March 4, 2019

Our Lenten Plans 2019

Lent? Yep. Wednesday begins the season of Lent and our preparation for Easter. Some years I plan and type out elaborate schedules. Some years I don't. This is one of the latter years. Simplifying our plans and goals takes the pressure off and will hopefully result in a more successful Lent for us all. 

I set up our Lenten table with a purple sash I found on Etsy. The crown I purchased from a group selling things from the Holy Land at our church. I did see one just like it on Amazon. I ordered the candle, the Lenten Meditations Book, and many of our read-aloud books on Amazon as well.

My plan is to light the candle and read the Meditations for Lent book together on Ash Wednesday and all Sundays of Lent. We will also read one of our read-aloud books too. I am leaving the meditation book out so anyone who wants to read it daily has the opportunity. In addition, I found the nicest daily Lenten cards right HERE.

We are of course looking forward to weekly fish fries and Stations of the Cross.
If you would like to share your Lenten plans, please feel free to
do so!
Have a great week, my friends!


  1. Good reminder that I need to get a few things out for Lent! You set up looks beautiful and inviting...

  2. We are looking forward to Lent in our new church. Your Easter and Lenten decor is beautiful and inviting to read and meditate!

  3. Living a life so like mine, my Friend. I just got my Lenten book from my church in the mail. Preparing to add it to my devotional time each day. And taking special times on Fridays too. Will attend Ash Wednesday mass with Annie. And I do fish (even if just for myself) on Fridays too,

    My son has been researching other churches and likes the church my Mom is involved in which is a messianic church as she has been studying Hebrew and some of that faith base for a few years now. She said she feels the scripture is far more rich to her. Messianic means they still believe in Jesus as the Messiah. But she now celebrates passover instead of Easter (although she still joins our celebrations for me). I find it all fascinating, although I'm still identifying with my Catholicism.

    Kind of funny to me though, for a woman that was in the convent for a few years before she left to meet my Dad - who had happened to leave the seminary. Lol

  4. Those are wonderful Lenten plans. Simple. Straight forward. I don't have any decorations, but I also don't un-decorate like some people. I bought a Lent coloring book and that's really all I've prepared so far but my heart is ready so I think it will be okay.

  5. It was lovely reading here today, my sweet friend. I love all of the ways you have decorated to focus on Lent and this special time of remembering the price that Jesus paid. I would love to find the crown of thorns at a reasonable price. xo

  6. Today is fat Tuesday, I almost forgot. I was so excited this morning to be able to get on your blog and look at all the wedding posts. They were comping into my computer with a virus protection stamp so i could not pull them up. I loved the posts on the wedding and it was so beautiful. Happy to be able to read you again.

  7. How neat!!! You are so inspirational to me! Hugs Juli

  8. This sounds like a wonderful way to honor our LORD.


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