December 9, 2019


Christmas is coming!
Are you preparing?

Are you decorating?

Maybe you are busy shopping.


How about writing out cards?

I am totally done with everything!


This is more like me this season.
And I am loving it.

We have watched quite a few Christmas movies.
And if you happen to have Disney+, you must watch their new movie called Noelle! It stars Anna Kendrick as Santa's daughter. It is a great family movie!!!

Have a cozy Monday, my friends!
Take care of you!


  1. LOLOL...You know, I have a feeling Flynn has something to do with this post/the graphics, LOLOLOL. NO? (more giggles)

    I hope you have a lovely week my friend and yes, I am done shopping...not baking though, that will have to wait until next week when I turn in my last paper--so I can relax. smiles

  2. Fun cartoons! Not done with any of it outside of the decorating but I'm not too concerned. Things always get done in the end. Hope you have a great week!

  3. I just love these character posts that you do, Billie Jo. Yes, I've been doing all these things, and I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping. And watching movies like you, especially the Hallmark ones. It's nice that you are having some "me time." That's so important I think. I saw the Rudolph hot chocolate yesterday while I was shopping at Tuesday Morning, and I thought of you. : )

    So glad to have met such a sweet blog friend.


    1. Billi Jo, I can't seem to find your e-mail. Could you e-mail me first, and I will send you my address to send the book? Thanks.

  4. Hi Billie Jo! Thanks for that movie idea. It sure is a fun time of the year! Have a good week..

  5. We very much enjoyed Noelle! That baby reindeer?! We had our Home Alone night on Friday! I hope your Monday has been wonderful!

  6. We watched Noelle the other night! Cute movie. I spent yesterday baking and eating all the goodies. Love your fun character posts. ;)

  7. We've been loving our "Family Date Night" every Friday -- appetizers type dinner on the couch and we take turns picking the movie! It's been the best part of Christmas this year!

  8. Oh I am certainly NOT done:) but getting close! One of my Granddaughter's middle name is Noelle:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. I am done and sitting back watching Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate and waiting for the big ay.

  10. I absolutely love this post, you are the cutest evah! All is finished around here except the cards have got to be addressed and mailed, and baking of course! I have about four channels that are showing Christmas movies, so I am switching back and forth as well as recording. Love this time of year.
    Thank you for your sweet comment and visit.
    have a blessed day.

  11. lol youre so funny, and how ive missed your blog. Thanks for making me smile.


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