February 27, 2019

Here's The Story...

If you started singing the rest of the theme song from one of my very favorite television shows ever, The Brady Bunch, then you are one of my people. I watched it as a young child with my sisters. Then we watched it after school when we were teens. I watched it with Marian and our friends every night before dinner in college, and now I watch it with my children. 

There is just something warm and cozy about it. It is the type of show you can watch and forget about things for a while. It is a place to go when you get tired of the craziness in the world today. It is simple, and perhaps cheesy, but it is good wholesome fun. Just ask My Friend Kathleen who loves it as much as I do. 

I have a few favorite episodes. Ok. A lot of favorite episodes. Can you guess what each one is about?? I'll put the answers down below. : )

So do you have a favorite show from your childhood?
I also love Gilligan's Island and The Munsters.
But The Brady Bunch will forever be my favorite.
It is available on DVD and also on Hulu, and sometimes you can catch it on tv.
I'll stop!
Have a cozy day, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!

Oh! The episodes!

1. The one where Marcia joins every club in high school so she can be popular, and Peter is building a volcano and the snotty girls from a club come over and get sprayed with mud from the volcano.

2. The one where Marcia gets a job at the ice cream parlor and then Peter does but he is horrible, so then Jan does and she is better than Marcia.

3. The one where Greg and Marcia both want to move into the attic, and lug their stuff up and down the steps all episode and somehow manage to set up an entire room in one day.


  1. Well, this was fun! My favorite was The Andy Griffith Show...and the westerns...I have two brothers. :) As a little girl though my favorite was Sky King! :)

  2. Love that show:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I did enjoy the Brady Bunch too. Didnt remember the episodes tho...:(

  4. Ok as you know I Love Lucy is my all time favorite, but as a kid I absolutely LOVED the Brady Bunch!!! I love the episode when Maria wanted to be Juliet in the school play and she let it go to her head. Also the one where she gets Davey Jones to come to her school dance! Is this even possible?! Oh yes it is! The one where Peter has a party and no one shows up is one of my favorites too! They don't make TV like that anymore. It's totally classic! I also love all the 80's TV shows that I grew up with like The Facts of Life and Lavern & Shirley. The Best!! I'm grateful we can still find these shows on TV so we can share them with our kids! : )

  5. Little House, Bonanza, and from my teen years, Dynasty, The Love Boat - LOLOLOL

  6. We only had a small black/white TV when we were growing up so we used to go the pictures on a Saturday morning (Cinema), it was always the highlight of our week.

  7. The Brady Bunch is such a fun entertaining show to watch, and like you said a cozy place to escape away from the crazy world we live in! We also like to watch Andy Griffith, Hogan's Heroes, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Comedy was truly funny then!

  8. We grew up watching it most afternoons with my mom. I loved the episodes where they did a rain dance during a road trip. ;)

    My favorite show growing up would be tied between I Love Lucy (watched it every night) and Charlie Brown. I loved them so much! Still do.

  9. I loved the Brady Bunch as a kid. I had the calendar and watched them all. I was even Jan for Halloween in 6th grade. My hair was long and blonde with glasses and my mom found me this AWESOME dress and my "Marcia Marcia Marcia" was on point.

  10. I watched this one too but have never watched the reruns. I love some of these old wholesome shows.

  11. Yep, starting singing right away! Loved this show! I read recently (maybe it was a year or so ago, time goes so fast) that the house they used for the outside shots was for sale and people were hoping that whoever bought it would remodel it to be exactly like the inside of the TV house and then open it up for tours. But the rest of the neighborhood wasn't too excited about that!

  12. Oh I remember each episode! That Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! haha. One of my favorites was I Dream Of Jeanie and Bewitched. Then there was Columbo and the Wild, Wild, West - Funny how many shows I watched but truly we were outside playing all the time, I have no idea when I watched so much t.v. haha
    I could sing the Brady Bunch song...Here's the story, of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls.....all of them had hair like their mother, the youngest one in curls.....Drat, now that song will be stuck in my head all day haha!!

  13. When I was quite young I loved I Love Lucy and also The Jackie Gleason Show...both were kind of slap-stick crazy shows. lol Then I loved Bonanza.
    This was a fun post. I did love that episode where they carried things up and down to the attic...lol...xo Diana

  14. I love that show!!! Thank you for sharing! I am now following you - you can follow back if you wish at Annster's Domain

  15. The Brady Bunch is a favorite of mine too, Billie Jo. I loved many shows back in the day including I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. Fun post today. ♥

  16. The 1970's dresses and hairstyles are so pretty!

    The only Brady Bunch episode I can recall is the one where Marcia, Marcia, Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football, but I think I watched them all.

    "So do you have a favorite show from your childhood?"

    Star Trek, the original with William Shatner saving the world...and other worlds!

  17. I watched Brady Bunch and can sing the theme song but I haven't seen a rerun in years. My favorite shows were the variety shows (I'm older than you!). Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, Smothers Brothers, Sonny & Cher, Laugh-In...

  18. I too enjoyed the Brady Bunch one of my favorite episodes was when Marcia,gets hit with the football and has this huge nose.I think my fav.is when Carol was to sing at Christmas but gets laryngitis, Cindy just knows she will get better. Bewitched, Hazel, Hart to Hart. I could go on and on.~smile~
    Thanks for the smile this evening.

  19. Little House on the Prairie... it totally shaped my life

  20. Love it! I loved that show and Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Little House on the Prairie were ones I watched all the time. I remember my Dad absolutely loving the show Barney Miller - so I remember watching that one with him...even if I didn't understand 1/2 of went on. Lol xo

  21. My favorite show was probably Bewitched, but I loved Love Boat and Fantasy Island and I dream of Jeanie also!!!

  22. I loved Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island and golly, many of the shows that were listed above. Little House on the Prairie was a favorite even though it bothered me that it didn't follow the books. ~smile~

    Just a note, I was about 5th grade when they were wearing those super short dresses. I hated them, and insisted on wearing pants. Now that I can wear my dresses and skirts well below the knee, I wear them almost exclusively.



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