October 18, 2019

An Autumn Week To Remember

Some of our Octobers are a blur of activities. Others bring forth only muted shades of brown leaves on the trees. This October, however, is neither. In fact, this past week was an October to remember. We had no plans aside from school and work, allowing for slow, cozy days and nights. And the leaves? They gradually transformed before our very eyes, and are actually hanging around allowing us to savor their beauty even longer. Our kitchen smells of apple pie and pumpkin oatmeal. And our fireplace is lit once again. 

I hope your October is everything you hoped it would be, my friends!
Oh, and one more photo to share. For those of you who are reading my book, and have not yet met my mother...

How lovely is she???
This is my mom.
And she is amazing.

Happy Weekend!


  1. The one who inspired your book is absolutely beautiful...inside and out. What a treasure she is. May the remainder of your October be as wonderful as the first couple of weeks have been. xo

  2. Your Mom is beautiful! Have a blessed and beautiful FALL day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Your fall pictures are so pretty, as is your Mother.

  4. Your mom is beautiful!!!! My own mom, who passed away a few years ago, had lovely red hair too! Yes, your mom is beautiful.:)

  5. Your mom is gorgeous! Tell her I am so glad she inspired your book...I am loving it! Am reading about 4 chapters each night, instead of the 2 I had intended. Your words are gentle and wise, and they so mimic my own thoughts. I feel like I am having coffee with you and we are having a chat together.

    Your pictures are beautiful. Fall is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month. Such glorious color and scents!!

    Have a beautiful day,

  6. Days filled with just the norm and nothing out of the ordinary are the best days!
    Yes, your Mom is a doll!

  7. Love the pictures. I miss my mom seeing yours all cute like that. At one time my mother was a fun and wonderful person. That is the mom I miss.

  8. My only problem with October is that it is going by way too fast! Your leaves are beautiful. We have had almost no rain in the last two months so I think our leaves are going to skip any color this year. It has been hot too so maybe in the next couple of weeks now that it is cooler they will decide to change a little. I hope so anyway!

  9. Wonderful Fall photos!

    Is that candle called Ghost Storm?

  10. Our leaves are just starting to pop with color. It's my favorite! This past week has been fairly opposite for us, but lovely just the same. I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your people planned!

  11. Hi Billie Jo~

    That lazy days are my favorite! Our leaves were frozen really early this year so their colors are really muted! Love seeing all the beauty in your neck of the woods...just beautiful!

    Your mom is so precious, so glad she is doing well!!

    Have a wonderful week-end!!

    Hugs and Love,

  12. Thank you for sharing your mom, lovely as always and I just love the new color of her hair, Billie Jo, smiles. Have a beautiful weekend friend (and p.s. you find the most delicious candles, grin).

  13. What a wonderful post full of great pictures. How did I not know you had written a book about your mom? What is it called?
    Have a wonderful fall weekend, Billie Jo. xo Diana

    1. Hi!
      Yes. I wrote a book for my mom.
      It is called Afternoon Coffee.
      I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. : )

  14. Pumpkin oatmeal? Oh, that sounds so good. I just made oatmeal last night for a snack with bananas and sunflower seeds. I usually use the goodies I have to put in there. The Autumn colors are so pretty around your area, and the apple pie looks scrumptious. Your Mother is lovely. I lost my mom about 18 years ago, and I always miss her this time of year. : ) Hold on tight to your Mother, Billie Jo. : )


  15. Your Mom is beautiful! What lovely pictures! Everything’s just shows what glorious days in Fall! And pie!,, yum!

  16. Your Mom is so beautiful, I love how you have described your autumn days, and Miss Mocha is so photogenic, Thank you for sharing your life, so inspiring and encouraging.

    I read some of your previous posts, enjoyed them so much, your home is so warm and inviting, what a sweet friend you have.
    Always such a joy to visit.

  17. Wow! What a fun fall post! I love your mantel and where did you find that adorable Halloween platter? I must have it! Hooray for cozy days and nights! Enjoy your fall!

  18. Your mom is lovely, and I love her Autumn-themed outfit! What a fun person she must be! You do 'cozy' so well, Billie Jo, it sounds a wonderful week.

  19. Your Mother is so beautiful just like you. Just shines in your smiles. And glad you've been savoring this season so well my Friend. 🙏


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