June 21, 2019

Officially Summer!

The past week was filled with raindrops, peeks of sun, an extra cute, fluffy puppy, and some good summer food. In the mornings, I enjoyed my strawberry banana oat smoothie on the deck between rainstorms. Have I shared that recipe yet? It is so good!

We had a houseguest this week! My super sweet niece was away and we were happy to keep her puppy, Rex! Is he not the cutest??? We all fell in love with this little guy, especially Flynn who stepped right up and took care of him while Madison and Nicolas were at work.

My morning walks were postponed due to rain, but I was able to enjoy a few short walks with the girls in the late mornings. We love the area around our home, and because I enjoy seeing parts of your worlds, I snapped some pictures with my phone to share with you. I have no idea what that interesting creature on the road is, but the deer was beautiful and very kind!

We spent a great deal of time inside this week and I am happy to report that Flynn is loving playing! I mean actual playing. With toys. She rarely picks up her iPod because she said she didn't want to waste a minute of her summer on a device! At any given time, our family room is filled with Barbies, Weebles, and now her new favorite, a bow and arrow set from The Disney Store. She is sometimes Katniss from the Hunger Games and sometimes Princess Merida from Brave. 

We enjoyed some delicious meals this week too. I made some Parmesan Tomatoes to go with the fish and rice last night. They were delicious! I sliced some garden tomatoes, added some freshly grated Parmesan Cheese, fresh oregano and basil, salt and pepper, and some drizzled olive oil. I put them in the oven just until they were soft and bubbly. 

And what is summer without hot dogs and corn? We added sweet potato fries for some, regular fries for others, and had a delicious summer meal. Peyton made our favorite summer strawberry pie that we enjoyed while watching The Amazing Race to finish off the week.

And finally, if you would like to visit a lovely, cozy space, stop over and read my sweet friend Laura's blog right HERE

Happy Weekend!
Happy Summer!


  1. Sweet Summertime! It has been a bit rainy here too but today looks to be sunshine and blue skies. Those tomatoes look DELICIOUS, please share the recipe:) Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. You really should consider photography as a business- I just LOVE your pictures- especially of food!! :) I also love that Flynn is having fun playing- as summer should be!! :)

  3. Rex looks like a sweet and happy dog! Your food looks delicious! Would had loved to see which recipe she used for the strawberry pie. The crust looks thinner which is how I like it. May you have a lovely weekend!!

    1. I will post the pie recipe next week!
      And her secret crust??
      Pillsbury!!!! : )

  4. I still can't believe how much Flynn is growing, smiles. I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend.

  5. Oh my gosh those tomatoes look divine! I am so sad our yard doesn't get enough sun to grow tomatoes. Our giant tree is wonderful for keeping our yard shady and cool for my fair skinned kids but fresh tomatoes are my favorite. Yay for playing. Amen to unplugged childhoods!

  6. That is a perfect week you had there. Those tomatoes look SCRUMPTIOUS!!

  7. Oh my goodness, the puppy is adorable. We have a very popular bow and arrow here as well. We're usually the Ranger's Apprentice in this house though. All that summer food looks delicious, you're inspiring me. Laura has some beautiful photos on her blog, thank you for the suggestion. I hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  8. Oh that smoothie looks sooooooOooooo good! I loved the rain this week - it was just what I needed to chill and clean out a few areas. Happy summer!

  9. Awe, thanks for the shout out, Billie Jo! :)
    If you haven't already I'd love your smoothie recipe. We're getting kind of tired of peanut butter banana every day.
    I'm going to ask my boys if they know what kind of bug that is!
    I love that Flynn still plays! My neighbor and I played with our dolls, especially American girl, until we were 12 & 13! (We were both late bloomers!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Your photos always look so perfect! Happy Summer!

  11. You folks always know how to do every season right! But your summer meals and desserts always have me drooling. Ah to be young and free in the summer again. ❤️

  12. What a great looking week! You know when I went grocery shopping today I remembered this post on picked up sweet potato fries because they looked so good in your picture! See, even hot dogs can be healthy with the right sides...LOL : )
    Your days are looking lovely, my friend! And I'm so glad the Flynn still plays with toys. My Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls were everything to me for a long time! Those were the best days ♥

  13. I love your nature pictures! So pretty.
    Your meals look wonderful! And I think I'll make your tomato recipe soon. Thank you for sharing! <3


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