November 23, 2020


It's almost...

There is so much to do!
Have you put your turkey in the fridge to thaw?
Bought your stuffing bread?
Checked your pantry for green beans, corn, poultry seasoning, and pumpkin?
Washed your good china?
Ironed your tablecloth?

Just kidding!
Me either!

This is my current state.
I am thinking about those things.
And as my dear mother says, "It will all get done. And if it doesn't, so what?!"

Just relax and enjoy.
Especially this year.

And remember...


  1. Haha! I am the same! It's all in my head, but nothing done yet. We are having a very relaxed holiday this year! LOL Miss you lots!!! xx

  2. haha.. this was such an adorable post.
    Happy Holidays to you as well.

  3. We have our bone-in Turkey Breast, fresh. Couldn't easily get a small turkey, for just the 2 of us. So we ordered, and curb side picked up the fresh breast.

    And I have our Gluten Free Stuffin' Mix.

    And we got the other Turkey Stuffin' necessities, and they are in the freezer.... Like hamburg and sausage...

    We have plenty of veggies.

    Still have to get the 1/2 and 1/2 for his "Family Famous" Newman's Creamed Potatoes, but I have a 'Hannaford To Go" order compiling on my computer. When complete, we will pick it up, no-contact drive up... The potatoes are on hand, of course.

    Oh and I keep plenty of Cranberry Sauce ahead.

    What we don't have, is a dessert. But we always have ice cream in the freezer!

    Yes! I fully endorse your Worry Not Plan. But actually, we are quite ready. -smile-


  4. You certainly know how to relax. A great post which made me smile, have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  5. Well I have made a list..... does that count?

  6. Love your Bitmojis, Billie Jo! We are going totally chill this Thanksgiving and ordered our entire dinner, turkey and all. All we have to do it pick it up! Just the three of us eating alone and having a completely relaxing day. Really looking forward to it! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  7. I am like you - been thinking about it all, but that is as far as I have gotten! Better get going huh?

  8. I think I have it all in order...except Christmas has snuck I started decorating for Christmas for the first time ever before Thanksgiving. Just needed a bit of light and bright! Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! xo Diana

  9. No, no and no. :)
    WE will have a very low key Thanksgiving this year.
    Mr. does not care for Turkey so are doing things differently
    this year. Turkey for me and ham for him.

    M : )

  10. It's always a low-key Thanksgiving around here. BUT I actually started cooking today!! I made a few side dishes today and will do the rest tomorrow. That way on Thanksgiving all I will have to do is cook the turkey, ham, and warm the rest!

  11. Your Mother is right, "it will all get done." Jess will cook the meal this year, and Nel will make some snacks, so it's rest time for me. I figure I hosted my share of Thanksgivings in the past. Now, it's their turn haha. Your character posts always delight me.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Billie Jo. Thank you for your blog friendship. : )


  12. Love it! You're so adorable. Even in bitmoji 😉 I've been doing a bit each day and will do the majority of what's left tomorrow - love lots of dishes that are easy to prep ahead. Then just pop into bake Thursday because the hard work will be done. So i can watch the parade and chill with my kiddos a lot too. Great attitude. No reason to sweat it, it'll still be a day filled with blessings. 🦃 🍁 🥘 😋 ♥️ I pray you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Yes, it will all get done:) Enjoy your Thanksgiving and all that is yummy! HUGS!


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