July 28, 2019

Shark Week Is Here!

Traditions are big in our house. And this is one of our favorites. Discovery Channel's Shark Week is something we look forward to every summer. It is another thing that brings us together as a family. Shark Week is exactly what it sounds like. It is a week of shows about sharks on Discovery Channel. We enjoy the shows and sometimes I even print off some fun trivia from Pinterest. There are recipes, games, and crafts out there too. Can we watch shark shows any other time of year? You bet. But it just wouldn't be the same!

Here is a link to a schedule of Shark Week 2019!

Will you be watching, my friends?


  1. I won't be watching but I might sing "Baby shark" with my great-granddaughter:) ENJOY the shows! HUGS!

  2. Thanks for the link -- we'll try to catch some of the shark shows too! Have a great week!

  3. ha ha.... enjoy! I know the kids love it!

  4. Hi Billie Jo! I am new to your site! Thanks for the link, we catch it when we remember! Off to read more of your posts, hope you will visit with m!

  5. You guys have the best traditions!! Enjoy shark week!

  6. Love your family traditions, Billie jo, enjoy this special time.

  7. This is a week I love to hate! My daughter has it on every morning and I just can't not watch even though it scares me to death ;)


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