March 6, 2020

Behind The Scenes

For every photo that I post that looks like this...

There is one that looks like this...

I post photos like this...

But there are also ones that look like this...

And when I post pictures that look like this...

There are some that look like this...

(Yes. I posted a picture that Flynn took of me napping.
That is real life, my friends.)

But there are always ones that simply look like this...

How is life looking in your world, my friends?
Have a cozy, happy, healthy weekend.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. The photographs are all perfect in their own way but the last two are especially beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend. X

  2. Love the 'real' in real life, don't you? I get a kick out of all the picture perfect homes you see because you know there is a pair of kid's sneakers and a splotch of dropped jelly just out of camera range. lol
    Have a wonderful, blessed weekend, sweetie. xo Diana

  3. My house in crazy real today! We are having some friends over for a pizza party tonight and I don't think the house is going to look anything other than real to be honest!

  4. Well aren't you the hard working house wife. All snuggled up in your blanky with the pup. Get to work, I say.... *snort*

    1. Oh come on Kim! I thought you would be proud of me, posting messy pictures! Lol ; )

  5. Don't you look all cozy taking a nap on your couch. I love naps, and have always taken one since I can remember. The sunset/sunrise is lovely. I love that little sweater that your doggy is wearing, and your bedroom is so charming. The pillow says it all. Thanks for the peek inside your cozy home, Billie Jo. : )


  6. I think my whole house is more like your 'real life' photos, lol! Not dirty or messy but lived in!

  7. I love 'real' but those last two photos are a real delight.

  8. It's a beautiful day in Indiana. I think you staged the nap. Lol.

  9. And I love them all and whatever you share dear Friend. I love every post you share, even when I need to do a binge blog post catch up because I'm behind. Lol
    Blessings on this week ahead. 🙏

  10. Oh, I loved this post! Such a delightful peek into your world, Billie Jo! This morning when I got up to make coffee at 6am, I noticed that it was completely dark outside...Autumn is definitely making its way to our corner of the world! Happy Thursday!

  11. I've just read several of your most recent posts trying to catch up. You're doing a wonderful thing for your family. You're keeping peace and beauty and joy going the best you can. Keep on keeping on my friend!
    Your blogging sister,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    whose little dog likes to lie on me, too.


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