September 18, 2019

More Autumn Love

The days I wait all year long for have arrived.
I am savoring the gifts they share with me.

I find strength in that first breath of crisp morning air.
I find joy in books about leaves and pumpkins at the start of our school day.
I find comfort in the deep colors of fall scattered throughout our home.
I find peace in the hearty meals we share around our dinner table.
And I find cozy in the candle that flickers as evening arrives.

Have a lovely day, my friends.
Take note of the gifts of this beautiful season.
And Thank You for the birthday love!!!!


  1. Such a joy to visit your blog and feel the love that you have for this season.

  2. You always cause me to smile, Billie jo, we are having our first taste of fall weather today, and I did breath that fresh crisp air this morning. This too is my favorite season, thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts,

  3. I love the way you feel about autumn, and I heartily concur!

  4. We have that book too! I've been collecting Elly McKay prints and books for years now. Fall is my favorite too, however, it looks like Alabama is going to skip it this year😞 it's still 100 degrees here some days.

  5. I love seeing Autumn through your eyes as we don't experience much of it in our neck of the woods at all. Enjoy! xx Susan

  6. Finally catching up. You know I treasure every precious day and magnificent leaf 🍁 and goose that flies over and hot tea I sip and sweater I put on. My soul sister πŸ˜‰


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