December 20, 2019

Cold And Cozy

When it is cold and snowy and icy, I prefer to stay home, cozy as can be. (Ok. I prefer to stay at home when it is hot and sunny too. And rainy. But you get the idea.) We did venture out for Steve's work Christmas party, and thanks to Madison, I had a comfortable dress and shoes to wear. We had a nice time with good people and great food. Soon enough, I was home and snuggled in my bed with my two pups and some hot coffee. 

Zip, our cute little elf, continues to entertain us with his hiding places. Even he knows it is cold when he pulls out his heavy jacket. Flynn loves him and is enjoying spending time with him as we wait for Christmas Day. I simply adore the magic of Christmas!

Peyton and her boyfriend Christopher hosted our family movie night this week. We watched a favorite, Christmas with the Kranks. That movie is rated poorly, but honestly, it is so funny! They made a delicious chocolate cake for us to enjoy too. The cake pans are my mom's, and I am so blessed to have them. My grandmother Mildred, my mom's mom, was born on December 15, so every year, my mom made her a birthday cake in these pans. It was a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sliced bananas between the layers. Isn't it wonderful when something like that can take you right back to relive a precious memory while creating a new one?

And finally, Peyton finished up our Christmas baking yesterday with a new recipe, chocolate peppermint. They are as yummy as they are pretty! She is amazing. This week she and Flynn, with minimal help from me, made over five hundred cookies! They made, stored, and/or delivered chocolate chip, m&m, chocolate crinkle, molasses, snickerdoodle, peanut blossom, white chip orange dream, oatmeal scotchie, and chocolate peppermint. Spending time with your littles in the kitchen has tremendous benefits later in life, my friends! It is like magic, I tell you. Suddenly, I have dozens of delicious cookies in my freezer, as well as a sparkling clean kitchen, with little to no effort from me! 

Well, that's it for today. Have a blessed, festive, cozy, Christmassy weekend, my friends! Enjoy!


  1. Great post- I'm loving being cozy and cold too! And I also watched the Kranks last weekend- it's such a cute movie!

  2. I love being home too! Really, home is my favorite place to be!

    The little elf is so cute. Flynn sure is having fun with him.

    Great picture of you and Steve. I love your dress! We have Gary's fancy office party tonight. It's a small, intimate party, just 8 people (owner and his wife, the 3 managers and their wives), and for the 8 of us, we generally spend close to $2,000! Yes, I'm serious. The boss likes to splurge on his team! I will get dressed up for this event.

    The cookies look divine...and wow, over 500 cookies. Sounds like you have some professional bakers in the family.

    Very pretty Christmas tree cake. Your grandma's cake sounds really yummy.


  3. Hmm...I see Zip has been busy, wink. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. smiles

  4. Those treats look delicious. Sounds like a fun family week-before-Christmas! Cute picture of you and your hubby! Merry Christmas to all!

  5. What an adorable tree cake. That Peyton, I am just in awe of her skill!! So glad this week has been great. You look beautiful in that dress. Have a cozy weekend!

  6. Wow that's a lot of cookies! A freezer full of cookies and a sparkling clean kitchen?! A great Christmas indeed! :)

  7. Oh- Wonderful! I have NO cookies baked here. lol I am doing that this weekend. I promised to make ginger dreams for the kids. lol You look gorgeous in that dress and you have such a lovely family. Always feel like I am visiting an old friend when I pop in here. Merry Christmas to you- xo Diana

  8. What a warm and cozy post. Home is my favorite place too:) You look beautiful for the Christmas party. I love having something like the cake pans that takes you back thru the years, memories are precious. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. You look lovely, I just adore your dress and shoes! I wish you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas. Hugs my friend! ~Juli

  10. Cozy indeed! I finally have enough time to go back (into last year) and read up on posts from some of my favorite bloggers. :)

  11. What a wonderful story, the cake as well as those cookies sound delicious.


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