October 4, 2020

Our Halloween Home 2020

Bring on the spooky movies, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween desserts.
It is finally here!
Have a cozy week, my friends.
I will be around to visit this afternoon!


  1. Always fun to see your holiday decorating.

  2. Good morning, Billie Jo! Everything looks so nice and festive at your place! I really like your kitchen and the green wall color in the family room. I hope you have a nice, cozy day!

  3. I love it!! So perfectly festive with just the right combination of spooky and sweet.

  4. Hi Billie Jo--I spy with my little eye a planner on your countertop. Oh please share for all of us planner junkies!

  5. Dar Billy Jo, thank you so much, for noticing that I have been missing, from blogging... And for asking about me.

    Just put up a post, explaining.

    Again, thank you! For noticing.

    Enjoy Halloween!
    Gentle hugs,
    "Beside a babbling brook" blog

  6. Very nice! I have most of my inside decorations up. We finished setting up outside yesterday but it looks like we're about to get another hurricane so we have to take it all down!! UGH!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH spooky (grin). I hope you have a beautiful day, Billie Jo. smiles

  8. Love your decorations! So scary and fuN!

  9. Your home looks so nice decorated for Halloween. Your home always looks nice decorated for holidays. The view of the lake is just beautiful.
    Hope you are all doing good.

  10. I love seeing you Halloween decorations, it is always so fun and cozy!

  11. Your fall home looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it ALL!!! :)


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Billie Jo