January 2, 2019

So This Is Christmas 2018

We started the festivities with our Annual Rudolph Breakfast on December 23rd.
And soon, it was Christmas Eve!



Beautiful Mass...

Reindeer food...



And cookies for Santa!
After a few winks of sleep...
It was Christmas Day!

Stockings and a lovely, leisurely breakfast first...

Presents and smiles and jumps of joy next...

Back upstairs later for more gifts and snuggles...

Naps and coffee and tree lights...

Followed by Ralphie on Tv and gifts for Grandma.

This Christmas was many things...
Our first Christmas in our new home, our last Christmas before we officially add a new son -in- law,  another Christmas enjoyed with the magic of Santa.
It was a time our family spent together, cozy as can be, making memories to carry with us year after year.


  1. Your photographs are beautiful Billie Jo and have captured the magic of your family time together. I love the idea of a Rudolph breakfast and your table settings for dinner are gorgeous. X

  2. Your table settings are gorgeous. And those stockings are adorable! The jammies, the food, looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. A beautiful Christmas home. Everything looks so professional as if in a magazine.

  4. Your pictures show a slow, enjoyable Christmas. It looks wonderful!

  5. You shared such a beautiful Christmas in your photos! Hope you have many, many more wonderful Christmas seasons in your new home as your family grows.

  6. Your photos are great! Looks like a wonderful time! The food looks fantastic!

  7. Oh wow, your pictures are gorgeous! What a wonderful, magical Christmas you had. I am so happy you were able to make it memorable!

  8. Your cakes look scrumptious what a beautiful Christmas.

  9. I loved viewing your Christmas 2018, my friend! Joy is the first word that comes to mind ...and of course, cozy. :) xx

  10. Such a lovely family Christmas in your beautiful new home! Every photo is joyful. I'd say perfect. ♥

  11. Wow! What beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I love your Christmas decor and your food looks straight out of a magazine! Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

  12. Great pics! I have that exact came table cloth -- the one with the red birds!

  13. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I do love your little traditions like your Rudolph breakfast and I also love the photo of you, your husband and your fur babies. xx Susan

  14. Oh my... those desserts!! Your Christmas celebration looks full of love, tradition, memories made, and fun shared with dear ones all present! Blessed!

  15. I love it all Billie Jo! It all looked magical and full of love and family. I'm still a bit sad it's all over and wish as I do each year that it could all just last a little longer. Your place settings for each meal were so gorgeous, you all sure know how to make me hungry with all of that delicious food!!

  16. I'm so glad you had a happy holiday in your new home! The first of many to come. I absolutely love your table setting! It's beautiful! And I LOVE all your Christmas jammies!! You know how to DO Christmas my friends! So cozy and lovely! xx


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