June 26, 2020

Things Social Distancing Has Taught Me

  • I can cut my own hair with scissors and a handheld mirror.
  • I take Lysol Spray and Clorox Wipes for granted.
  • Zoom is not just a children's show on PBS.
  • I miss hugging my mom.
  • Graduations and Birthdays are just as much fun with immediate family only.
  • Dogs enjoy spending time with their humans. 
  • Seinfield is just as funny as it was almost thirty years ago.
  • Online church is a really nice way to spend Sunday morning.
  • Some people go above and beyond to provide us with things we need.
  • I miss going to the movie theatre. And microwave popcorn isn't the same.
  • People are realizing that maybe we all needed time to slow down.
  • Watching the news is not good for my soul. Or my blood pressure.
  • Home is the best place there is. 
  • Calmness is highly underrated by many.
  • I was a homebody before being one was cool.

How about you, my friends?
Anything you would like to add?


  1. Hi Billie Jo. Amen to all these things, except cutting my own hair. That just never turns out right. Glad you are staying well and happy. See you again soon!

  2. Watch less news, I say, it's so doom and gloom. Popcorn: pop it in coconut oil on the stove, add butter, it's fantastic, smells like the theater, tastes even better. I didn't really mind the home time, especially with the kids, they had to hang out with me, ha. We're opening up a bit here, we're going camping this weekend at a state park, very glad they are open. I think this whole lockdown experience has been good for me though, and for my kids: we have learned how to be content with less stimulation, and how to simply enjoy each other's company. I like the slowing down part, that's for sure!

  3. You are so right! It has been nice to unplug and recenter ourselves. If you lived closer I would pop a batch of popcorn and drop it off for you all to have for a home movie night! There are secret ingredients in movie theatre popcorn, and you sort of have to buy a theatre to learn it!

  4. Great post!!!!!!!!! -smile-

    * Me too, I was a homebody, before it was cool!!!! And it's kinda' nice, to be vindicated. -grin- Sure has been easier on we homebodies, than on the go-go-go people.

    * We stopped giving money to the movie industry, a long time ago. So no missing films in theaters here.

    * Do miss, a tiny bit, rarely getting films, from library though. I figure, they had been purchased already (by our tax money, sigh) so taking them home, was not adding to the Hollywood coffers.

    * But of course, Prime has loads of British things, which are always great, so.... Nothing to really miss.

    * Have learned to fully embrace E-books on our tablets!!!!!!

    * He always has to use them, as his eyesight is bad. But I did not do all my reading on my tablet. Now, I do!!!!!

    * Happy to have found The Fussy Librarian, which gives me lots of Free and Little Cost reading suggestions. Whipping through books, I don't really want to spend a lot, on them. -smile-

    * So agree with you on...Following the so-called-news, is bad for our health! We have a couple of trusted sources, when we really need to find something out. Otherwise, close it all out.

    * Glad to have learned to keep a stocked "Pantry."

    * Glad to have learned, how few things, we really *need.*

    * Hope to continue to notice the difference between *wants* and *needs.*

    * Do not want to sound as if we are into deprivation! No no! Quality of Life still rules. -smile-

    * Glad for the special joy, of actually going to have an Ice Cream Sundae! We used to do this weekly, in summer. This was the first time, this year. And it was a wonnnnderful treat. Much more special.

    May we all internalize Lessons Learned!!!!

  5. We have learned how to old school Tim Gunn "make it work" with things we have in the house since we have limited how much we shop.

    We have a Stir Crazy popcorn maker. The smell of microwave popcorn gives me a headache, and while of course no one "needs" another appliance, this inexpensive friend makes delicious popcorn that tastes just like movie theater popcorn to me and the kids love watching it. Cheap entertainment!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. All so true! As hard as this time as been there really has been such good we can take from it. Fun fact, my family and I are from Long Island, New York and my aunt graduated with Jerry Seinfeld. She likes to show his picture off in her yearbook. My parents used to watch that show and laugh so hard but I never took the time to watch it, maybe I should.

  7. I try my best to stay away from the news because it makes me very anxious. One thing good is that for the first time in 42 years my husband and I have planted a small garden and are really enjoying it. Spending more times with the grandkids is a plus too. Have a nice weekend. We are getting rain this weekend but we can sure use it.

  8. It's taught me how much of a "in person" person I truly am. As much as I love visiting blogs and getting to know people via the internet, for me, there's just something about being around friends/family in person that brings me so much joy and energy. Also, I think if I never again hear the words "social distancing" after this finally ends, I'll be okay with that. By the way, some of our local theaters were selling their popcorn on a drive-through basis as some sort of fundraiser for employees. Might see if any around you are doing it that way. Happy Saturday!

  9. It has taught me to be grateful for the simple pleasures in life. And to be sure to keep an extra bag of flour in the food cupboard :) X

  10. FaceTime is a blessing, not quite the same but a blessing to my heart. (no Zoom for this old gal, perhaps I need to learn) Staying home is surely the safest place to be, we are just doing whatever we can to make it through these times! I have always watched the News but these days... not so much. I wish that my family lived on a huge plot of land, growing our own vegetables and playing with the kids outside! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. Actually, I'm out working now that this started! I went to work for a doctor's office of all places. ~smile~
    I stay home most of the time otherwise though.


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