September 21, 2020

If You Could See Me Now

Did you ever think about how here we are able to portray ourselves any way we want? I mean, I try not to edit my photos (anymore) because let's face it, I'm 51 and what's the point?! But I can choose what photos I post here. I can present myself in the best light possible, and I often choose to do that because I like this little space to be a positive, cozy, happy spot in an otherwise chaotic world. I don't, however, want to portray myself as having it all together all the time. That would be unfair and unnecessary. 

Take right now, for example. I am currently coming to you through the magic of technology as I sit in my rumpled bed. My sheets are tangled and my bedside table currently holds my phone, earbuds, a book without a bookmark, several tangled cords of various shapes and sizes, and a water bottle from several days ago. Oh. A coffee cup too. I haven't yet brushed my hair, and my skin is semi-clean except for the mounds of Vaseline I am using to break up my scar tissue. My jammies are Halloween witches, cats, and ghosts and are cozy but wrinkled. But cozy. 

I have brushed my teeth but then had coffee. So there's that. The tv is on but muted. Because news these days. I will soon get up and get going, but for now, I am here. And I am a hot mess. You might not see that, but please know, that is what you would see if you could see me now. Thanks for visiting, my friends. Have a great Monday!



  1. I so appreciate your honesty and truthfulness. There's always vulnerability in honesty and I love that you aren't ashamed to embrace it. I admit, I thought this post was going to be about Barbie hair going crazy and I had a little spa day for Rapunzel Barbie to get her hair looking good again to tell you about. ;) Even still, from one hot mess to another, have a beautiful and wonderful day.

  2. I hardly post any photos of myself as I don't usually like any and what is with that anyway? M had some photos taken for a story in a neighborhood newspaper on Saturday and at the end, the photographer had me get in one. Of course, I thought -- oh no -- I wasn't prepared at all for that at all and kind of dreading seeing that photo in a few weeks. I need to do better. Hope you have a great week sweetie! Happy Fall!

  3. "Truth in Blogging"!!!!! How delightful!!!! We need more of it!!!!

    Blogging and especially Instagram, can foster a "sanitized" view of a person's life. Because we are human, and we don't like to show the Messy Side of Us. ~smile~ Nor the Messy Side of our home.

    Soooooo, we pick spots in our home, to take photos of..... one's which are free of life's little messes. ,-) And we try to avoid *showing-the-garbage-can", for instance. All perfectly human.

    But it is so nice, to do as you are doing here...... Actually _say_ that life/home is not always purrrrrrrfect, around you/your place!

    To remind people, of what they have to know! That no one's life/home are perfect, all the time.

    Thank you!


  4. Thank for sharing. That is the trouble with social media right now.. where everyone only sees the happy smiling faces, picture perfect plates of food so on and so forth.. but none of us are perfect.. we are all a little bit of a mess.

  5. What a delight to read that I am not the only one lounging about in my pjs way past lunch time.

  6. It's nice to see someone lives just like me. Ha ha! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  7. Hi Billie J0 - I love your honesty, girlfriend. Truth be told, we are all a hot mess more often than not. Hope you have a great day.

  8. Thanks for 'keeping it real' and I believe most of us are that way as well. Happy Tuesday!

  9. (((Grin))) I'm a hot mess too. smiles. Thanks for keeping it real, Billie Jo.

  10. Loving your honesty here! Sounds exactly like myself most mornings. I'm not a morning person, and move very slow.

  11. I am the same way, it is nice to just be comfortable and cozy in our homes, but I would not want to post a photo of myself all cozy in my old flannel night gown. (which is what I'm wearing right now!) LOL Hugs to you. ~Juli

  12. Ah yes! We all have our times don't we. For the longest time I didn't put any photos of me on the blog. Finally, I realized y'all don't like me for my looks but for my heart. Still, I'd not want you to see me right now!
    Blessings my friend,


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