

4. I like all lemonade, but raspberry is my fave.

5. My kids are older now, but we avoided the pool during the day. They loved the outside water things and lunch on plastic trays followed by showers and an afternoon movie.

6. Ice cream cones are summer to me. Coffee now. Chocolate when I was younger. With the Keebler cones that were pink, green, and brown.


  1. These are great! Love mornings too and went for an early morning walk just today! Love sunny skies, but a storm is ok once in a while. I would like some chicken please. Definitely lemonade and raspberry sounds perfect! We like the pool in late afternoon. Hard to pick - but I think I scream for ice cream most of the time! Happy Summer!

  2. I like hot summer days, because we don't get very many. I prefer mornings. And chicken. And raspberry or strawberry lemonade. And ice cream, coffee! And backyard water toys.

  3. This is fun! I love summer mornings, sunny skies, and bbq veggies burgers. Love lemonade and like to put basil in it from my garden. Ice cream is my weakness for sure!
    Have a great day!

  4. 1. Summer nights for me
    2. Stormy afternoon for sure!!
    3. Burgers over chicken every time.
    4. All lemonade is good but throw strawberries in to make it perfect.
    5. Backyard waterplay is my preference unless we've been invited a friend's pool.
    6. Ice cream. But in a dish as I am the slowest ice cream eater ever and it melts too fast in a cone!

  5. (1) "Early Mornings"-- Still cool. Time to get things done.

    (2)"Hot sunny" -- Hard one! Need A/C for the heat, which I don't like. But really don't like humidity of summer rain.

    (3) Hamburger

    (4) Fruit flavored

    (5) Our own backyard in ground pool

    (6) Ice Cream Cone

    Your (5) is brilliant.

    🌴 🌞 🌴

  6. Oh this is fun! I don't get up real early but 1. mornings 2. Hot and sunny! 3. Hamburger..cheeseburger please! 4. lemonade I guess but really iced tea 5. We always packed up and headed to the lake for the day! 6. I can't eat sugar so I'll have a cup of yogurt with fresh blackberries on top Thanks for the summertime FUN!

  7. Wow, you are asking some hard questions. :)

    Summer sleep in cause I am up early during the school year.
    Prefer cooler days and rain is good also.
    Burgers though chicken is high on my list.
    Ice tea is my go to drink.
    Growing up pool all the time, as an adult without children, we did the
    pool thing for awhile but not too much now.

    Fun stuff here.

    M : )

  8. Fun questions.

    1. Prefer sunny mornings-not a heat person so it is still cool and beautiful out then.

    2. Cozy stormy summer afternoons-not a heat person so prefer it cooler.

    3. Juicy burger all the way.

    4. Fancy fruit flavored lemonade if I had to choose between those. Iced tea gal at heart.

    5. Hook up outside and let them go. Closer and easier than a pool.

    6. Dripping ice cream cone.

  9. I love both especially the long summer nights. Love a storm to cool things off! Although chicken is my favorite meat I really don't like it grilled, so give me a burger. Can't drink lemonade it makes me sick, always has. Play outside, less people more fun. Also no real rules. A softee from Dairy Queen.

  10. Hello my friend,

    *Early Mornings Always

    *Summer Stormy Afternoons (although we didn't get much rain in California this year).

    *Juicy Burger

    *Good 'ole traditional lemonade

    *Outside water sports. We always had a slip 'n slide or a pool.

    *Ice cream cone!

    Fun post, Billie Jo. Made me smile. : )


  11. Ooohh, more fun. Let's see:
    1. As I've aged I love mornings - but I love a warm summer night with a fire on the deck.
    2.I love thunderstorms too!! So perfectly moody
    3.Burgers on the grill are the best...but I know I should eat more chicken instead, cuz cholesterol Lol
    4.I love flavored lemonade, but if I really get my pick it's raspberry iced tea 😋
    5.My kiddos were always hook up sprinkler or fill a pool at home kiddos
    6.nothing better than a super yummy cone dripping down that you have to lick the sides fast to keep up :)

    Thanks for the fun lovely Lady! Blessings on the rest of your week. xo

  12. How fun!

    1. Mornings. I love the cool quiet time to myself. When all the neighbors used to gather in the evenings bringing out lawn chairs, cool drinks, and we kids ran around playing hide & seek or freeze tag and catching lightning bugs...I would have said nights, but nobody does that these days. :(

    2. Oh, a stormy day! It gives me an excuse to make some popcorn and settle in to watch Dirty Dancing.

    3. A juicy burger, please!

    4. The fruit-flavored lemonade, though I'd prefer peach iced tea.

    5. We have a pool, but even when we didn't I'd hook up the sprinklers or whatever for the kids to cool off. I've never been a fan of public pools and my kids never asked to go when they were at home.

    6. Popsicles! I think it goes back to being a kid and all those freezer pops we kids consumed.

  13. Late nights, hot sunny days, juicy burger (no bun!), traditional lemonade,
    backyard water play, ice cream cone (love me some DQ!)
    I love summer : )

  14. The older I get the more I like mornings. Although the other night I drove down to the beach at 8:45 and stayed there about an hour. I really used to love evenings, but I wear out now before the day is over. :)

    Definitely a hot, sunny day!

    A juicy burger! Just tonight Beth and I had a burger, with nothing but avocado on it!

    I'm an iced tea drinker (sweetened tea but not southern sweet) but if I had to choose lemonade it would be raspberry every time.

    Backyard water toys! We had a trampoline when our girls were growing up and we'd put the sprinkler on under it. They'd be on that thing for hours. (I grew up in a house with a pool, so I'd choose pool for me.) :)

    Ice cream cone! I can still remember running outside when the ice cream man drove through!

    Great post Billie Jo!

  15. 1. Mornings.
    2. Hot sunny days.
    3. Chicken.
    4. Good old fashioned lemonade.
    5.Ice cream cone.

  16. I love a summer storm. A dark summer storm mid day makes me very happy. I love both burgers & chicken but honesty I prefer hot dogs! Traditional lemonade is delicious. The more lemony the better : ) We like to go to the beach either early in the morning or late in the afternoon (before the heat & crowds). If that's not an option John used to love the sprinkler in the yard. For something so easy, he got hours of entertainment! And finally ice cream!!


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