January 13, 2021

Revisiting Self-Care With Some Favorite New Apps


If ever there were a time for the practice of self-care to take center stage, this is it. Although I don't make resolutions, I am trying to do less scrolling and news watching these days. I started a new morning routine that I am enjoying immensely, and that seems to start my day off on a better note. Rather than stay in bed and watch the news or scroll through social media, I get up, drink some water, make some coffee, and sit down with a cozy blanket and my pups. 

While I sip my coffee in the silence of the morning, I listen to a few favorite podcasts. The first is a daily prayer podcast called Catholic Morning Offering that I recently discovered. It begins with prayers followed by a daily devotion, scripture readings, the saint of the day, and ending with final prayers. After that, I listen to The Daily Poem, a wonderful podcast that presents a poem written by the greats like William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and John Milton to name a few each weekday. The entire podcast is usually less than six or seven minutes, but so enjoyable and educational. 

I finish off my morning time with a true crime fix. Another short podcast I enjoy is Morning Cup of Murder. Each day, the host shares a true crime that occurred on that particular day. She encourages you to share a cup of coffee with her while you listen to the details of a crime she has researched. I like this one so much, I actually purchased a sweatshirt with the logo on it! Yes. I really did.

I also added one final podcast I am enjoying, although this one I usually listen to before bed. It is called Suspense ~Old Time Radio. I love this one! It is a radio drama that aired in the 1940s and 1950s featuring stars of the day. Perfect for someone who likes to pretend she lives in the 1950s, right?

Ending with a cute puppy pic. Because. Cute puppy.

Do you have any favorite podcasts?
I'd love to hear about them!
Thanks for visiting, my friends.
Have a cozy day!


  1. Oh gosh...so many good podcasts that you shared!!! Thank you, Friend! I love the "Pray as You Go" app. Similar to your "Catholic Morning Offering". It is produced out of England (London I think) by the Jesuits. They take one of the day's daily readings and then takes you into a deeper meditation of it.

    For any of your readers struggling with grief, I love "The Widowed Mom's Podcast". She is such a beautiful soul and is actually a "life coach"...which really is different than a therapist. Don't let the title scare you off, dear readers, anyone struggling with grief or loss of anyone/thing, can benefit from her sessions. Great example: "No More Holiday Drama"...that can apply to most of us in terms of not allowing what other people think and speak out loud disrupt our peace.

    Finally, for my youngest, Luke loves "Bedtime History" as we lay down together to help him fall asleep. Bedtime History explores great historical figures or issues of the past. Just a few title examples: "The Vikings and Leif Erikson", "The History of Christmas Carols", "Clara Barton" , "Queen Victoria", "Milton Bradley", etc. etc. Luke is usually asleep before they end. Smarter and sleepier...win win.

    Hugs dear friend!

  2. Do I sound a million years old if I say I really need to figure out the podcast thing? I don't listen to any podcasts though I see some from time to time (like the ones you listed) and think they sound interesting. Really should figure it out. Maybe one day this week. Definitely working on less scrolling through social media (not counting Pinterest or Instagram, I mostly follow nature photography on Instagram so it's like a break for me.) Happy Wednesday!

  3. I don't but I should!!!! Our son next door, does podcasting and book recording, for a living. :-)

  4. Oh, thank you for the links! I haven't looked at podcasts...I can never keep up with blogs I like to read! But I did something fun this week that I'm reminded of because of your cute puppy! If you go to AKC . org you can use the info on the sidebar to find a breed of dog that would suit you and your lifestyle. It has been SO much fun to play with. I dream of having a dog again...some day! Hugs!

  5. Thanks for sharing these. I don't typically listen to podcasts, although I bet there's many I'd love. You're inspiring me to want to check it out. I think that sounds like a perfect way to begin your mornings. Love the wonderful things you share here dear Gal. Blessings to you. 💕

  6. Hi, Billie Jo, I don't listen to podcasts. Maybe I will check them out. Morning devotionals sound like a great way to begin your day. These days it will surely help. Have a lovely evening.

  7. How nice to be able to start out the day with a devotional.

  8. Well you got me hooked on Morning Cup of Murder. I love that one! I am going to check out your other recommends. I listen to podcasts everyday while I'm working. I think would love The Daily Poem first thing in the morning. What a nice way to start the day. If you like biographies I suggest The History Chicks. It's one of my favorites! Xx

  9. The Catholic Morning Offering sounds interesting, and I will check that out right now. It's nice that you have a daily routine. We all need a little balance in our lives right now. Oh, that picture with your dog under the red blanket is heartwarming. The poetry one sounds like a good one as well. I love the writings of Robert Frost. Thanks for sharing, Billie Jo.




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