January 27, 2021

Still Much To Celebrate...With Photos From The Archives


Happy National Chocolate Cake Day, my friends! Far be it from me to ignore a "national" holiday, right? This is a photo of our celebration of this monumental day from 2015. My Peyton was an amazing baker back then too. She will be whipping up another one for us tonight to enjoy after our simple supper of VeggieBeef Soup and dinner rolls. This little special day is just the first in a string of upcoming holidays to celebrate as lavishly or as simply as we choose. 

Here are the dates for this year, along with some photos of how we marked these days in the past. We did this not only for the immediate excitement of breaking up long winter months but also for the opportunity to make memories. Memories my children will carry on for years to come. If you choose to celebrate, be it with decorations and games or with cozy meals and cards, here are some special days to remember.

Groundhog Day
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Super Bowl LV
Sunday, February 7, 2021

Chinese New Year
Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine's Day 
Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mardi Gras
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

St.Patrick's Day
Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy Wednesday, my friends!
And if you feel like whipping up or buying a chocolate cake today, please share a photo! It will be fun to see!


  1. It so nice to get to look back and see some of your old photos again! ❤️

  2. I love it! Such a fun way to make the cold winter months fly by.

  3. Happy Everything!! I love the old photos and celebrations. That cake looks AMAZING! Please send Payton to my house! Today was reset Wednesday (aka WW ~ so I was going to try to be good this week.. pfffft!).

    Oh, and that red plaid chair... I NEED IT. : )

  4. A lovely look at your celebrations that make up the patchwork of life. My goodness your kidos have grown up! So much good food at your place, Billie Jo! Enjoy your beautiful chocolate cake. I'm afraid all I'll be having in the way of chocolate is a piece of 90% Lindt chocolate, but still enjoyable.

  5. You have always been such an A+ Mom in the making everything feel so special dept. Love that so much! Now I want chocolate cake though and already did my store run. Lol I think I may whip up some easy brownies and call it a day. 😉

  6. You know I am on a low carb diet and you have now killed me.....

  7. I am going to resist the chocolate cake. Such a joy to visit today and share in your memories of past celebrations. Such fun.

  8. I can't believe I almost forgot about Groundhog day. Just around the corner. Such fun photos. I kept it simple (and selfish) and just made a chocolate mug cake last night. In my defense, my husband's birthday is in just over a week and we'll all have chocolate cake then, didn't want to take away from that specialness. Hope you enjoy your Thursday!

  9. Hi Billie Jo~

    Beautiful walk down memory lane! I can remember some of those sweet photos! The chocolate cake looks so delicious!!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. I love your traditions!! Also, these throwback pictures!!! ♥♥♥

  11. LOVED the throwback pictures- so fun to see your big kids when they were little! :) That chocolate cake is calling my name- yum!!

  12. I really need some chocolate cake! Loved the throwback photos too. Look how little your Flynn was! Adorable then and now! Take care sweetie!


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